Rapist Mayate Is Behind The Baron Samedi Roach Attachment

Rapist Mayate Is Behind The Baron Samedi Roach Attachment

Ya’ll watch out for this dude on the PCH cause as mentioned here he got some fucked up views and sadistic tendencies towards women as seen in the astral:


He calls from 510-971-3600.

Listen to this:

Then listen to this:

That’s him!

That said months before I saw him join up with Gooru in a dream:

Gooru does credit card fraud and him and Barbara Reina been psychically attacking the Lost Hills sheriffs, specifically deputy David Clarke:

So if you been hearing voices you know why…..

That said this is an extremely sadistic black ass nigger.

In the astral plane he has a fucked up condominium where he keeps women chained to cylinders that make up the building where they are skinned alive, have things like dildos, swords permanently stuck in them.

He also savagely attacks my poor family and tries to sacrifice them all cause I don’t want him and like white dudes and have fucked Mexicans despite shit like this:

Any day of the week over his nigger mayate ass!

With that said this mofo got serial killer tendencies so watch out!

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