White Punks Pissed Cause I Am Not A Bedwench to Homeless White Cluckerbeast

White Punks Pissed Cause I Am Not A Bedwench to Homeless White Cluckerbeast


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Now onto the video:

Here are the comments of his “supporters” – bet they wouldn’t give him a bath of warm hot piss if HIS life depended on it (the homeless guy who they are “caping” for):

mrtechdifficult-hate-speech white-racist-trolls-mrtechnicaldifficult

mrtechnicaldifficult-fans-2 mrtechnicaldifficult-fans-5 mrtechnicaldifficult-fans-6

Look at this lil racist ass youtube channel that STOLE my vid: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxjZGv1XyuswgTJZQ8mLF4A





This Dave Smith character – I think a TRICK I once saw – and employee for KTLA in Los Angeles IS OBSESSED with my having done ghetto gaggers…
(Here his facebook): https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009237837052&fref=ts Here is their phone number: 323-460-5500

Here are some of the racist ass comments I got from mofos – indignant cluckerbeasts pissed cause I didn’t worship a homeless white bum who needs to be more focused on getting a fucking job and off the fucking streets than talking to a young black woman NOT EVEN IN HIS LEAGUE – kinda like what the mofo above pulled…







His name is Cody Winkle of Anaheim, Orange County. Here is his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010067960192&fref=ts







rafiel-rosario-calls-me-n-word-comments-2Here is “MrTechnicalDifficult’s” CRAKKKA ASS encouraging people to harm me for being an uppity negress and not kissing a white homeless bum’s ass who he sees is better than me cause… he is white!



Here he is with his bastard ass child...
Here he is with his bastard ass child…

That said, here above are the type of comments I got. From mofos calling me “nigger” – which reminds me of this here:

The lynching that Oprah Winfrey endured on “The Color Purple” when she made a faux passe towards a WHITE BITCH (which is why I don’t support feminaziism AND in NYC I had my fucking rape case denied justice by to white bitches despite having fucking bruises, which is why I don’t see em as black women’s friends). These CRAKKKAS are pissed and angry that I am an “uppity ass nigger” who dared make a slight to one of their own: which is why they are attacking me with viciousness (but will not like most internet cowards come my way and address me to my face despite my putting my own dox out there which is: 637 Hauser Blvd Apt. #5 Los Angeles, CA 90036. You’re talking to someone who is beyond seeking acceptance from others and being liked. You are talking to someone who sees and reads spirit so I don’t need to hear what the fuck you got to say! You are talking to someone who has been through a LOT (real shyte, not this lil infantile internet beef shit) so say what you like cause I don’t give a fuck!

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