What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Edit: Alot of people think this the bitch who did it; this whyte bytch!

Years ago, back in 2009, a young black womyn went missing…. Mitrice Richardson


No, she wasn’t a Trayvon Martin, or another lil nigger thug (not saying Trayvon is) named Michael Brown who beat up on a store security clerk and somehow got the adulation (and well deserved jeers) of the public for being a lil nigger thug and causing a strong armed robbery and so thus causing his own demise….  

No, she wasn’t any of these pieces of shit (saving Trayvon, cause in my mind’s eye he really was NOT a piece of shit unlike so many young black males who – alongside white femails – get the adulation of the nigger and crackazoid audience simply because they fit into the box of being “young black and male” and killed by the po po while white womyn are seen as being in need of perpetual rescue, so they get fitted into these boxes and so thus their cases receive nationwide publicity!).

No, she was a young black womyn and unfortunately America does not care about the lives of young black femails….

On top of that, she was lesbian too and you know how homophobic the nigger community is with regards to these things…  http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2011/05/don_lemon_yes_the_black_community_is_homophobic.html



Yeah, this old white bitch had that baby child’s NEAR her porn ranch…steeped in a ravine. And the stupid ass cops (we KNOW you bitches – ahem, “in our opinion” just to skirt around fucking DEFAMATION LAWS) know WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED – but you bitches won’t say, stupidasses…  


style=”color: #000000;”>Anyways, here is my 35 minute video I did on this REAL LIFE CATASTROPHE which ain’t barely got any media and/ or press attention cause PRESUMABLY, IN MY OPINION, Dr. Ronda Hampton didn’t play the “race card” so thus they dissolved the case and nobody CARED which is a FUCKING SHAME how America is run (If I were to die, I wouldn’t want anybody playing the race card on my behalf as well since I am racist towards EVERYONE – gooks, spics, niggers, the whole niggers, and don’t forget cavebeasts, otherwise known as crackers – yes, you have heard it right, everyone has pissed me off at some point so I hate everyone – except the jews, and I am part Jewish 😀  

Anyways, here is a timeline of events:   She was taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s after failing to pay her bill at Geoffrey’s Restaurant and seemingly “acting crazy” – you now how crackazoid beasts get whenever blacks display even the slightest amount of emotion beyond “yes sir” or “yes ma’am”, they take that to mean the “niggerz is acting crazy” – and so thus need the police were called.  


Now, instead of taking a presumably 51/50 mental patient to a fucking HOSPITAL, why the fuck are they gonna take this girl to the local Malibu Sheriff’s station where they don’t have the resources to treat her…  

Lost Hills Malibu Sheriff's Station



Now, the next thing that occurred is late in the night, her grandmother got wind of the incident after they called from Geoffrey’s Restaurant – the staff that is – cause Geoffrey’s wanted their money and that is why they called the cops in the first place (poor child couldn’t pay her bill and was sent to jail  – not cause she was acting crazy – and p.s. not paying your restaurant bill is a CITABLE – not a JAILABLE – offense as said by the father of Mitrice Richardson, Michael Richardson!). So, after the grandmother got wind, that is when she called Mitrice’s mom, Latrice Sutton, who then subsequently called the sheriff’s station where Mitrice was being held captive against her will and was told to come back in the morning and that they would “take care of her overnight” (here is a youtube video which you can click here showing the timeline of events)…


Now, as to what they meant by “take care of her overnight”, we don’t really know for certain what they meant when they said “take care of her overnight” cause what we DO know or at least heard from neighbors, such as this man here who the police out there in Malibu were trying to put on trumped up charges for Mitrice’s death, said that two days later after she went missing, he heard a scream emanating from the canyon below it seemed, from the Monte Nido neighborhood where he says she was last seen over at Bill Smith’s house, who he says as you will see in the tape below he saw in their driveway – NOT in the backyard where he, Bill Smith, claimed she was “resting” – arguing with someone about something. He talks about it all here….

You can buy BOTH vids here [purchase_link id=”28862″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

Anyways, many neighbors from what I was informed of along with Dr. Ronda Hampton, stated hearing a scream come from inside a large house in the monte nido neighborhood 2 days after Mitrice went missing….  

Dr Ronda Hampton, attempting to bring media coverage to the case...
Dr Ronda Hampton, attempting to bring media coverage to the case…

Now, why the fuck was her body found a year later in a deep ravine where you would have to have access to SUZY- FUCKING – RANDALL’S PROPERTY to get too…where marijuana growers for fucking cartels do their business….it’s kinda fucked up…   On top of it, to make matters worse, the sheriff’s (deliberately, IMO) skirted past that same Monte Nido neighborhood and did NOT scour it for a year and when the body was found they – the sheriff’s – went ahead and tampered with it and a particular bone that indicates that someone was strangled was missing as well…there are so many pieces to this puzzle that are missing – but somewhat whole if you have eyes to see and ears to hear – that it ain’t even funny…it’s sad and tragic.  


