The Reptilian Seeds of Quetzalcoatl Are Meant To Keep Us In A Low Vibratory State

This looks power-full ????

They keep proving me right….

UPDATE Just now, I am recognizing I SAY NO FUCKING LIES! I just saw those demon ass WETBACKS pass by in cars in an intimidating manner, with one calling me a “bitch” not too long after I dropped this article! This means that everything I said is THE TRUTH and they are trying to get me to suppress speaking the truth, which I won’t (I will ‘woke they ass if need be, even collectively)
AND that they are working towards fucking up my spiritual development cause, as I said, they are the long arm enforcers for the reptilians, just as their cartels are (and I will KEEP exposing em cause that there showed me all I needed to know). It’a like they wanna take my light ? (and my ability to awaken others) cause that is what their REAL bosses, the reptilians, want for humanity! I am just learning more and more shid about em!

Funny, my cards show Ace of Swords after putting this out there:

I never want to return to that dark emotionless void, where I couldn’t really share laughter, etc. where my soul was trapped aka suppressed to for a very long time….


I refuse to let anything make me!

I also want to say this as well: a young lady who is a Seer once said that when she saw Goddess Kali-fornia on the astral map it was colored by the root chakra while Afrika is colored by the crown chakra. That is why we get attacked!

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