The Museum of Da ‘Woke

I realise I got a REEAL talent for fucking up people, spiritually.

I enjoy it cause I am a sadistic, depraved, vindictive motherfucker!

I ain’t one of these “spiritually trendy” people to hide behind astrological signs but I will say that, being that I am a taurus, I have a sadistic tendency of laying low for years then popping you or, just for sadistic shits ‘n giggles ?, popping your ass repeatedly over time.

I introduce you to da ‘woke

::Cue the music::

That said, HEAR ?????? MY PROUDEST ‘WOKE

I caused a man to lose his mind and end up in the mental hospital cause of my army of demons I sicc’ed on him:

I don’t even remember the mofo but he sure as hell remembered me, lol! Also, he had a red car much like another bitch I profiled hea had a red car before my black magic got ha shit TOWED ???

That said, here another:

This lil fucker who goes under “satanic light” and “joshua branch” had been harassing me, fucking with me for eons. He also went under “National Socialist” witch ??‍♀️ you can see up above meaning he a fucking white supremacist. He used to always come to me, solicit me for know-ledge then, like a good white crakkka, put me down for rendering him said knowledge!

I decided to give him some demons and reptilians by ‘wokeing his ass and here he is, wanting nothing to do with the precious devils he called himself praising, lol:

– Peep he changed his name to Astral Angel 777 after I ‘woked his ass and gave him a taste of what my demons can do ????

Here another bitch: a kitchen witch by the name of “divine queen” lol!

See. I’m a pettay mofo!

She merely called me crazy (many mofos do that out of envy cause they sense the power I possess energy wise).

So I ‘woked da bitch nearly causing her sister to die of lead poisoning the next morning:

Here another black bitch (don’t worry wetbacks I got examples of my ‘wokeing ya’ll coming up ???????) who out of envy fucked with me so I gave her dat ‘woke:

You can read all about that crazy bitch’s stalking here:

That said, she got the energy in the form of my reptilians causing her night terrors, fucking up her phone (entities LOVE doing that shit ❤??) and two near fatal car wrecks (damn, wow…. I, they are goodt ???):

She wanted my attention. She got it!

Speaking of witch ??‍♀️ the RejuvOhm bitch another example.

I don’t like this heaux. I really don’t. She has a colonialist mentality where like with many white bitches she tries to come in with gifts etc but I’ve heard her talking shit while trying DESPERATELY to get in my personal space to get my energy to feed the reptilian attachments tied to ha but one time I gave her the ‘woke.

Here you can hear her talking shit, asking the ocean how to get rid of me:

Here this bitch laughing after she manipulated a fight between me and the magic school bus people (I saw some shit with them.):

I ‘woked they ass too:

LOL! Now they know my power!

She lost her car and had to get another (I had had an astral vision of her trying to put me in jail so I fought back):

They became chill after that.

Here this rejuvohm bitch trying to give me gifts after I done ‘woked ha:

Before her messay ass was cavorting with ole dude in the white van, trying to give ha advise.

He gave her the wrong shit apparently!

That said, here another energy vampire who had obsessive energy towards me who was reptilian controlled:

Just read about all his shit here:

Anyways, I ‘woked his ass:

YOU KNOW, it seems like them obsessive energy vampire types have been dropping off as of late ever since I’ve been doing alot of deep shadow ‘woke lol on myself which includes reincorporating and correctly reintegrating soul pieces, playing 4000hz to 9000hz frequencies like here (2Circles says it is mad effective at running away reptilians and reptilian entity attachments):

EVERY MORNING and before I go to bed I play this and meditate to this and I find it to be magnificient at healing the energy body in addition to ridding you of bad spirits! Also spraying lavender and tea tree oil in one’s living space and on your person helps, too ??

But I’ve been noticing that even the rejuvohm broad ain’t been parking in the spot she used to park at before the corona virus parking restrictions ever since, esp. ever since I been playing those higher frequencies and correctly reintegrating my soul matrix energy body back together.

