Artwork for Sale

The reason I am selling images in the form pf prints instead of begging you for your hard earned cash like most activists sites do is because I feel like it s best to do something in exchange for the money, give you something worthwhile that you will like and that I will be proud of instead of e-begging for change, like some people do online. It works out best for you and it works out best for me at the end pf the day and we both go home HAPPY! 😀


The prints go for @ $25 and only in sizes of 8*11in (no other sizes available) with shipping and handling charges added (won’t be too much, maybe $3 more for standard shipping via usps).



Here is my copyright policy: steal my shit and I will hunt you down and beat your ass and end up in jail for it! No butts! I don’t fuck around. Don’t steal my shit, and we’re cool. Do steal my shit; fuck the law or the copyright office; I’M GONNA COME FUCK YOU UP WITH INTEREST IN TERMS OF ASS WHIPPINGS and not the legal kind, either 😀


Get it? Anyways, on a serious note there is a no refund policy;. What you see is what you get so there will be no going back on the sale! ALL SALES ARE FINAL!


The paper used will be regular ole picture paper, actually professional photo paper designed to make your images last a long time.



I am actually a very nice person; I don’t bite! JUST DON’T STEAL MY SHIT! Good day!

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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