Third Eye Shows Me Red Haired Dude Involved In Mitrice Richardson’s Death Holding Woman Hostage In Basement In An Old Mansion In Malibu

THEY MUST HAVE SOME WOMAN TRAPPED IN THEY CELLAR cause they got these nice looking cars (like RIGHT NOW) monitoring me….

And my cards showing I’m right!

Before I begin elaborating on that….

Fuck ya’ll, I’m making an illegal joke.

I bet half then mofos making the pledge are illegal.


Anyways, I wanna start off (before I start revealing my astral vision) by saying that…. this shit, this psyop with cities allowing cops to get attacked and defunding the police and shit has got to end…. THIS is fucking schadenfraude:

– YOU CAN TELL this a psyop cause he just telling people to “move right along” like it’s a parade or something….

They didn’t do this shit to the sheriffs cause they know they gone light em up like in this case of these sheriffs pimping these taco tico spic anc cspans cause one of their (illegal) fallen got shot….

I saw about two week ago a spick and cspan getting shot in an astral vision but I didn’t say shit cause I wanted it to happen ?….

They also ain’t burning sheriffs cars cause they know they gonna end up dead, and missing in Malibu too….

Poor Mitrice, Rest In Peace ⚘

… Anyways, I mean these mofos are REALLY pushing martial law and a trampling on constitutional rights with this shit! I can’t blame cops for doing the blue flu and rolling out on these mugs! They throwing the cops out at these mugs, to the (government agent George Soros paid for) wolves and it’s a travesty!

I mean, like that CHAZ Seattle bullshit….

That was a cop who shot at their asses btw…

It’s a fucking social experiment. This whole corona virus, George Floyd fake psyop riots etc. – are a push to see how far they can push folks, encourage folks rather to break the law so they can justify martial law. If chaos erupts in the cities with no cops around…. who they gonna call….

The military, the National Guard….

That’s gonna set up the precedent for the institution of martial law, A TRUE police state and shit like this will be the end result….

Don’t fall for the hype dumbfucks….

Anyways…. I tried to use my third eye to acquire or in other words “make manifest” $1 million dollars by translating my skillz of ‘wokeing™ into making money, taking my own advise I gave Bokor Elmera here about making mo-nay ? manifest….

I still got some kinks I gotta work or better yet ‘woke™ thru but I’m getting better (got some shit I gotta fight but I’ll be triumphant at some point ??‍♀️??

Anyways, unwittingly I had a dream, or saw thru my third eye ? (I straight teleported thru my third eye, it was like I was remote seeing things) in which I saw an old 18th century like palatial mansion which was brown, wooden, had a high HIGH up chandelier. I was at a dinning room table. I saw a young white woman who looked similar to the tormented spirit that I saw in the astral projection involving a woman who got ran off the Malibu canyon roads by bikers (I didn’t really see her whole face tho but it appeared to be her). She was bedecked in a silk greyish like nightgown with white fur. She was arguing with a 30 something year old topless white man with a beard that was red and red hair. It seemed she was his lover who pretended she was all his but wasn’t since he already had a wife (brown haired older lady like in her 40’s)…..

Now that I think of it I wonder if it was the Bonnie Chermak lady involved in the Mitrice Richardson thing (HOLY SHIT I THINK I JUST MADE A CONNECTION)….

Anyways, at one point, I saw that the blonde lady got locked in a cellar/basement by him. It seemed like wherever this was was in a differeny place, the country. I recall going down there, inquiring about the tools, the chains on the wall and hearing a woman’s voice coming from there and it seemed he was holding the blonde lady captive. I got the sense she got sold for sex shit. Then I recall after showing me around he tried to get me to enter but then my two big brothers (both half), Kerry and my other older brother who was a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputy, Nap Jr beat his ass (somehow he went back up while I was down there and before he could do shit he got dat ass whipped)! I was then riding down the street in Miracle Mile on La Brea Blvd, “piggy back” riding off a car which makes me think the asshole may have some sort of apartment (and maybe doing this shit in mid-city)….

The End!

You know, Mitrice’s case been on my mind a lil heavily now for the past coupla days. I remember Dr Ronda Hampton, who worked with Mitrice and then spearheaded the hunt for answers on her case, SAID a red haired dude was involved and did this mural here depicting the various stages of her captivity (I wish the motherfucker who took the picture woulda shown the nudity instead of being uptight about shit so we can see more accurately what the fuck happened….

That’s fucked up!

I think that the Picaso Scream lady who looks like this:

….But with long blonde hair and grey skin, with holes for eyes and a mouth (like the creepy pastas you read) is some type of entity who reveals when bad shit has been done to women and – I think this is some shit I needed to be known to me now

I will just say that it seems he holds women in the country. It felt cold where he was at so I sense it’s in Malibu. It’s a basement of some type that’s real discreet, like an outback cellar door type deal separate from the main house. I sense he got a place in Miracle Mile considering that when I left I was driving down La Brea Blvd. I also think he has had his eye on me tho. you can’t fuck with the ‘wokemaster….

Not after this….

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

After this…..

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

After this…..

Told Hawaii I Was Gonna ‘Woke They Ass For What They Did To Eligio Natureboy and Aarona

I will kill your ass (with black magic) and am VERY antisocial and will wild out on ya if you just approach me. He like that fruit bat mofo – think he got people figured out (cause he a sociopath with a lack of intuitive abilities) but is too stupid to realise I go well over his head….

Plus I got spiritual abilities and can and will fuck his ass up. He on my radar now seeing what he tried to pull. He also shapeshifted into the rapist from the Jodie Foster film “The Accused” further letting me know what he allll about:

– LOL at Family Guy brought me here lol!

To think I had a crush on that mofo when I was lil lol….

Anyways, I see what the fuck is going on. To ole red head dude watch your p’s, q’s, ‘WOKE cause you just barked up the WROOONG tree buddy! I know plenty mugs wanna see me gone. WETBACKS have tried to take me out:

I’m just gonna say pick your victims wisely. I ain’t the one. Good luck ✊? ‘woke and Chris Case Chris Case Motherfucker Chris Caseee [[insert witch’s laugh]]

******UPDATE UPDATE******

Hear yee hear yee sisters and heauxs….

I threw some cards on it and saw that the most recent outcome will be him talking to the Hierophant….

Now right in the middle you see King of Swords which is my law enforcement card – when I went to clarify it I got judgement meaning perhaps a judge, someone in a high position of legal authority and then I saw Knight of Swords meaning = police henchman. I also saw three of wands meaning they gonna revise their plan long term….

I also had what appears to be an undercover car (I sensed having something to do with him) passing me by after writing this article….

– Here a close up of his ass, hiding behind a mask (that’s why they gotta stop with that fake corona virus shite)….

Also, here my eyez shapeshifting….

Fucking weird huh!

That being said, I’ve seen thru my third eye a lil nigger (or possible mayate wetback) stabbing me to death. Many psychics have said that I’ve been on some black cereal s(kr)iller’s radar for a while (serial killer)…. so, let me say I’ll be watching ya’ll moves, too ??

Oh yes bish…. a grey car passed by giving me the finger and when I threw cards it indicated he was pissed cause I called out they shit here.

You ain’t seen nothing yet ‘woke ✊??

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