Chasing My Rapist

Here is this mofo’s license plate:

California license plate #5SVE309

He goes by William Smith and claims he from Chicago, which is interestingly the same name of a Kennedy who raped numerous women in Chicago.

There is something evil protecting his ass cause I can’t spiritually do SHIT to get him!

That being said, here is the video I took after all this happened:


Looking in hindsight (cause at first since I couldn’t see the license plate I didn’t know if it was his ass or not and the car would pass at night making me wonder whether it was him or not and trauma will make you paranoid), I noticed for awhile that is this basturd would pass by my car and recently, again, looking in hindsight, park behind my car like he was ready to do something.

Based on my astral visions and what I’ve seen with my third eye he is some type of serial killer of women:


– And my cards confirm it! And it is funny that this sneaky bastard only shows – as if he has a sixth sense like alot of other predatory ass dudes who have come my way – when I am drunk.

This time I caught up to his ass while sober.

This me chasing him:


I don’t fuck around!

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