Topless at Rampart LAPD Station Day

::2020 comment – this was taken in August of 2016 and I’m currently homeless so this was STRAIGHT FORESHADOWING ??::

Alright, I saw a topless man at the Rampart LAPD station a couple of weeks ago:


I decided to be topless there, too.

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Here is video…

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Now, let me preface this by saying that the one thing you will learn – from the cat’s own mouth – in the video up above is that he is a registered sexual predator (I didn’t have any problems with him. He did touch a nipple but again I don’t make a big deal about that shit but somebody else may). That said, the reason why I am pointing that out is because later two dyck down dykes (who I guess got too much of that double D when they were lil girls and so as a result turned their asses “macho” and wannabe like men – which is why I approve of corrective rape for their asses) showed up for me yet they don’t have a problem with somebody with his history being on their premises. I have a problem with that. But understanding the hypocrisy of people and the utter and complete stupidity of most people in our society – I can understand. I don’t like it, but I can understand. That said, here are the interactions down below with two dyck down dykes -who I think BOTH need some Double D – meaning DICK – in their lives to remind them that THEY ARE WOMEN AND NEED TO FUCKING ACT LIKE:

This is why I don’t like lesbians, gays, trannies and that whole category alone. A lot of these mofos grew up CONFUSED, having been raped in their childhood and like pedophiliac mofos – ironically they gave juice to that movement as well – who seek to convert innocent kids to their ways as well – a lot of these gay mofos – ESP. the females who steadily prey on women and in particular black women who mostly come from single parent homes (I am the exception. I had a strong male role model in the form of my DAD and if anything I hate females cause I think most women are bitches #trump2016) and who had no strong male role models in the HOME and STEADILY go through abuse at the hands of black men (thank goodness I have a natural attraction for white men and NO I do not approve of  “Beyond Black & White” which will be in another article I will write later) and so use that as an opportunity to swoop in like fucking VULTURES and take advantage of these low self esteem having ass females and often times end up being MORE abusive then the men they left and often cops will turn a blind eye cause it is both females after all). All in all gays tend to have pedophiliac, fucked up, predatory ass tendencies due to THEIR OWN BACKGROUNDS! That said, that is why I keep a watchful eye of em esp. the dyck down dykes and LOVE SEEING EM GETTING PUT IN THEIR PLACES!!!









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