This Is How Gangstalking Works

The other day, right after this happened:

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

THIS happened…..


I turn around and notice mofo is ABRASIVELY, IN MY FACE AS A FORM OF DISRESPECT taking pics…..

Damn right I ran up on his ass and ran him and his gucamole ass eating wife (who looked like she ain’t never missed a meal) up the skreets….

Now, let me break it down…. WHAT are the chances of TWO HIPPIE LOOKING ASS MOFOS – in dude’s case from yesterday he a “white” wetbuck – antagonise me and esp. the second one, be blatant about it!

It is what you call gangstalking…..

I’ll peep whenever I publish articles, as if like an echo to what I wrote, mofos will come around to engage in actions meant to antagonize me…..

Eye ? Sea ? ya’ll……


That’s that hippie mofo I got into a fight with who kicked me in the stomach….




I lit thought this dude was a monster here, like the creature from The Black Lagoon:

– This what you call a mermaid ring, with all the reefs and shit tied to it….

The scuba dude scared the shit outta me. Thought it was a creature from the Black Lagoon.

Beauty-FULL ass sight:

– Including me looool

I ate light as part of my diet to heal. I find I’m not hungry as much anymore due to my focus on the shit causing the cravings…..

Also trying to create raisins (if it weren’t for the ants….):

Imma say this…. diss a straight demon:

– This one of the gangstalkers….

That said, SHE look like the hatman, huh, some evil character from Mortal Kombat:

And like a Rake entity…..

The camera can pick up things we can’t see cause when she passed by she was wearing a VERY LIGHT BEIGE SUMMER FRILLY HAT!

And they gaslight us by saying it’s paredolia!

Damn right I’m strong ??

That being said, gangstalking and energy vampirism is real. Looka this – I thought this bitch’s dad was the nigga I fought the day before:

Like why tf you contacting me…..

I wonder if this her dad…..

That said hear another one….

Send that lonely ass mofo an email here…..

This E Katarina bitch is a PERFECT example of this shit!

– That’s coming straight from the demiurge direct!

These are just one of many examples of what happens when you are in the TRUE process – not that organic portal shit – of undergoing a spiritual awakening.

It is an ugly fucking process…..


I felt like I was about to die last night.

I feel that there is some strong strong motherfucking energy that is very deceptive, tricky….. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has become it’s own entity, they call them tulpas in buddhism.

There was a house in Texas where a woman created a tulpa of her dead son, who killed her:

I, as I ask here, STRONGLY fucking need ayahuasca or a shaman who deals with this to get rid of it:


I’ll be honest…. I always felt like it’ll take someone else to help me but, as I go more in, I am starting to feel that that thinking was the result of me giving my energy, power over me away to others and that a force intended to keep me trapped in a state of hopelessness cause even talking about the singular incident that offset it – which shouldn’t ain’t helping.

It’s buried under LAYERS of shit and I feel I can, am more than capable of pulling me out.

As I type I am getting downloads showing me how to deal with it.

Now, regarding last night, after the contentious fight with this shit – I dealt with it before – some part of me got cleansed and my upper forehead chakra opened up!

That said, an epiphany hit me! Fuck these pee-pole! Fuck these organic portals I am surrounded by. Suddenly, they don’t matter. Their psychic attacks in the form of gangstalking, fucking with me – I was able to just brush it off ?

See, these new (c)age mofos, namely organic portals who tell you to ignore others, don’t worry about what folks say – they never break down HOW TO PULL IT OFF cause they don’t have the soul to understand how to actually in fact do it…..

When your forehead chakra is open you feel like the God that us soulled beings are and nothing – and I mean NOTHING can affect or afflict you. When your chakras are shut or your shit out of alignment that is when you get the dusty nasty mofos leaving you alone. You truly DO become elevated in terms of energy – they will feel it cause you won’t even wanna look at em!

It will be like you got your lane and they will move on with their organic portal asses to make an energy grab at another soulled being stuck on they level.

This brother’s channel breaks it down:

That said, I don’t respect nor care for most “people” cause they are what you call organic portals…..

