Second Incident of Harassment by Officer Goldberg After Filing Lawsuit Against LAPD


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I noticed that, right after the Bank of America incident, which you can see right here, I have had a second encounter with the LAPD in which numerous times the PD officer on the scene, Officer Goldberg (badge No. 36672) told me that:

1) They showed up for a naked lady (nasty ass)
2) That he was going to call the Department of Transportation to render me a ticket (LAPD is authorized to do that themselves)
3) He claims I believe that he got a call from a civilian yet my neighbor down the hall noted that she saw a PARKING AUTHORITY CAR parked right across the street from my car and that he was talking on the phone and that is when an LAPD suv AND a sheriff’s processor (not too long after the LAPD SUV left) showed up!

…Also of note that when my neighbor spoke to them and asked if she should come and fetch me, the LAPD officer, Officer Nguyen (badge No. 41368), replied: “We will get her on our own time” which sounded very ominous and prompted her to go and fetch me.

Later on, a parking authority enforcement member DID show up, telling me to playfully “put on a shirt” – I didn’t like that while saying afterwards, “I am sorry (for looking at your breasts)” and drove off and did not give me a ticket! He was cool! But anyways…

Something really weird, something really off is going on here…I had been working on my car for the past couple of days. Fuck it, I had been doing oil changes ON THE STREET so why are they harassing me NOW for working on my car (for which I had no place to go) on the street?

This jives with the next video I have to tell ya, a foreboding video about precognition and the LAPD based on a dream (better yet, a NIGHTMARE I had about them a while back!).

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