Bedwench Christelyn Karazin BEGS Homeless RACIST White Bum For A Compliment

…After this same mofo called black women “gorillas” which you can see down below:

Christelyn Karazin Begging Racist White Man 4

Here is his google plus for anybody interested:

Here is the video that got banned by youtube simply because some bedwench negroes didn’t like the truth that it extolled!

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That said, here is why I can’t stand Christelyn Karazin. As can be seen in the video above – okay, let me make it clear – I myself have a natural attraction for white males (and NO I don’t want cluckerbeast as I call em coming on here thinking I worship their asses and pleading for me to go out with em beyond my job as I exalt no one above me myself and I) – however as Tariq Nasheed so eloquently puts it:

There is a DIFFERENCE between a bedwench vs somebody who either dates outside their race or have a natural attraction/ affinity for a certain group just as queers will claim (even to the point of them claiming mental illness to justify their mental illness so they can justify their being “born that way,” lol):

Okay, Christelyn Karazin is the QUINTESSENTIAL BEDWENCH as you can see in the video up above!

This was after he made it clear that he sees black women as being fucking GORILLAS, which you can see here:

Christelyn Karazin Begging Racist White Man
Christelyn Karazin Begging Racist White Man 2
Christelyn Karazin Begging Racist White Man 3
Here his fucking google plus page: fucking PERVERT! Sexual predator if I ain’t seen one!

NOW, the difference between me and her is that I DO NOT WORSHIP WHITE PEOPLE! As these blogs show here: here: here:

I’ll kick a crakkka in the ass if they defy me, fuck with me, or try to mess with me in some kind of way. I DEFINITELY don’t show those beasts “mercy” because I know they already come with a superiority complex towards us – nevermind the fact that they descend from gorilla mountain ape cave Neanderthals and fucking dogs – which is why they love em soooo…:


They know I don’t play around with em and will show them the time and the fucking day if they come at me. That said, Christelyn Karazin is the fucking opposite. She deliberately goes out of her way to seek approval from “Mister and Missus Massa,” actively seeking out crakkka’s approvals and always wondering why it comes back to bite her on the ass. I have witnessed her and her merry band of shallow negroettes begging and pandering to be accepted by caucazoid cluckerbeast, even to the point of insulting themselves (hell, just go on any of her links here below and you can check it out and see this hodge podge of self embarrassment and negro baffonery unlike the likes I have ever seen):

Her youtube:

Her facebook:

Her site:

Most of these negroes who follow her fall into the category of “respectable negroes” aka FAKE NEGROES who feel like they gotta play fiddler to “the man” and make it in the white man’s world aka “the system” and gain the recognized accruements of success in that system to prove that they are in fact successful. These people are in fact vacuous and empty vessels with no self fulfillment beyond material possessions. In short, I feel sorry for them cause they are not in touch with themselves and just as empty vessels – robots if you will – droning around – mindlessly – trying to seek their place in society rather than finding self contentment in themselves they’re lost and in some cases hopelessly. I can’t stand people like them for obvious reasons (I am WAYYYY TOO REAL – even for most people). Thus as a result, because of the way they are and how they have no souls – practically seeing how they gotta emulate things on the outside of themselves just to feel “whole” – they wonder why they only attract equally shallow and soulless ass white folks (not all white people but just the demographic that tends to veer towards her) who feel like their superiority complex is affirmed due to their shallow tendency to feel inferior deep down inside due to their skin color AND the so called numerous “physical imperfections” such as most of em being fat or ugly as fuck and therefore no black man wanting em (lol) and therefore having their every imperfection (or insecurity) brought out and scrutinized by these said cluckerbeasts’ superiority complex (most of whom are equally ugly but because white is right in most of these gal’s eyes they feel like they are a million bucks to them nevermind they look like fucking Quasimodo on crack):

Tho. I’m ugly as fuck I’m still like a million dollars to negro bedwenches who will worship me!

Sincerely, Rest In Peace John Merrick (the so called “Elephant Man”).

…therefore as a result her forums, youtube channels and social media outlets are nothing more than a fucking quagmire of self loathing, self hating, (unjustified) superiority complexes, racism, self hate (did I say that already?), and just fucking racism and misogyny! Full of it, esp. racism-misogyny!

What is more palatable is the hatred shown towards black men (some of which may be justified). I understand that a lot get left in the cold just because they are black females and many go thru having babies dropped on em and the black dads’ absences.  I understand. I understand that Christelyn Karazin got dropped by her black baby daddy so it is only UNDERSTANDABLE she would have hateful feelings towards black men as well…

But as this video showed me, the grass is not always greener on the other side…

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If you think white “men” will treat you any better than your own, think again! They wrote the book on misogyny and most importantly of all, putting black women down because we are soo strong and they fear that strength because it keeps the black community moving. They want to tear us down. That is why they attack out strength. This is why black women need to be alert and stand STRONG in that you are recognized for being STRONG cause who would attack a gorilla or a bear when they know what they are in for…

Who the FUCK would fuck with THAT!?

