Dealing With An Obsessed Stalker: Brian Tate of Reseda CA

Dealing With An Obsessed Stalker: Brian Tate of Reseda CA

Here are some of the messages I have gotten from this guy here today: Brian Tate Obsessed Phone Call Records 2 Brian Tate Obsessed Phone Call Records 3 Brian Tate Obsessed Phone Call Records 4He sent me a message in which he wanted to be my boyfriend despite the real type of services I offer. Here it is here:

Brian Tate 1st Message Censored

Here is MORE evidence of him soliciting me here down below:

Brian Tate Soliciting

I REFUSED of course and you can see the insane, RACIST messages I have been getting from him thus so far:

Brian Tate Degrading Racist Message


Brian Tate Racist Message A Brian Tate Racist Message Harriet Tubman Mockery 3


Brian Tate Racist Message Racist AND Schizo Message
Note here he says he is “white” which he does numerous times…

This guy is SCHIZO and here is even MORE PROOF to affirm this. Notice up above he says he is “white.” Now, down below he states he is BLACK:

Says Hes Black Brian Tate

Even more alarming, this presumably mentally unstable moron decided to CALL ME and left this message which you can hear here:

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Here is the message he sent BEFORE calling me: Brian Tate Demanding I Respond to Phone Call…SHOWING HE IS A CONTROLLING MOFO WHO WANTS TO TELL WOMEN WHAT TO DO LIKE “ANSWER” AS IN ANSWER WHEN I CALL!

Here are the # of times he has called…

Brian Tate Phone Calls OBSESSED

This guy is OBVIOUSLY mentally ill, psychotic and DERANGED and no one should see this sick mofo lest you like being stalked and harmed by an obvious delusional psychotic.

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