Bank of America Discriminates Against Topless Female and LAPD Called and the Unruh Act

Okay, see this shit I have talked about long before in the past and will continue to talk about NOW:  

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This is all about rape, rape victim blame and male domination of womyn’s and other femail’s (little girls) bodies for men’s reproductive benefit! As one of the male misogynist cops in this video expressed to me, “They are different”, with regards to my asking him about the displaying of my breasts and then stating it is NO DIFFERENT than a man’s, he then turned around and said that as a rebuttal – which dove tails into our rape culture: the unwitting and mass sexualization of womyn’s bodies against OUR WILLS for men’s reproductive benefit so ultimately they can have control of creation via controlling our bodies; which creates so they can lay claim to saying that they are the progenitors or in other words creators of humanity, hence WHY they give credit to  a male deity: God …for creation of life on this Earth instead of who it rightfully belongs with ie womyn! Black Womban Is God As a matter of fact, I wear the Eye of Wadjet as a protection symbol on my arm: 282687_667027285223_1462452068_n   …WITH the 5 star pentagram around it which means WOMYN; with womyn being the “5TH ELEMENT (think back to the 90’s film of the same name and tell me this doesn’t represent womban?) The womyn is the sun and the man is the moon and with that said all this shit about: “Womyn can’t be sexual creatures, blah blah blah, need a permit to show breasts or are wrong for getting an abortion (it’s OUR bodies and that thing’s a [PARASITE] – no different than a fucking virus – until it becomes viable and leaves our fucking bodies!)”, “Womyn are sluts (while men are great) for sleeping out of wedlock and sleeping around with as many sex partners as possible”, or the old patriarchal adage that a baby is a BASTARD unless it is claimed by a father and his name via wedlock – all of these are patriarchal forms of control designed by men to use to justify taking our bodies against our wills for their reproductive benefit by using as an excuse your showing your body off and their overt sexualization and objectification of your body to justify laying “claim” ie through RAPE or other tactics of sexualization of unwitting femail bodies such as street harassment, sexual harassment as an excuse, a launching pad to justify having unjustified access to your body, our bodies, against our wills – which brings me to my next point: Topless Thumb   About my breasts:   They are NOT sexual inherently in nature. As a sex worker who has seen a WHOLE LOTTA OF MEN – whites, hispanics, asians, all in between (except black men: I AM NOT physically attracted to em. I have been that way since I was a little kid and my parent’s first noticed at 2 years of age when I could talk and express my sexual as well as lustful desires, attractions but only in baby talk, lol) I can tell you how many men – especially WHITE (they were the ones who started this whole slut shaming, overt sexualization of womyn’s bodies BS {Take into account slavery how they thought when they came to Africa as well as North America – the indigenous continent of blacks as I have stated and shown here – well, they used OUR nudity as Black Americans AND as Africans to use to justify raping and savagely killing us, all the while ironically calling US savages in the process for being “nude” – smdh) – GET OFF ON HAVING THEIR NIPPLES LICKED! Yes, the breasts CAN be an erogenous zone for some people, just as my armpit hair has been seen to be “erogenous” for some Raven Licks Hairy Armpits     or just as those of us out their like to get them licked upon or better yet the pervasive nibbling of people’s earlobes by their partners – that is erotic in and of itself. Woman Nibbles on Man's Ear     The point I am trying to make is just because the public overtly sensationalizes it and sees it as being “sexual” does not make it sexual inherently so and that is the problem with our RAPE CULTURE – the unwarranted fetishization and overt sexualization without womyn’s permissions of our bodies and so thus the unwelcoming products are street harassment, even so far as RAPE which is used as a tactic of violence to justify taking the unwarranted access of a womyn’s body against her will by using excuses like: “Well, she was wearing a short miniskirt at night” or as I have gotten in the past when I looked more “exotic”: 3775_528211413343_3632200_n “Well, we can’t stop men going after pretty girls” as told to me bye a FEMALE L.A.P.D. Sgt., Sgt. Sanderson (with internalized misogyny syndrome) of the 77th Division after I explained to her that the man who called claiming I had a “gun” was a guy who I had let go of earlier through rejection of his sexual ADVANCES after he had continued to STREET HARASS ME WHILE WE WERE BOTH DRIVING, NEARLY DAMN NEAR ABOUT TO IMPACT MY FUCKING CAR AND RUN ME OFF THE ROAD ALL THE WHILE WHILE STARING AND SAYING SOME COO COO SHIT TO ME WHILE WE WERE BOTH DRIVING (I told him to “FUCK OFF” and yes I am proud of myself).   Well, that is what happens in a patriarchy – which is why I am doing this and hope to get my message across.   See, there is something, a little piece of legislation called the Unruh Act, which I will explain later where, regardless of gender, race, creed, etc. YOU HAVE TO TREAT ALL PEOPLE EQUALLY! So if you let a topless male in so thus you must let TOPLESS FEMALES IN AS WELL OR FACE DISCRIMINATORY RETALIATION IN THE FORM OF A”LAWSUIT”! Now, I am not sure if it were a Bank of America patron or the guy in the parking lot as shown on tape who called but what I AM SURE is is that the cops rolled up. I have gone to that atm countless times topless, well, with pasties and this time sans them so I am not really sure behind the motivation behind why the parking lot attendant would call on me when he has seen me with nude colored pasties, in some cases BARELY COVERING MY NIPPLES – before. All I know is that the P.IG.S. showed the fuck up, when all this time they have been keeping a low profile since I filed a lawsuit in federal court against a few P.I.G.S who violated my civil rights, which will be discussed later on as well!   Due to this, they have been keeping mum and don’t fuck with me, which makes me beg the question: why is it that when Officer Roditis rolled out the car, he tod me to put on a t-shirt? Or why is it that the officer, the lil spank baby head spic mofo, Marquez, told me that “{sic: breasts] They are different” after I told him that they are not and asked would they show up if I were a man topless? Why is it that they mentioned that I did nothing wrong, with one of em saying that some random guy called (possibly) and another saying the BANK ITSELF CALLED (which I kinda don’t believe)? When it comes down to citizens calling so far, they haven’t been showing up so why would they show for this? Even with pasties when I have ventured into stores, I am quite certain they would get calls – but no one would respond, so why for this? Also, those bitches were LAUGHING when I left! Also, why all fucking MALES were there with Officer Roditis stating: “We just wanted to talk to you” whie LAUGHING (well, actually smirking, ignorant ass mofo)!   Anyways, all this shit happened the other day and just strenghtened my resolve to push through with the Unruh Act and declare my right to go into businesses – which is what the Unruh Acts states I have the right to – topless any time they don’t have a policy of “No shirt, no service!”. After all, as I stated before, breasts are NOT inherently SEXUAL; so why are you – the public, really, the PATRIARCHY, making them sexual against MY will, like a rapist?

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