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

Organic portals or soulless humans

When I see one coming, I am quick to cut them down – ruthlessly, maliciously, sadistically – and run em up the street cause I know what they are and what they are coming up to me for – it is usually for an energy grab – and Imma let them know from the start.

Don’t tolerate organic portals. For those of you who are empaths with jobs – I know it is hard – Imma give you a pointer: ya’ll are the way you are cause you are either leaking energy in either the sacral or heart chakra – as what happened to me for a looong time since birth – or your chakras are outta alignment or both explanations.

Seal the shit with protection. NEVER close it but put something with your feelings around it that will protect it while not inwardly giving away your power as you still wanna retain the ability to sense others’ bull! Having etheric chords created between you and others is another thing to take into consideration.

I recall once while in deep contemplation a young wetback in a black truck passed and was leering. I “closed” my energy to his energy vampire ass and he looked away cause he lost the “attraction” to me.

It’s energy.

Now, it ain’t just about ignoring mofos. Like predators, they can sense your energy so even if you put up a hard front, they can sense that they can still get in via your energy.

Now, as you make progress on healing yourself and ascending, you will get distractions.

Yesterday, a young kid came up to me with liquor and wanted me to come hang with his friends. Honest I got the dead sociopath – meaning a socialized psychopath vibe from him (an organic portal) but he was nice enough so I didn’t run him. He told me I meant him and his friends while in their blue van, which rung no bells (I was drunk which is why I am in earnest healing right now so that soul urge won’t come up as a quick fix for a much deeply embedded problem). He told me that he sees me in my car all the time blah blah blah then, in kidnapper fashion he pulls out a black pekingnese dog.


I was obsessed with pekingnese dogs as a kid….. my mom who was a neat freak damn sure wasn’t gonna let me have one so she brought me and my brother a robot dog:

I got out the car and played with the dog and sent him on his way…..

I wasn’t going any fucking where with anybody who these mofos think they fooling…..

While in my car, chilling, later I guess what was their van drove up across from me and that basturd gave me an ugly look, I felt bad fucking energy.

I saw the devil in my cards regarding who sent em……

That’s why alkie-hole is bad cause it impairs judgement, suppresses your soul and throw your intuition and third eye outta whack…..

That’s why they gave that shit to the asian Native Americans…..

To suppress THE FUCK outta them people…..

I been saying the Mexicans are under a reptilian curse (like me) which is shown in their high ass consumption of liquor and just bad ass cult-ural traits…..

The Mexicans South Americans and Central Americans Are Under A Reptilian Curse

Nan a dat ain’t good!

Alcohol is a form of alchemy, hence why I say ALKIE-hole, which LIT creates a vaccum aka a hole in the body by pushing the soul out, allowing for possession….

That’s why mofos meaning no good as profiled here:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

And here (ESP. here – glaad that’s over ??)

Stalked By A Child Molestor

That are controlled by evil entities will switch to using your vices as lures cause they know you can’t fight that – you can, but it is hard!

Anyways, Imma continue doing the inner ‘woke. It ain’t easy. Whatever in the fuck is stuck in me is EXTREMELY hard to pull out but I am making progress.

I am done with the world’s material things. You see one thing in America ir China and it’s the same all over. This world, the material realm means nothing to me. On a recent astral travel, while in the body of a white dude, I encountered a dude who died while over here (who is now in the astral) who said no way would he EVER wanna reincarnate in the physical plane cause folks go hungry, it’s too dense. You can’t change shit. You can’t manifest shit like you can in the astral.

I wanna operate between both worlds with more of me in that sphere while I am here.

I look at how fucked up shit is: ya’ll mofos shoulda been having flying cars by now and graduated from electric cars in the 50s. Ya’ll timeline fucked up cause ya’ll value the wrong shit – your so called leaders do. Greed and these oligarchies, the illuminati got ya’ll fucked up and in a tech equivalent of the stone age.

Tesla tried to show you and his shit got shut then stolen for profit ?

We gotta ascend – soulled people gotta open up they chakras. Fuck the zombie hordes aka sheeple known as organic portals ?‍♀️?‍♂️

I’m out ?

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