Beelzebub Created Doppleganger Continues To Try To Possess Me

Archon Beelzebub Created Doppleganger Continues To Try To Possess Me

You can see in that article thumbnail they subliminally try to manipulate me.

They do it to all of us.

My intuition has been validated: as I intuitively knew all along Beelzebub’s an archon:

From a book on archons in pdf…..

– Explains my alkie-hole, overindulgence urges…..

Now this makes sense…..

The dick symbols I been seeing makes sense now along with this and this…..

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

I see that ‘woke got that nigger mayate going crazy. Enjoy the nightmares…. and the demons you been sacrificed to, you rapist nigger.

Pick Me Crakkka Nolan Ivanov Reveals The Innermost Workings of The Misogynist Mind of The Nice Guy

Good friend of mines saw it coming……

The rapist energy that’s been getting thrown my way as of late is designed as a last ditch effort by very powerful entities and forces to keep me under their control and from breaking free by forcing me into situations where I gotta ‘woke people – which feeds them – and keeps me from being able to heal.

Also, because of how they have manipulated my energy body by getting in and causing me to inadvertently absorb other’s energies as well as commandering my intuition to an extent (I feel it coming mainly from the right side – as I do now – while being connected to my sacral chakra aka central nervous system) – they are low key orchestrating circumstances that allows for repossession and succumbing to seemingly “self destructive” habits like alcohol addiction.

Case in point – to go to show you how crazy these synchronicities are, once I ward one mofo off as can be seen here…..

This Is Why I Say That Men Are Innate Natural Predators

When I ward off one mofo – let me say it again – when I ward off ONE mofo, another TOTALLY UNRELATED mofo pulls up……

It is what I call spiritual gangstalking which I explain how it works here….

This Is How Gangstalking Works

Here a GREAT example of it…..

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

That said recently when I ‘woked a crakkka after he pulled out a gun after I called him out for sexually harassing me (Texas license plate number JIMWYRG newer model big black van), I instantly got an alcohol urge (I believe from absorbing his energy since I could tell he got addictive behaviours) and can literally feel a possessing entity entering on the right side with some other attachment dinging me upside the head till I gave in to the urge and, because it possessed my right side and blocked out my ability to fight the urges but putting what I can only describe this “cloud” up.

It was torture.

That said there is a doppleganger entity that is composed of insects that I believe was created by Beelzebub when I was a satanist that was designed to replace my Soul that has been harassing THE FUCK outta me. It looks like this:

No matter HOW HARD I try to fight it using my third eye I can’t permanently get rid of it. It keeps coming back and coming back….. based on what I saw with my third eye it hinders my ability to make money, hence why any business I try to commence fails, I can’t get donations, etc. Because of the insects attached to it it, when it possesses me, wards good people away, attracts bad folks (esp. when drunk). As like with someone else possessed it causes me to – thru no fault of my own – irritate folks just by my very presence (with this thing around me). It influences me to engage in seemingly “self destructive” behaviours like alcohol urges, then food urges if I successfully suppress that. It’s pure terror and hell. Pure hell! I feel violent, morose, helpless, self defeating, self loathing…..

Peggy Kane here discussed how reptilians artificially orchestrated those feelings in her niece till she found out the derivation of her feelings to cut herself…..

That being said early this morning they attacked while I was asleep after I removed a significant one on the top of my crown chakra…. always the right side…..

I was in the astral and I recall them trying to impress that that demon doppleganger is a “soul piece” and had me in the astral where I was at a church (but it was THE FUCKING LOWER UNDERWORLD) and they were sharing pictures there of crime scenes. I got pic #16 Before then I saw an alligator hatch from the body of another dead alligator, denoting that they are re-creating creatures that I HAVE KILLED to keep harassing me, chasing me.

The body of the “newly minted” cloned alligator had these rainbow christmas lights colors in it – which I now figure denotes I may have been abducted (Black Bigalow’s live last night was on alien abductions interestingly and I called in). I think it was some cloned robotic alligator meant to pursue me using that technology.

Before then I saw my middle school religious teacher, Mrs. Rizzo, very plainly, saying to war-ship the buy-bull (I think) but there was something else significant involving laser pointer pens I think being pointed at me from other “students” and trying to take my books etc. (knowledge on the archons and all this shit), again denoting these entities, reptilians and archons, influencing people on the physical plane to fuck with me.

