Seeing Into Alternate Timeline Where My Parents Woulda Got Divorced Had I Gone To De La Salle



I ‘woked these two bitches. That’s why their reactions towards me done changed and they are more respectful.

That’s why I got a problem with people having a problem with me practising black magick and ‘wokeing people: I use black magic to keep mofos in line and I’ll ‘woke the mofos, too, who got a problem with it!

That being said, early this morning, I was in the astral realm, chilling in my car and then, next thing you know, I decided that instead of staying in my car where I can’t spread my legs (lol I know that sound wrong), I decided to stay in this sorta mosuleum shopping mall like place (felt like a morgue, which is symbolic) that had a chandelier at the front in the ceiling, marble floors, and this big oak wooden custom crafted bench where I put a white sheet and sleep. I recall going in it cause I was under the impression that it was for the homeless in Malibu (lol) and it was in the forest area where I chill.

That being said, come early in the morning, an older bald white dude wearing a gray suite, with a mustache (kinda looking like the monopoly man) throws the white blanket off of me, and a brown haired Cleopatra styled hairdo wearing white woman wearing a white blouse underneath a grey suite tells me as I confront her that I gotta leave (it seems she owned a candy shop there).

So, outta fear of the cops showing – I leave and walk into like this park celebration/party event with tables and people all over and I can hear mainly BITCHES talking about, “I hate her,” etc. (kiss my black ass ??) and then, what stood out was a young white dude wearing a blue and white striped dress shirt (with blue dominating) and brown dress pants saying, “I like her, leave her alone” while the heauxs was talking shit. He threw a snickers in my direction and so, feeling mad uncomfortable cause of the energy of hate and rejection I overwhelmingly felt over there, I left and then, when I exited thru the door, I was at the Beverly Centre (not too far from where I lived in Miracle Mile), wondering where to go next!

It’s amazing the shit that your dreams, the astral really, can show you!

Speaking of which, this a demon-angel/angel on this dude’s car (my cards say protector tho.):

Here is the original:

Now, a Cuban shaman once taught me that when you see that, it is a higher dimensional entity making itself known in the 3D thru the manipulation of light and shadow.

You got dumbasses (mainly wide feaulk) who will say it’s some corny shit like paredolia – nah bitch, it’s real and it is an entity trying to make it’s presence known! Now onto the real shit!

This timeline keeps having a way of trying to manifest itself to me, and make known certain things.

Anyone who follows my blog, vlogs know that I ALWAYS wonder how my life woulda turned out had I gone to De La Salle. I’ve seen glimpses, in dreams, in the astral and I am not so sure now if I would have wanted to go down that trek. I know the alternate me wouldn’t of wanted to go down my path ?

That being said, I got thrown a curve ball last night – I didn’t see this shit coming, a direct consequence of going to that school.

I was in my childhood home with my father, brothers, but it seemed that my dad had moved this white woman in who wore glasses, who looked alot like Susan Smith (she looked like Boy George with a 5 head) who killed her kids in ’97:


Anyways…. this woman was a nice, matronly woman. I rem. the whole entire time asking my dad “Why did you get on with her?”, “Why you let this white woman in?”. I didn’t like her cause I wanted my mom back and I was plotting to try to run this wide bisch off.

This is why I had abortions.

I now realise that that chemistry teacher who told me to “Drop the English accent” did me a solid. What she said low key opened my spiritual abilities, which I had been praying for up until that moment. It also did something where – I think this is more the satanism tho (me and her were both satanists) than anything: it did something to rearrange my emotional composition because, when I was a kid, I won’t lie, even then I showed signs of psychotic obsessiveness and possessiveness towards the opposite sex.

I would get EXTREMELY possessive and obsessive towards the stars I had a crush on where I would obsessively read the tv guide to see when they would be on, THE ENTIRE FUCKING THING and even get very needy and obsessive with friends I would make in school and, when I would get rejected, I would be CRUSHED!

That Argentinian dude, the one who called himself pining for me in 2012 to steal my energy, said no lies when he said I would be the type who, if in a relationship, if a dude cheated on me, I would chase him down, stalk him and cut his dick off.

That’s how I was like: obsessive, possessive and almost marrying my identity into someone else’s, which is dangerous.

That is why I rue (and ‘woke) mofos telling me to be someone’s wife, like I did to Gardener Earth Guy:

Gardener Earth Guy If You Keep Telling Me To Be A Wife Imma Take Your Sons Out With ‘Woke

That’s why I ‘woked this nigger bitch (with a nigger name), named Nayshaka Lee – talking about – on my video where I talk of aborting a basturd – that that lil basturd would be “the sun.” Bitch, I AM THE SUN! Who the fuck you think you talking to, telling me someone should take my place, esp. when I ain’t finished my biz.

Enjoy those sleep paralysis demons, NIGGER (and watch the demonic robotoids otherwise known as the organic portal vessels for Quetzalcoatl’s people otherwise known as the wetback takes this to mean that I am somehow on good terms with their wetback asses and that they can do back to spicking and spaning on me)!

That being said, all this shit – wholesale means – that I am meant to walk the path I am living now. I ain’t meant to have no fucking kids cause I ain’t got the emotional, mental constitution to have (to endure) any lil basturds! I’m a selfish mofo. I concede this! I ain’t meant to be someone’s wife cause I’d end up in prison if I were.

That is why it is important to know yourself. Shit happens like this when you don’t:

That’s why I don’t fuck with me unless they bringing me mo-nay ? and “business” direct:

I know me, I know my personality, I know my limits, what I will tolerate.

I talk about all this cause, seeing that timeline, no way in fucking hell am I gonna serve as a man’s broadmare vessel (like George Carlin), and bring some keeds into the worl and have him dump me without support.

You gotta me, mofo, I want that alimony!

The other day I was looking at how that racist Machine Gun Kelly is hooking up with a white woman after using a BLACK WOMAN’S BODY to have lil half bred basturd keeds to produce his keeds – that he is taking in to raise – while not giving shit to that black woman who banged and beat up HER body to have his half bred basturds!

Not me!

I got a banging fucking body. If I wasn’t me, I’d fuck myself!

No way Imma let a man tie me down, use me as his vessel to carry on his seed then dump me, no way!

Imma cut his dick off!

Go girl!

That’s the type of mofo that I am. So those paths ain’t for me. They ain’t meant to be.

That is why I say EVERYBODY needs to go on a spiritual journey and get to know themselves, and I mean beyond the machinations of your controlled social life, status, job titles and shit!

Like I asked this hispanic dude who, when I was working as a prostitute (still am), and was begging to see me by telling me his credentials, I said to him: “Who the fuck are you at the end of the day without that job?” That’s the question!

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