Something Tried To Take My Soul Last Night But I Fought It Off

Something Tried To Take My Soul Last Night But I Fought It Off

Look close in that thumb and you can see an eye there…..

I think it was Baron Samedi or some black serial killer spirit cause I heard a black dude who was laughing saying, “Yeah, I’m gonna get ya” and I heard that lil skeletal demon that said my Soul is his saying that “He is coming for your Soul.”

I even saw Baron Samedi going for my people but I stopped him ?????

I beat his ass NUMEROUS times in the astral tho like a roach he keep coming back.

Man, I shouldn’t be under attack like this and it was a good fucking night. Shit was nice and then, as said here,

Wetback Rapist Tells Rape Victim That She Will Have His Baby

Some fucking wetbacks – always acting as fucking sycophants for demonic entities cause of their bloodline – had to pass by in a fucking big ass group and looked like a the bitch of the group tried to stick something under my minivan (cause they like starting shit with people) and yeah, I confronted em and one pulled out a fucking knife after I threw shit at they ass and they threw shit at me.

Then I ‘woked em!

Let demons deal with they ass from now.

Before I believe it was them taunting me to get out my minivan but I just ignored em and played 6000 hz frequency!

I CAN’T STAND THESE FUCKING THINGS AROUND ME! The thing is, as I just saw thru my third eye, they use YOUR energy to attack you. And even the “nice” ones pretending to help – as I just saw now an angel – are really all just working for the same team. I saw a supposed zoroastrian angel turn into one of the fucking demons I been fighting…..

I just realised that that angel was blocking my third eye to keep me from seeing the actual entity trying to snatch my Soul last night. It was Baron Samedi.

That’s why I get rid of that shit – even supposed allies – when I see that shit. I broke it down here (after ‘wokeing the angel I felt a MAJOR burden fall off of me).

Archon Beelzebub Created Doppleganger Continues To Try To Possess Me

Peggy Kane talked about the whole archons, reptilians parading around as both angels and demons, playing “good cop and bad cop” here…..

I been saying this myself, of how angels are demons and god is the devil and visa versa – two sides of the same coin:

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

I think that “angel” aka archon orchestrated that shit cause I noticed that my cards ain’t been accurate and even when I rightfully ‘woke a mofo it falls back on me…..

That’s archon oppression and manipulation.

I also realise she is the “justice” entity that pops up that would fuck with my ‘wokes in the past as I learned via the ghost app that she was some zoroastrian spirit of justice or some shit…..

I saw something supposedly representing “love” via that same ghost app who, again, turned demonic when I saw their true form.

That said I had to ‘woke one of them bicycle white entitled bitches. I won’t be civil when any of their asses anymore, period. I don’t like them. The reason why they gotta be in groups is cause they have no Souls. Those mofos are organic portals to the max and they’re dead. It’s like – regardless of their technical intellect those mofos are dead. There is nothing in them. No higher levels of consciousness. They operate on the level of an insect, literally, and I am not just exaggerating which I sense from them.

I won’t actively do anything but I will run they asses off if they try to talk to me or give me something. One even throw a rock at my minivan one day after dropping this so this shows who he truly is…..

Could Actor Toby Bronson Have Kidnapped Raped And Murdered A Little 13 Year Old Girl?

Alot of pedos and satanic ass organic portals here. That’s why I was sent to fuck they asses up and that’s why they been having wildfires, bad luck, terrible shit happening ??

They had some ole nigger ass bus driver the other day – I actively ignored his ass and I woulda cussed his ass out if I wasn’t talking with this nice christian man – a true christian – one day. He literally STOPPED his fucking vehicle – shoulda recorded it and reported it – to talk to me. Like I said I woulda cussed his ass out if I wasn’t talking with ole dude!

I don’t like these mofos out here. I am never wrong when I assess things. They got a serpentine demonic reptilian “dead” energy – the vast majority of these mofos out here. And except for a few homeless who have Souls and are cool (I can psychically pick up on it like I MAD ACCURATELY saw this mofo here coming from a mile away)…….

Pick Me Crakkka Nolan Ivanov Reveals The Innermost Workings of The Misogynist Mind of The Nice Guy

Their asses as I saw in the video below during of all things – Independence Day – get picked up by these orb like alien ships that you can see physically out here and programmed on board…..


Here one such orb that be hanging over that seafood restaurant right up on the pch not that far from me…..


That said, let me tell ya about organic portals and why you gotta keep they asses OUT, PERIODT!

This article breaks em down here….

Damn, that articles hits it real!

Organic portals are not like you and I assuming you have a Soul like I….

They are no different than robots in meatsuits which is what they literally are.

They are of all different races, backgrounds and creeds but their bloodline – as I keep saying with the wetbacks – determines what spirits, entities of the matrix can take them over…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

I find wetback organic portals of all organic portals tend to have a more base level animalistic lower satanic frequency cause of their bloodline……

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

That being said this is why – it makes sense now – the only way I could get along in this world is to be a motherfucker….

They sense cause of their archon hivemind consciousness – that’s why gangstalking happens – that I am different! The archons manipulating their hivemind consciousness tell them to target a person like me – be it to “befriend” (I’ve had quite a few I’ve had to fuck up cause they’d get obsessive with intruding in my space), to turn foe or to attack. They can never be trusted. They are part of the archon matrix subversion campaign to keep you from remembering your Divinity and coming into your Soul Source power. That’s why they’ll say hurtful shit in one vein and something positive in the next without skipping a beat. That are not like us so don’t try to explain them away by seeing them and understanding them based on how you are cause they are not you.

I saw this yesterday where they had this ugly mofo who let an armed robber who he knew was one stay at his home while he was away at the hospital who fleeced hos shit, who had the nerve to question me on trusting my intuition, pull this who has seen me shirtless and then sent a demanding text saying in a demanding way “There’s kids around put on a shirt.”

I ‘woked him. I mean, the forcefulness – who tf (I oughta go after his daughter).

I ‘woked his ass once and when he was nice (due to the ‘woke) and brought me to Autozone to return some fan blades – I took it off.

Which brings me to my next point: I get along with em by ‘wokeing him.

My ‘woke put his ass in the hospital when that robber fleeced him. He said, “It felt like millions of hands sticking him.” Well, let me reintroduce you to worse.

As I said here…..

I Had To Re-Woke A Motherfucker

I never ever take my ‘woke off. I learned it the hard way there. The ‘woke is way they became docile, and nicer. It puts em in a place where they can not be a threat.

They are not like me. They are not on my level of consciousness. They got the consciousness of a bug, LITERALLY, like they move on pure instinct, so you have to use supernatural means to cage em as a defense mechanism. I told Colton Wood that the only way he’ll be able to stop them assholes in Lake Forest is by using spiritual means – witchcraft – to keep them organic portals unjustly fucking with him at bay.

I know he’s hurting and it hurts me to see him hurt but he won’t listen. He is so close minded to reason.

Another thing that kills me is they hinder my ability to connect with Soulled folks.

When I had that possessing spirit in me it would cause me to consume inadvertently energetically the vices and curses of those with Souls who I tried to connect with.

That said, in the next article Imma show a white bitch who been following me for awhile who’s married to a billionaire, a blue blood illuminati family who tried to give me $30 to run me out of Malibu.

I ‘woked that bitch. Stay tuned!

AND – when I got rid of that angel, I got tinnitus in my right ear (sign of positive news ????). That entity that’s been fucking with me here finally bit the dust all due to my hand……

Archon Beelzebub Created Doppleganger Continues To Try To Possess Me

Yeah praise me ??

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