Malibu Is Gonna Get Another Fire ‘Woke AND I Feel I Am Revenge For What Ya’ll Did To Mitrice Richardson

That’s why ya’ll can’t get rid of me….

Another thing: I know ya’ll mofos are protecting the SOB who raped me. I got his ass (based on spiritual confirmation, he in hell) and Imma get ya’ll and send ya’ll to hell as well wit dat fyre ‘woke:

Like I did with the Woolsey Fire….

The Pacific Palisades Fyre Fest (My proudest ‘woke and – 3 days before it happened I saw it in a dream after praying or shall I say preying ?? for it to happen 3 days before ??):

Here I am LAUGHING at the destruction:

Saddleridge FYRE fest of 2019:

I really has Malibu LIT all up in 2019, LOL!

Gonna lit that mofo again with black magic (and peep the places I parked were not affected!)!

I saw how ya’ll mofos acted THE DAY after I got that rapist evil pos who attacked me. I know ya’ll defended him. I rem. the basturd on the motorbike with the red and white helmet on who yelled, “You should be dead” and some of the other looks of disgust cause I ‘woked his azz – that homeless ass white boi in the green van (I almost got your ass ??) and the wetbuck (with that broad) in the black truck who was with him that night (to provide protection to him) while he taunted me along with this white dude from Loser-ana who drives a white 4 Runner and this black ass nigger who say he Egyptian, who guided by bad spirits – who parks in the CIA parking lot to sleep (I C U nigger ?). To the black truck dude Eye Sea I got you too ?? Ya’ll some evil mofos and ya’ll about to pay.

With that being said, I know ya’ll don’t like me:

Seeing Into Alternate Timeline Where My Parents Woulda Got Divorced Had I Gone To De La Salle

That’s why I’m happay ?? my energy tore ya’ll azzez down ???✨???

Ya’ll are some evil mofos. Ya’ll did Mitrice Richardson dirty:

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Lost Hills Malibu Sheriffs Tried To Set Up Itinerant Homeless Man for Mitrice Richardson’s MURDER

Even when I FIRST came out here I can sense the energy was overwhelmingly negative and satanic:

The Satanic Energy of Malibu And The Chaos Energy of The Age of Aquarius

I was a satanist as well so I know….

Still got spirits from that era that can
fuck you up….

That being said, I know how ya’ll mofos work: when ya’ll can’t beat a motherfucker – like I – you try to get us, esp. the spiritually strong – to join like you all tried with the RejuvOhm bitch:

She was inciting these magick school bus people (who I ran out and are LOOONG GONE) to fuck with me here, like I can’t see past her deceptive ass:

– I peep EVERYONE she talks with turns against me!

Hear I am cussing (and nearly about to beat her ass) as she attempted to call herself “giving me a present for my birthday.”

I HATE mofos who talk shit about you then try to FORCEFULLY be your “friend.”

Imma beat her ass next time she does that shit. It’s boiling my blood. You can talk about me allll day long but don’t try to ESP. force fake ass “friendship” – for the sake of monitoring for the sake of trying to ultimately sabotage me (it all makes sense now) – after talking about me. THAT’S FUCKING DISRESPECT AND I’LL FUCKING BEAT THE SHIT outta here ass now she comes up to me again….

I don’t want shit from ya, bitch!

Who kept trying to obsessively cling to me. I recognised that that BITCH by her energy and what she said (she denied the illuminati exists while letting me know that she herself was a victim of childhood abuse at the hands of a wetbuck in Texas with all sorts of political connex = meaning she was being “groomed” to become an mk ultra handler) and I don’t care how nice she is to me, Imma still treat her like shit and run her ass the fuck away from me.

Then there was another fake hippie ass white bitch who liked to smoke pot (I hate them types) – I rem. cops and them fake ass bikers who ran a poor woman off the road in the 80s cause they were sexually harassing her:

had this look of happiness like “I joined the club” (NAH AH BITCH ☝?) LETTING ME KNOW SHE SOME TYPE OF GOVERNMENT OP – tried to attach herself to me for a min till I recognised what she was and ran HER up the street (I hate white bitches anyways so it’s easy for me to do ?) and now I got her looking like the Crypt Keeper, like this white bitch here from a Tales From The Crypt episode:

And that woman despite her age WAS AGING BEAUTIFULLY before she crossed me…..

It explains why I been aging in reverse after all….


Ya’ll sent this mofo in a blue van who worked for the fire department, putting out forest fires (who was supposed to do LYFE for raping and killing KIDS he low key told me while HE THOUGHT I was too drunk to understand ?) to cozy to me. That didn’t ‘woke ✊?

Then you got this ANCIENT senile bitch (who was back during the Age of Queen of Nefertiti and before then, the Age of the Dinosaurs) who owns a farm and got this red truck who tried to give me a shirt THEN tried to cozy up to me (after I ‘woked him):

– Imma re ‘woke his azz and put something on his ass to kill his farm animals…. ?⚔

THEN when that don’t work ya’ll cozy up to even the BIGGEST POS’S like the rednecks (who I saw thru VARIOUS visions – they also were close to the RejuvOhm bitch ?) to fuck with me…. like that hurts me.

