How Can I Escape This Curse Meant To Sacrifice Me

How Can I Escape This Curse Meant To Sacrifice Me

This shit is getting fucking serious.

They’ve done put astral parasites in me that look like this:

That morph, are ugly, and are extremely sadistic such as when they attacked me just now for writing a chapter for this:

And I could literally feel my memories being taken down as these things literally pulled them down.

Did I mention

They were placed in me so that they could steal things like my consciousness, memories etc for “Gooru” aka David Reina and and Michael O’ Terrence and “Rosie” to energy harvest off of:

Michael O’ Terrence, how he looks:

But when you “steal” back your memories such as what I did early this morning they set these sadistic things to “punish” you by making them delete your memories and/or “steal” them back such as what happened early this morning, acting as if they have a sovereign right to rule over your body, your space and taking away for free volition to your own body.

They also set these things to “kill you” when you “defy” what they order you to do in your own body such as how when I started playing this, a frequency designed to eradicate them:

A particularly malicious entity named “Gooru 75” which was made from the stolen Soul pieces of my brother Kerry I am sensing (I am learning that a good bit of these “Goorus” and other entity attachments and astral parasites are actually former victims of these demonic evil motherfuckers) said – I could hear these things speaking within me – that it was “going to kill me.”

Now I can feel it placing an entity attachment to block me from accessing my crown chakra.

These things – like the Reinas and O’ Terrence, whose Soul consciousnesses they primarily have, want you to stay in your lower chakras so they could feed off of you.

You can also regenerate when they steal stuff like your consciousness etc.

That is the particularly vicious, sadistic and controlling of them motherfuckers you see at the top, who use these parasites to carry out their will of energy harvesting, astral theft (in the physical plane I heard that Gooru and Barbara Reina engage in credit card fraud) and controlling and having domination over others.

It’s sick.

Because I am “defiant” I am treated every night to hearing my dad getting degraded in the astrally realm, having been turned into sex fiend because these demons you see here don’t like that he has a lot of light in him:

– They like to attack people with alot of light and who got a lot of blessings coming to them who are down on their luck.

I am treated every night – and day – like now – to hearing the tortured screams of my brother Kerry, Kristen – who has ALOT of light in him – and Bryan, who was mentally disabled when he was alive, (one of em I heard, Michael O’ Terrence, sacrifices kids in the physical plane so he can become more powerful by stealing their Souls), all because these evil fuckers wanna feed off of other people’s energies and wanna push me into a Soul contract so they can use the blessings they stole from me.

They have pretty much gone after my entire family – and bloodline – to get to my Soul.

They can’t break me so they are going after my loved ones to get me.

Everytime they try to kill me I hear that a higher power blocks them!

Right now as I write this they are messing with my mind – ordering me around in my own body and mind – cause they don’t want me revealing this.

That said this is an extremely complicated – and sinister – curse to break and I don’t know how to break it.

I am doing reiki on myself, removing the astral parasites out of me (but there are so many and they go “intranquil” or in other words invisible when you try to remove them.

I can literally feel – and see – entity attachments that look like Barbara and them:

Snatching very violently and blatantly (they put entity attachments in you as well as raise your 6th DNA so you can feel it and get agitated and lash out, which they feed off of too) my bits of consciousness, bit of spiritual talents, bit of my Soul…..

They steal your Soul pieces to create these so that they can energy harvest off of folks…..

These demons have gone after folks I love just to attack me and I just don’t know how to stop them.

I am just at my wits end on what to do.

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