How To Protect Yourself From Organic Portals

I know I haven’t written in a while cause I been fasting and working on my healing but I wanna still drop a vid on something that needs to be talked about…..

That said, I wanna say that when you see a mofo doing this, the “they crazy” finger twirl…..

They doing it to do witchcraft on you by opening a chakra. See, in your fingers you have chakras and when you go clockwise you open it and when you go counterclockwise you close it.

It is not goodt to have that chakra open unless you got the crown esp. the top forehead chakra open cause when it’s WIIDE open entities can attach to there and manipulate you, other folks entities can attach to you, which was why this was happening here:

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

This is why politrickians be speaking out the sides of their mouths, usually the right side with a slant of their mouths cause demonic entities did that (I just smelled a phantom smell of nasty demonic hot breath as I wrote this):

Actually, you wanna open it a lil bit but, there’s ways to protect your energy since you don’t wanna close your power zones aka chakras….. That chakra also can help with elocution aka speaking!

Also, peep how a gangstalking organic portal FLEES when I call him out ??‍♂️?

Hear ? another one:

Here are examples of em:

This was over a post that reminded me of Lynwood County Jail…..

And here another….. It’s that “color me beautiful” weave head wearing bitch….

This was over a post…. I mean don’t this look like fucking pedophile!

I call them lil fuckers “designer babies” cause they black ass dads and ma’s create these kids cause, for the women, they the light skinned long haired popular girl they wish they could be and for the men, the popular long haired light skinned girl they wish they could get with!

They always popping they designer asses on my fucking timeline!


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