I had whole visions on they asses. Imma have to do a whole (organic) portal on them:

Fruit bat bitch another one with that fruit truck (I heard some shit about they ass from reliable sources and I SWEAR the Greek dude who be selling the fruits on the rocky side of the PCH is driving the vehicle used by them wetbacks to run over my foot)….

Even the number “71” showed up while regenerating this witch ??‍♀️ in numerology for me means “justice”. ♎??

Hear a Cuban shaman calling em out, saying that Greek guy may have had something to do with the murder of a homeless lady they hired (they tried hiring my ass to possibly set me up as part of a ritual but couldn’t) and how SHE SAW they use homeless women in sacrificial rituals at a ranch house in the valley….

I noticed too for a while that if I parked around Topanga – even though she usually DON’T WORK THE WEEKDAYS – AS SOON AS I PARKED HERE, SHE WOULD PARK, TOO – AND PARK HER CAR RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY CAR while at times – as I’d overhear – discussing with other Malibu residents about how to bring about my downfall.

I see her ass SICK NOW ? ✊? ‘Woke

NOW THAT I REMEMBER, THE OTHER FUCKING NIGHT I HEARD a white dude who sounded like Bill Paxton throwing iron palletes and the way he and a coupla other people sounded it was like they were sneakily tossing away a dead body and when I spoke, I heard “Bill Paxton” say, “She mentally unstable” which is organic portal talk for attempting to gaslight:

I noticed her car parked right across the street from me just like what I talked about:

Now, the morning after she came her ass up with this STRONG reptilian demonic energy, saying she heard what she thought to be a “crazy homeless person shouting.” That’s all I need to know that those people are no good!

Let’s not begin to EXPOSE how the public works people had been holding a dog CAPTIVE for DOG FIGHTS as I expose here:

I peep in the past the public ‘wokes people ILLEGALLY letting her in to use their facility for storage for her private fruit biz:

They one big dysfunctional ass fucked up ass family out here and I’m here to fuck shit up ???


That’s why I don’t like nor care for these mofos out here! I hate they asses too. Feeling mutual ??????

I’m antisocial. I don’t wanna be part of ya’ll shit. From now on I don’t care how nice you are if you are a Malibu local (I’ll sense it) I throw shit at you, swing on you (dare me) and run your ass up the street, all your presents and all. I don’t want to be bothered. You will not bother me.

I remember when I exposed another Mitrice Richardson where a young white woman was being held captive, the gangstalking mofos in Malibu showed so much disdain towards me letting me KNOW ya’ll some evil bitches:

Third Eye Shows Me Red Haired Dude Involved In Mitrice Richardson’s Death Holding Woman Hostage In Basement In An Old Mansion In Malibu

Ya’ll need a really good fucking ‘woke.

Ya’ll got ALOT of fucking evil shit ya’ll be doing in hiding. I ain’t bringing death ☠ to ya’ll mofos for nothing….

Ya’ll be getting away WITH ALOT OF SHIT! I see things in the spiritual realm about ya’ll ALL THE TIME!

That’s why I’m here: to fuck ya’ll up for it!

I fight fire with fire (or worse).

I recall a dude who I won’t say telling me that when the s(ch)itty be planning on doing shit to me – IT BLOWS UP IN THEIR FACE ??? – they lose relatives, all sorts of shit.

That’s why ya’ll can’t beg me for mercy (which is what ya’ll are really doing) when ya’ll tell me to be on the peace love and hippie shit cause I see past that bullshit and I am here to fuck you up.

I recall when I first moved out here – before I saw it – you shady bitches knew my power and (in traditional white-entitled tone) tried to condescend, TELLING me how to be and next thing ya’ll know ya’ll got them forest fires ‘woke. Ya’ll knew what the fuck ya’ll were dealing with from then on cause ya’ll stopped posting on here with your cowardly hatefull asses:

I remember in the shelter a girl, a Seer, telling me I represented death ☠.

That’s why none of ya’ll bullshit ‘wokes on me ☠ That’s why in Miracle Mile, when I lived there, going topless, shiiiid rents were going UP! I sense death out here. That’s cause I’m the motherfucker making that happen.

That’s why from the bicyclists I be seeing everyday, to the bikers (NOT the 1% but the bourgeois ole wealthy mofos who be riding on mopeds thinking they fucking “Easy Rider”) to the bicylists (ESP. THEIR ASS) to the fucking firemen….

I don’t like you. I don’t wanna be you fucking friend. I recall a dude recently telling me that folks don’t “understand” me (….so they can understand ny weakness). I don’t give a fuck about that. I’m here to ‘woke ya and that’s that.

Now that I think about it, makes sense why I did this here:

In voodoo and other spirituals spraying of alcohol is a big thing (this was a while back btw).

Also, while making this video two organic portal heauxz approach to change my mibd about ‘wokeing Malibu in revenge for what they did to Mitrice Richardson:

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