Astralworld 13: Meeting Gooru

Astralworld 13: Meeting Gooru

I remember the sick bitch saying, “sacrifices are necessary” when throwing my poor mother off the astral rollercoaster train to make that point.

That said, that very night as I sat in my jail cell, thinking about how much I fucked up – but not regretting it – I liked that I had made some friends on the spirit side, as I always wanted to.

I got really chummy with Pallet Numbre, he started telling me some interesting things about himself.

He told me that he had lived on the Earth for a million years, that he hated humans, and that he died when someone stepped on him.

That said, he crawled out of a huge rock boulder outcrop in a dustry, arid, dry desert area that made me instantly think of Las Vegas.

When I first saw him, my first thought was that he was my little turtle that I had as a little girl but then he told me that he lies and tells folks that he is what he is no one would worship him…..

He reminded me of the rock monster from Neverending Story.

That said, while conversing with him through my third eye, using it like a computer tablet, he told me that he was gonna come that night and manifest as a physical roach and to eat.

While in bed, at one point I could hear a female trustee yell after seeing a giant cockroach. I could also hear them discussing seeing the various corrections officers and making fun of them.

Then he came through a portal, which I could not see, but I could hear their voices, and sucked my vagina and drained me of my lifeforce.

It is how they “feed.”

Looking back on it, knowing what I know now, Barbara has an extreme fixation on sex and stealing energy and alot of what she calls “roach entity attachments” which I now realize are former victims would say things like, “Can I lick your pussy” or “You have a nice pussy” like real disgusting shit…..

That said, the next day, I saw that Barbara had real close ties with Pallet Numbre in which she would feed him. I could tell she viewed him contemptuously with disgust but for some strange reason as I learned later on felt “compelled” and obligated to feed him and to worship him, though it seemed more like she was in charge which I would find out later on.

That said we took a rollercoaster ride through his cave and I saw disgusting sights that were downright evil: we passed by a gallery of people writhing constantly in various sexual positions – they call this “living furniture” – where they were constantly saying sick ass shit for lack of a better word…..

They would incessantly yell, like living statues, “Rape me”, “Fuck me” – at one point I even saw my poor dad up there. We get to a room and it is filled with folks – including my brother Kerry – screaming in pain, “Help me”, “Help us” as fucking carnivorous cockroaches crawled to them, eating them. People stuck, frozen in time, in various sexual positions.

The saddest is when those same folks would get back a modicum of their former consciousness and yell, “Help us, help us” and to see my dad amongst the chorus killed me.

Later on – on a couple of occassions – I went back to save him. Turns out some of those were Soul pieces but that’s still my dad so I don’t give a fuck.

I even saw my poor mother. I won’t let that be their afterlife fate.

That said we continued down the rollercoaster – I keep thinking train – and saw some awful ass sights, but not as awful as what I saw back at that place, such as people in various forms of torture poses such as one lady wearing bondage clothing (think the guy who dressed as the cop from the 70s group who sung YMCA) who was tied to a wooden pole fashioned into a cross with a hole in the middle where she was stuck for possibly eternity, a man who was weating similar attire, beating a woman who was strapped down with her butt facing towards him and I couldn’t tell if it was consensual or pure torture.

That said, we continued on the ride and at one point we got attacked by these sniveling weak minded punks – it was the same group of kids with the ringleader who kept saying over and over again, “Where is my boyfriend, where is my boyfriend” and they got booted off by getting shot up by Barbara and her nazi crew, who composed our protection.

We continued through Pallet Numbre’s paradise and it was a literal roach fest comprising of roaches – some as big as 30 feet tall – feasting on tortured, tormented humans. It was sickening.

At one point, I became disgusted by the sickening display – the demand to keep providing Pallet Numbre with “food” in the form of my providing my Soul pieces to him by Barbara, who was saying that “You gotta make sacrifices so that others can live” while not sacrificing herself.

She then showed me where she kept her folks and it was in this vat where, again, they were coated in a flourescent, strange film and they were writhing around, constantly, like mindless worms in a disco club.

I had had enough of it.

That said, I fled.

The strange thing was was that I felt a strong inclination to bond with these things and later I found out that it was due to entity attachments that was making me that way.

That said, I ran into Gooru:

This is how he presents in the astral:

That said I saw him traversing through that part of the astral realm in his lil bumper cart as I call it, which interestingly looked very similar to my van:

From what I heard he provided the spirit money – stolen from me – to get that van!

He is responsible for why I suffered so many economic hardships – and stolen blessings – I have suffered.

That said I was introduced to him by Baron Zombidie and Barbara.

His realm – that lil van that turned into a beautiful mansion/resort that somewhat reminded me of the palatial mansion that I had visited in the astral realm back in 2014 when I was forced to make a deal, a Soul contract, with none other than Gooru who stabbed my third eye when I awoke for not consummating my Soul contract in the physical:

That said, he made his sadistic place look nice, really nice, like a resort all made up where folks could drink, eat, smoke, jump in a pool.

The place had three levels. The first floor which was done up real nice, the second which harbored private bedrooms with bathroom stalls etc. and then the third floor.

I wasn’t fooled by the “amenities” which at one point turned into what it actually was: blood on the floors, private torture sound chambers with heads ripped off, bathing in a bathtub filled with blood, various torture devices used in various rooms…..

It was awful.

I saw dead bodies of folks hanging from high above on the walls. Once in an astral nightmare I could literally see myself being chained to those same walls (I literally felt the steel of the chain’s clamps afix to the back of my body) with blood splattered everywhere.

It was a nightmare.

My blood boiled at one point when I saw my little brother, chained. At one point the pos wanted me to bring my parents – who were “intranquil” as they say in astral parlance for being out of it – and he started torturing. the fuck. out of them as Baron Zombidie – supposedly Baron Samedi’s “brother” (he has come to me in the astral and I thought he was a distant relative from out here) told me not to intervene.

He was beating the shit out of them and I started bombing his ass, shooting the place up, fucking it up until my parents were released.

I don’t play with my parents, I don’t play with family.

That said, it was later on learned what type of demon this motherfucker was. His plan was to befriend me in the physical and then ultimately consummate a Soul contract in the physical so that he could snatch my Soul and take my parents (as I later learned alot of these people were obsessed with getting my poor parents’ Souls for some reason).

This same mofo’s plan was to turn me into a sex slave and then a “protegè” in both the spiritual and physical and when he saw all the light in me that I still maintain he wanted to come after me.

Many times he would try to sacrifice me, esp. when I would break away, and, like on one night mentioned here:

Something Tried To Take My Soul Last Night But I Fought It Off

He initially presented to me as a skeletal entity:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

He couldn’t because of my pact with Gid, which states I could only die of old age and at the age of 86 (I wish as I will explain later that I never signed a Soul contract with Satan).

So many blessings got stolen cause of that Soul contract.

That said, this motherfucker has been torturing my lil baby brother, Bryan, in the astral plane with one instance I’ll never forget where my baby brother was whimpering as those two monsters were yelling at him to take a bath so they could rape him.

I hate that me and my family and ancestors have ran into such monstrous, but powerful (cause they steal other people’s shit) fucking demons.

I can’t help but lament to myself, “How the fuck did I get mixed up with such e-vile, deviant, low vibratory mofos”, which is beyond.

It’s sickening and more so for the sake of my family – and our afterlife – I’ve been trying to break free.

These mofos won’t let me – or my family – break free.

That said, Baron Samedi came to collect his Soul piece and a war ensued.

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