One time I’ll never forget after I got arrested (and minivan impounded) by the sheriffs I saw thru my third eye folks in a line passing thru a mind control machine being manipulated to fuck with me….

– Look, I don’t feel like making a fucking masterpiece. I got an entity attachment on my back making me unusually tired but this is what I saw but from overhead…..

Which explains the distressing harassment as of late and which has been going on throughout my life.

Another thing, I have long been known as the roach spotter starting from when I was a little girl and saw an alternate version of my neat childhood home covered in roaches. I also used to inexplicably bring a darkness and bad luck to places and could always ALWAYS since I could remember having “invisible insects” crawling all over me.

They been fucking with me since I was a child.

They were the ones who entered my body after a suicide attempt as a child and created this unusual manipulation of my Soul and brainwaves where I was oversensitive hence why “I let” that chemistry teacher who said “Drop the English accent” affect me so deeply…..

It was THEY who thru possession created a wedge between the left side of my Soul and my right side, causing me to function and speak like I had a fucking seizure tho I could LIT FEEL something attached to my right side, blocking my chakras there.

Case in point when I got rid of it my mind and thoughts flowed freely.

With them there they formed a block which I now know goes back to when I was a child, causing intrusive, embarassing thoughts, again repelling people from me to keep me from being able to effectively teach folks how to fight em to free em from the wheel of Samsara aka the realm of the demiurge…..

When I was a kid I had TERRIBLE TERRIBLE mood swings where, even I knew were unusual, I would unusually obsessively be preoccupied with negative thoughts mixed with a victim mentality where I would go over and over in my head – like a loop – THE SMALLEST SHIT someone did to me in school and this would be during the holidays, weekends, happy times…..

Now I know it was very powerful archon forces inducing this……

Even I couldn’t understand why I was stuck in – or how to get out of the loop.

Knowing what I know now – their obsessive energy towards me influences organic portals to be obsessive towards me as well, henve why folks I ‘woke become obsessed with me (cause they go fuck up the ‘woke and use it for their agenda).

After that religious astral travel “dream” early this morning I woke up being manipulated with the thought that the Beelzebub created doppleganger – which shapeshifts into looking like me then into looking like the old hag and then into looking like a reptilian – was an actual aspect of me (I peeped it had restructured itself back into myself, creating a mindless void where it was!), that duality is key and to embrace it.

I also noticed my baby brother was back in hell after it merged with me, using my energy to put him there (I got some power I am not aware of).

To go to show you how they fuck with you, I started hearing, hallucinating demonic voices, the breaking of glass (I had a reptilian possessed wetbuck throw a beer glass the other night – I nearly choked writing this), a vehicle starting up but npt turning over – something that happened to my old car and is now inexplicably happening with my minivan (also my passenger door which stopped working is now inexplicably working now) and other crazy demonic shit.

When I exorcised the bitch, again, I stopped hearing all that and my Soul felt structured and right again, correct!

I also saw an angels as shown through the ghost app here who is a zoroastrian light being named Rashnu fighting it….

But like Peggy Kane says here even “angels” are reptilians, archons and they ALL play the “good cop/bad cop” role to keep us stuck in the wheel of samsara:

Those mofos are so skeevy they even made it like that possessing doppleganger was really a part of me in that it would not move when I used a mantra I use to rid myself of entity attachments.

I still have something on the right side that is still jacking me.

As Black Bigalow said on last night’s live, I’m being targeted FIERCELY cause of my knowledge and my ability to spread my knowledge to fight em – hence why my channels KEEP getting snuffed on Youtube.

BB and a coupla other people noted that tho I got very few subs I get ALOT of views…..

Note that 222 here = Master Builder in numerology.

That said, cause I been fighting fiercely I am making ground, exorcising shit.

They just keep coming back and back and I gotta stop this, permanently, without letting them pull me into a contract and into the wheel of samsara by forcing me to run to a mass mind control re-ligion, witch ??‍♀️ the demiurge wants…..

To sorta get em out, repeat this mantra I use “You are not a part of my Soul energy matrix body. You are not my Soul. I did not give you permission bitch to be in here. Now get the fuck OUT heaux!”

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