How To Fight Off Sentinent Astral Parasites In Your Head

How To Fight Off Sentinent Astral Parasites In Your Head

The ones I got “living”, parasiting in my head are extremely sentinent and got the Soul pieces that harbors the consciousnesses of the people harassing me in the astral plane:

This how they look:

Here is how I think Michael O’ Terrence of Malibu looks……

This how he presents in the astral, using the looks of a Native American man whom he once attacked and stole his gifts from…….

*He – Michael O’ Terrence – has an alcohol and drug addiction (he snorts coke in the astral). Create urges in him to exacerbate that addiction and send him to an early grave.

Imma tell you why he came to mind and why I am mentioning him here.

Here Gooru:

Here Barbara Reina:

Here how she presents in the astral:

And here Rosie:

Her and Barbara be dressed like this in the astral usually…..

Now, while I was fighting off these astral parasites I notice these long sticks with folks’ Soul pieces on them:

That said I started removing them and could hear a 30 something year old man snickering, which makes me wonder if this is Michael O’ Terrence:

Which makes me wonder if it is cause even the astral parasites say he is good looking but he stinks!

I think this is more closely akin to him though:

That said the laugh reminded me of how these sadistic mofos make sport of harassing and stealing the blessings of people in the astral, in particular my father (who Michael O’ Terrence talks about killing because he has “too much light” in him), who was the victim of child molestation as a child whose mind consciousness he wiped to turn him into a hypersexual, overly sexed homosexual for having “too much light in him” in the astral plane, constantly pulling his Soul to hell realms, turning him into a prostitute – a person who was regularly beaten down in this life.

It killed me when I could hear my poor daddy saying, “I don’t like men” over and over aftet these assholes wiped his mind consciousness clean and got him in the afterlife thinking he a hypersexed homosexual prostitute.

Him and Gooru have a sick fascination of “taking the light out of him” and turning him – and my mom’s souls – into prostitutes in the afterlife.

As a matter of fact it was revealed to me in the astral that Gooru and my father dealt with each other in a past life with my dad being a poor Mexican family man who got swindled out of ALL his money in an insurance scheme by Gooru aka David Reina:

They currently got my parents – including myself – in the intranquil realm, in a roach motel, in my case my Soul and whole consciousness.

Just this weekend in an effort to steal my Soul and blessings I saw Rosie……

pull me out my body – my consciousness and Soul – and try to put me into another timeline as they did before on August 21, 2022……

I keep hearing their very own astral parasites say I died in my sleep.

The way to get your blessings from these parasites back is to burn the books that has it so that they stole your blessings to quickly reclaim that shit. You can do this in the physical realm by burning paper which does in fact transfer into the spiritual/astral plane as I know from experience (“Gooru” aka David Reina was burning a candle on me and I could smell it) or, if your third eye is open, ask your third eye to show you the books that “has it so” (that phrasing helps for me) that so and so stole this and that from you then burn it 🔥

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

Don’t let anybody energy harvest off of you or make you an energy sacrifice – and steal your shit – as they are doing to me.

Every morning I wake up and I could literally feel – and see – Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrance’s (he turned his poor ancestors intranquil and deliberately starve em so they will work for him) entity attachments snatching things off my body – hair pieces, pieces of my consciousness off my skin, trying to bully me around and demand I be a sitting duck for their spiritual abuse, their psychic attacks.

Nothing is worse than the enemy within:
Every time I try to starve them, they “befriend” me, speak nice things, really endear themselves to me all the while telling me it is their job – as parasites – to make me stink (they use the added Soul pieces and consciousnesses of Gooru and them to make me stink and that is how they got on).

The scariest thing happened this weekend I was sleeping and saw through the use of the Soul pieces they incorporated into me Barbara Reina and David Reina turning the lights off to my consciousness with Barbara Reina holding a gun in her hand, ready to kill me.

It is how people die in their sleep.

They do something to your eyes – I saw Michael O’ Terrence shoot them – or “blow” or put their intentions into them so that you will be wide awake and then go into the astral instead of dream (it is how folks astral project) – and place a mechanism that connects your physical eyes to your third eye (they make that wide open too) so you will have no choice but to see lucidly in the astral then kill you from there.

That said the astral parasites they use help with this.

They are extremely sentinent. They are not “voices in your head” that come from your subconscious but actual real entity parasites from the astral set (and perhaps created) by Barbara and David Reina and Michael O’ Terrence where they use connectors as Barbara used this:

to place said astral parasites in your head who usually start off in your pineal gland then go to your subconscious then on to your conscious mind where they create copies of themselves (and render themselves “intranquil” or invisible when you try to find them).

In an effort to get rid of them – seeing how dangerous the situation is (they have already started telling me to use “us” instead of “I” when referring to things involving me and myself alone) – I have been doing everything to get rid of them, including removing their consciousness, placing MY energy into them to make them “less” autonomous in my mind and now……

I notice that there are people writing books on them, telling them what to say. I can even hear the subconscious voice of these people speaking as the entity attachments repeats what they say.

I am saying this to say – and I just tried it – cutting the chord off to the people writing those books – I always see books – telling the astral parasites what to say.

They connect to you using these with folks Soul pieces so they can hook up to your subconscious mind like the matrix:

They plan to use Soul pieces to make my parents look like them and use them as astral shields so watch out. These people are extremely cunning and dangerous.

That said they hook up to people like they are human computers and make a “sport” out of watching us, their victims, get tormented and psychically attacked.

I been telling you all that Barbara Reina and David Reina and Michael O’ Terrence’s (I heard from those astral parasites that he buys kids fromnthe Reinas who traffick kids and murders them like he Sheng Tsung to steal their Souls and increase his spiritual powers) reign of terror are demons who need to be killed in the astral realm.

That said I am still looking for a solution on how to get rid of them. I’ll be damned if I end up a sacrifice.

I already lived the life of a hard life so I’ll be damned hell if the next latter part of my years – and my parents’ years – end in tragedy and, for nothing.

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