I’d rather be feared than to be liked…

That said, white men are bullies! Be proud to be known as strong because it lets them know you ain’t weak and they can’t bully you around like they did to their own bitches for millennia (fuck you if you have a problem with what I called em). A lot of ladies in the Christelyn Karazin camp tend to want to verily defy the so called stereotypes placed upon them by their white masters so they can obtain approval from em and validation from em. They should stop this. You look weak and not to mention stupid and naïve as fuck to be doing this. People sense prey out of this AND YOU WILL NATURALLY ATTRACT PREDATORS LIKE THIS BUFFALO BILL MOFO HERE:

…who came out the blue and sexually harassed me (a legitimate SSI case with serial killer tendencies to booth aka one of Christelyn’s white swirlers)…

…Who will feel like you are a weak link and take advantage of your insecurities. Another thing about white “men” is that they are wimps and cowards and that is the reason why they cower behind guns at every little conflict, so you think they will defend YOU:

"White boy hard": I bet those shotguns are - well THEY ARE bigger than his dick, lol
“White boy hard”: I bet those shotguns are – well THEY ARE bigger than his dick, lol

Also, stop looking at people from the paradigm of stereotypes. Not all white men are the same just as not all black women are the same. You can’t use stereotypes as a guidepost when looking for love. The minute a mofo even a client sends me a message talking about, “I never been with a black girl,” I hangup because first off, TRICK, I am not a fucking girl (that’s a child of fucking 17 on below in the U.S. I’m a grown ass 33 year old woman which shows their fucking misogyny AND insecurity) AND it only shows me that he will see me from the paradigm ONLY of a “black girl (some racist ass southern shit) and treat me accordingly ie fetishize me and objectify me – contrary to popular belief my clients see me as a full fledged person, human being, and treat me accordingly and more so as an individual and quite unique and standing out from most people in general cause of my level of consciousness. NOT ALL BLACK MEN ARE BAD! I had my father in the home. I grew up with my dad. I know that there are a lot of niggaz who are quick to abandon black women but don’t think cracks are better, too. They are quicker to abandon you (most of em are cowards and will bow down to racial social pressures from family and communities – ESP. the ones that the site Beyond Black and White attracts) and will feel more inclined to hit you, etc. esp. cause you are a black woman and nobody in general really cares what black women go through. They will always stick with their own kind (as I saw one day with a dirty dreadlocked CRAKKKA who tried to pick me up while I was doing my topless thing and then defended a white bitch who fucked with me royally – and that is when I RAN HIS ASS UP THE STREET, CALLING HIM ALL SORTS OF CRAKKKAS AND LETTING HIM KNOW I DON’T NEED HIS VALIDATION). White people will always stick with their own kind which is why it is best if you have a natural affinity for blacks yourself to stay with your own!

That said, I esp. did not like how she covered the whole entire incident involving Korryn Gaines. Korryn Gaines was a beautiful, young, intelligent woman – you have to check out her Instagram – who said a lot of deep things and messages that even I could not conceive (or did not conceive at the time until I read her writings) who imo stood up for what she believed in! I salute her for her service. That said, that woman went down for what she believed in and to me she is not a coward. That said, crakkkabeast WORSHIPPING Christelyn Krakkkazin went all out blaming the black father, acting like this intelligent woman did not have a brain of her own and got manipulated by a man twice her age – the baby daddy – despite all the intelligent shit she left of her own accord on her Instagram and cluckerbeast ass krakkkazin just went all out against black men – again – blaming them and pro black women for falling into the trap of wanting to be accepted by these negro beast, etc. ad nauseam (just same ole same ole shit).

Now, I will preface this by saying that not all black men are perfect. In my life, most help has come from mostly black men and men in general (which is partly why I can’t stand and abhor women and don’t fall too much for the feminzai crap). That said, not all black men are perfect as you can read in this article:

I had black men attack me, got arrested by a black man (with a mexicanT for a wife- wetbuck), etc. etc. That said, I feel no loyalty or ties to anyone (I learned those negroes at that barbershop are just that: new negroes who don’t wanna be black like this new negro down below):


So I am saying that to say that I don’t cape for anyone. I am loyal to me and me only. That said, I don’t owe anybody my vagina and I DO AGREE that many black men tend to feel that way (just I have noticed that many black women feel that black men owe them their dicks, only)! It works both ways. That said, Christelyn makes some good points from time to time: I see a lot of black men dragging black women thru the mud but when Christelyn who in my opinion will at times CAPE more so than black males who hate black women for black people and in general she STILL gets drug more in the mud and I notice this hypocrisy. On top I LOVE HOW SHE ENCOURAGES BLACK WOMEN TO FOCUS ON THEIR OWN SELF EMPOWERMENT RATHER THAN THE GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY AT THE EXPENSE OF THEMSELVES AND SAVING THIS LIL MAYATE MALES WHO DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT EM AND TAKE EM FOR GRANTED (GOOD ADVICE)! She makes good points about black men using kuehn and other black – racialist terms to try to guilt trip black women into liking them such as this ignorant lil dick nigga here:

There is a lot of mudslinging on both sides that I believe there is truth to. That said, when it comes down to it, it is best to stick with yourself. STOP TRYING TO FIND IDENTITY VIA GROUPS and find that within yourself. Only then will you have self peace which is what you want in life!

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