Now, for more sad and tragic shit, it was discovered, actually, two separate “psychics” – people with no relation to each other – informed me and Dr. Ronda Hampton the same vision: They saw her in a large house (remember, neighbors reported hearing screams come from a large house in the Monte Nido neighborhood 2 days after she, Mitrice, went missing?) in which she was being held in bondage – like, literally s&m, where she was tied up and placed in LONG, EXHAUSTIVE POSITIONS FOR HOURS ON END….this was fucking tragic.  

Monte Nido






NOW, for the kicker, the two psychic ladies said they saw a 1) White womyn with long, dark hair and 2) A lil white boy (well, man, but still) with red hair, which kinda fits when you think of the mural right here:  

Taken from bringmitricehome.com
Taken from bringmitricehome.com








Inside a McMansion in the Monte Nido neighborhood! Basically, we all presume (IMO) this dark haired, raven-haired Eastern European aesthetic womyn to be:  Bonnie Chermak Bonnie Chermak (look, she even has a Eastern European name). See if the glove fits…


The interesting thing about Bonnie Chermak is that she has a law office next door to Suze Randall – that old white bitch as I mentioned earlier in the story. She is also rumoured (can’t confirm whether this is true or false) to be into bondage, and S&M and that neighbors even jumped on her about it when they saw droves of guys (can we say HOOKER [?]) coming to her abode in the Monte Nido neighborhood! Bonnie Chermak is a pro tem judge who fucked over Monqiue Lukens after she was chased down by a Los Angeles Sheriff’s dep named Wizenfeld who was trying to – presumably (IMO) do some FUCKED UP SHIT TO HER OUT THERE LATE AT NIGHT BY TRYING TO GET HER TO PULL OVER IN A DARKENED AREA and though local laws protect especially a young womyn’s right to park in a lit area at night when they get pulled over by cops, Bonnie Chermak refused to recognize that right. I wonder why?

There are so many stories and tales and wrong turns to this story, I just don’t know what to really make of it, but here is what I SPECULATE IN MY HUMBLE OPINION:   I think that, having been someone who worked in adult films as well as currently working in the sex trade on my own, I THINK and this is my humble opinion, too, but Mitrice Richardson was used in a snuff film in which Bonnie Chermak worked in tandem with Suze Randall..

Here’s why I think this: See, porn ain’t making no money like it used to. Many of these bitches and niggerz who do it nowadays gotta supplement their incomes by either hoeing (that is “hooking” for all you old cats out there) OR ahem, ahem, “snuff”, underground shit cause how the fuck is VIVID AND ALL THESE PORN STUDIOS ABLE TO STAY OPEN with all the free SHIT ie “porn” available on the world wide web:  

(I think we gonna need to do some research on the “deep wide web” for this, you know, the part of the internet not indexed by Google 🙂 Assholes).

Please runexplainthat? Also, it doesn’t help that this hoe got an office literally right next to Suze Randall as told to me by an unnamed source who I wish NOT to identify (due to the sensitive nature of this case, I don’t want anybody getting killed, but whoever told me this – if you wish to get credit, I can alter that). Yep, she got a law office right next to Suze Randall’s porn office. And Bonnie Chermak is an ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER AT THAT – oh noes (porn, snuff – right? Many big clients would pay top MONEY for that shit, sick fucks!).

Bonnie Chermak's law office - located at 26500 Agoura Rd Calabasas, CA 91302 - which is the same address as where Suze's porn studio is located, which is right next door
Bonnie Chermak’s law office – located at 26500 Agoura Rd Calabasas, CA 91302 – which is the same address as where Suze’s porn studio is located, which is right next door


Suze Randall's porn office - notice it shares the SAME ADDRESS as Bonnie Chermak's "law office"! 26500 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302
Suze Randall’s porn office – notice it shares the SAME ADDRESS as Bonnie Chermak’s “law office”! 26500 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302









Shit, tsk, tsk, something ain’t adding up right (well, it is, but not for the fight reason cause something is far off, WAYYYY OFF!).    Anyways, cause she ain’t Shawn Bell, Trayvon Martin, NIGGER ASS MICHAEL FUCING BROWN, cause she isn’t a young black male shot dead by the cops – we ain’t gonna hear about it. Deuces and keep her memory alive:

Mitrice Richardson Pic


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