You Malibu Nuts Esp. At Levinaia STAY THE FUCK OFF MY SOCIAL MEDIA

I don’t like you mofos.

I put fyre ‘woke on you hoes.

Malibu Is Gonna Get Another Fire ‘Woke AND I Feel I Am Revenge For What Ya’ll Did To Mitrice Richardson

Stay the fuck off my shit.

I know how you thingz operate – I saw in the astral last night ya’ll were gonna pull some shit like this.

As I ascend, become more Power-FULL, ya’ll ain’t creating no etheric chords with me. I don’t wanna be a part of your satanic, demonic possessed, reptilian possessed baby eating organic portal ass clique!

I know them assholes at Levinaia followed me to see if something bad happened to me, hoping something did. I sense it and my tarot cards showed it…..

I’m sensing an energy of dead emptiness emanating off of ya, like complete organic portals off of ya’ll. I don’t sense any spirituality from ya’ll cause you need a soul to be spiritual and all Eye ? Sea ??? is fucking trendy ass, culturally appropriated new (c)age shit coming from ya’ll!

Stay the fuck off of here, all you Malibu weirdos! I don’t wanna become assimilated, a part of no community, fuck ya’ll!

Before I got into spirituality I used to dox people and fuck up they businesses and livlihood. Try me.

– And, trust, I can see in the astral if you lurking on that mofo!

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