Foreboding Nightmare About LAPD, Drugs and Murder

My friend had the first dream, and I had two of the same one twice in a row…

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The cosmic universe is telling me something…I believe that when you dream, you go into parallel universes, etc. However, your dreams can be a precognitive thought into the realm of what is going to happen to you in the future, hence the term “precognition” where you can see something before it takes place. That is what I feel both dreams, rather, NIGHTMARES that is is telling me…


I have always had somewhat psychic premonitions and I know when things are going to happen, for instance, when I was once falsely arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s then arrested a second time, my intuition just kinda “died” on me and I couldn’t feel a thing – neither good or bad – letting me know that what was about to transpire was meant to take place. I always follow my intuition to a t and I just hope that this was just another dream and not a precognitive scene waiting to turn into reality. I also notice as of late that I have been witnessing a lot more “deja vu” – another sign!! Also, the fact it occurred in THREES is very significant as three is a very famous number in numerology, very significant one, which you can read more about here!


The resemblance between the two dreams – drugs and murder – are just too uncanny. I explain in more depth in the video. Go watch it!

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