Black Americans are the True Natives of America

Black Americans are the True Natives of America

This a pic of Oprah from the Color Purple side by side with a SOUTHEAST ASIAN WOMAN

Tell me I’m lying….

20140704_11213720140704_11212620140704_112207Happy topless 4th of July!! Here are some pics of me during the 4th of July! Don’t I just look like I belong in a “bush”, lol!







I just wanna take the time, the day out to say THANKS to this “great” country of ours, for lifting the land from up under our feet and doing what they did to us, which is deny our history as well as put us in chains AND rape us of our land!

See, us black Americans are indigenous to this land; we were the first set of feet found on this land; not too long ago, well, actually, in the distant past, a couple of ships from West Africa (not of the slave atlantic slave trade variety which I will explain to you in a minute is too PREPOSTEROUS to be believed as the sole source of bringing us over here) came over here and landed over here! See, the tribes who we know of today, the Wasihtaw (visit their page here for more info), cherokee, alot of these people WERE BLACK and still are cause the descendants live in YOU AND ME:


Black Native Mojave



Image taken from here: AfricansInTheAmericas website showing a true indigenous MOJAVE way before the yellow “Asian Invasion”! 

Let me explain!


Alright, I did a dna test a while back based on 23andme, which you can see here below:


dna black americans are not from Africa Now when I got the rests (as you can read/ see right above) they came back 53.3% OF MY DNA MISSING ON conservative mode (which is 90% confidence)! Now, tell me how can that be! They state that they have a hard time tracing back the lineage of so called “Native Americans” who crossed the bering strait and Subsaharan African, but explain  why they were able to find that small, infinitesimal amount of 14% of subsaharan in me, and find that 30% of white blood in me YET THEY CAN’T FIND THE MAJORITY AT 53.3%?? WTF! Here is why….


It’s a conspiracy:

Its A Conspiracy Dude


For real, here is why!


I went and did some research on other Black Americans and other groups and started turning up with the fact that it was primarily BLACK AMERICANS – no other group, not even subsaharan Africans – who had a MAJORITY OF THEIR DNA MISSING!

Black Natives


Why is that? Proof is that WE ARE THE INDIGENOUS NATIVES TO AMERICA, THE FIRST BLACK AMERICANS, THE REAL ONES and that is what they are trying to COVER UP!

Now, I am not saying this to be a militant but it pisses me off to the core when you are lied to in your history book and taught that you are a slave and that the majority of your dna (as DISPROVED BY MY OWN DNA TEST) is from subsaharan Africa when, in fact, it was COSTLY, as this video so vividly describes:

(cont.)…to bring over blacks from Africa since they had to have butt plugs plugged inside their orifices (just to keep their bodily fluids from messing up the hull of the ship) and forced to stay in one single, solitary position, which actually lead to the death of a reporter many years before. Thus, it is preposterous to think that a majority of us are from Africa when it was more costly to haul us from over there due to the loss of life so prevalent on those slave ships.

Thus, to prove my point, they enslaved US over here, on our own soil; America soil – hence the old Malcolm X adage (“We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock LANDED ON US!”)

Many of OUR people were enslaved right over here, on our OWN SOIL because it was cheaper and we were over here already!

American Black Slaves


This would, as dna tests would say – if they were honest – put us at a genetic distance from Africans in that Asiatic Africans – the ones we are part of hence our very so called “mixed up” looking features – were part of the 1st MIGRATIONAL WAVE OUT OF AFRICA, WITH WHITES BEING THE SECOND (hence why their bone structure and looks tend to look more similar to Africans). If you look at Black Americans vs Africans from west africa (which is where we are SUPPOSED to be from, such as the Ivory Coast, etc.) we look more like POLYNESIANS (THE INDIGENOUS, REAL ONES), Melanesians, the Ati of the Philippines and other indigenous black folks around the world in those areas – the pacific islands and southeast (and even northern – such as japan – Asia like the Ainu of Japan) Asia. In many of these places, blacks were the indigenous settlers of these lands until we got supplanted by the chinese and other foreign elements of “whiter looking” Asians when they came and invaded our lands…(the genetic mutation for white as well as the “yellow” skin as can be seen in lighter skinned asians occurred 20,000 years ago as can be read in this article here).

Here is a diaphragm showing the respective “migrational” waves outta Africa:

2nd migrational wave out of africa


Now, if black people were really as mixed up due to rape of our ancestors, then we would look more like the people of Cape Verde:

Cape Verdeans


Instead of like these two ladies:

Torres Strait Pacific Islanders


PS those two ladies up above are from Thursday Island, which is part of a chain of Islands in the South Pacific comprising Torres Strait Islands and they are Torres Strait Islanders (just do a google image check for proof 😉


I talk more indepth about this in a youtube video, which you can see below:

Also, look at some pics of me, Oprah Winfrey and another black civil and statesman (might as well), Martin Luther King. Compare OUR features to those of Africans then compare our features to West Africans – who tend to have protruding, albeit beautiful cheekbones – meanwhile we got the high cheekbones stereotypical of “Native Americans” that the white man wants you to think are Native Americans. Look at how asiatic, polynesian our eyes are…you can not get this from crackers, no matter how you cut it!


Raven In Car Martin Luther King Oprah Winfrey









Now here are some West Africans:

West African 2 West African 3















Now, here are some Polynesians, Melanesians, Micronesians, Southeast Asians (one who you will notice looks like Oprah Winfrey) and other Pacific Islanders:

Polynesians 7 Polynesians




Melanesian 1 Melanesian 2 Melanesian Girl Melanesian Guy Melanesian Man Melanesian NEW CALEDONIA












Torres Strait Pacific Islander 4 Torres Strait Pacific Islander 3 Torres Strait Pacific Islander 2 Pacific Islander































There you have it, folks! WE AIN’T FROM NO FUCKING AFRICA! We are from right here in the good ole U.S. of BS A., which was STOLEN and usurped from up under us – along with our history – right underneath our noses from the first time they landed here on Plymouth Rock (to quote the great Malcolm X) to the great white AND yellow washing (don’t think these mofos ain’t a part of it, too) of the history books which taught us we came from over 5,000 miles across the ocean from Africa – shitting, pissing with butt plugs in us – all the while having somehow survived it all – get the fuck outta here with that bs! We have been hoodwinked but we shouldn’t allow our future to be hoodwinked, too. Please spread this article amongst the young (fuck the foul language, just listen to the message) and get it out there for as many people to hear as possible.

PS those ancestral dna tests are BS, too, as this youtube video can tell ya!


Many links taken from 1000goahead’s channel, here: Please link and subscribe to his/ her channel if you are from Youtube. I also give 1000goahead many thanks as well for bringing this issue to a broader light.

I also want to add a link to the Washitaw tribe, the last remaining BLACK warrior tribe fighting for the truth about our history, here:

We don’t need the white man’s acknowledgement to know we exist; we know we exist, we know our history and that is all we need for validation, proof!

Now, since it is the 4th of July and “Independence Day” for white folk, when will us indigenous blacks have our very own 4th of July Independence Day from white washed history books and white supremacy?

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.


  1. Thanks for putting this together and sharing! I will definitely help spread the message. I actually see “FAMILY” faces in a LOT of those pictures! OMG! The deception is STUNNING, to say the least. Going to explore all of the links that you provided. Again, MANY THANKS.

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