I think that when you are missing a soul piece it attracts energy vampires and other sorts since you are “leaking” and aren’t in your full power.

Here some wetback ‘wokes:

– Well, in this situation a wetback was involved but these were mainly Russians (I wonder if they were the Russians involved in the sex trafficking the Cuban shaman witnessed) who greatly underestimated my spiritual abilities given my living situation (never do that ☝?). Watch:

– That was an instant ‘woke, lol! Looka the wetback’s face. He knew!

Stupidass whyte peeople with no understading of real spirituality:

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This mug here named “Ryan Yahnke” had THE NERVE to try to tell me to shut up and that I am crazy. I ‘woked him:

– Looka the progression of the chat logs; I had this mofo with suicidal thoughts.

I don’t play.

Speaking of witch ??‍♀️

Remember this incident:

Cause I won’t…. won’t forgive either…

That said, I got em back!

Back when I called myself ‘wokeing with entities, one of em lost their car:

Nigga changed his name to papi gets his car back, lol!

One got chased by a Chinese ghost which I apparently take to mean an ancestor, relative (I sense uncle) from my Vietnamese past life went after his ass!

I wanna take the time to say, in the voice (and energy of The Great Colton Wood) “FUCK DESE NIGGERSSSS! FUCK THESE NIGGERS!” Notice not ONE NIGGER APE ANCESTOR from my current incarnation went and saved the day. It took an ancestor – who actually once helped me to astral project back in my ole apartment – from my Vietnamese past life to help. Not one nigger! That’s why I sent ALL MY NIGGER APE ANCESTORS TO THE UNDERWORLD except for my brother and my grandmother on my mom’s side who don’t even look black. She look like she could be from Peru. She the only one who actually tried to help me when an ex jewish landlord sicc’ed hellhounds on me in the astral and she was the only one who jumped in to help while, like niggers just stood there and stared.

They even had one light skinned bitch who was trying to fuck with me and my dad and I put a stop to that!

That said, here another one:

Lemme just say you don’t wanna fuck with me. Just cause I am nice in certain circumstances does not mean I am a pushover. People have a tendency to think that, if you are a nice person it gives em carte blanche to act like assholes and feel entitled to you’re forgiving em. Not in my case, potner! You gonna get dat ‘woke and folks act surprised when I give it to em!

Let me add that for that incident above, I fucked LAPD skid row division’s SHIT. THE FUCK. UP!

They didn’t have this problem till they fucked with me and I put ‘WOKE on they ass! They long had been there around filth and never had bubonic plagues, etc. till I put ‘WOKE on em! ??‍♀️

I’m a Power-FULL mofo! I’m aware of my power. The more I make sense of my energy body the more I can configure how to use it. And I will use it to make an example out of you if you get out of line. Stupid ass people who don’t understand duality have a fucked up tendency of pigeon holing me into this “victim box” where they think they can victimize me and get away with.

Then they get ‘woked and end up here!

I got thousands of examples.

Understand you are dealing with a living Goddess with a dual nature; I can be a friend, a very loyal one. I’ve blessed people. Or I can be your worst enemy.

Many of the people you see here have been sacrificed to me!

Like any ole God with a dual nature; I got a heaven and a hell in the astral. I don’t work with shit and I got shit on the otherside trying to force me to work with it as can be seen here:

I don’t give SHIT my power – no man, no woman, no entity:

– I ‘woked this broad so bad after she had been fucking with me – and others – for years that she made a doll for war-shipping in my image!

There was even an advertisement with an alligator on to kinda represent that day:

I know I am more of the dragon than anything ?

All my life I have had people and spirits, including them fucking nigger ass ancestors, fuck all over me (when their asses were in the underworld I started healing but now I am feeling that overwhelming, oppressive energy again so I am going to have to send them back. I took their asses out out of pity – and in fear of the implications it might have on me – but now they gotta go). I realise it was to keep me from coming into my power ?
I wield a lot of spiritual power. To be able to have your ancestors banished to the underworld and them order them to be released (saw this in a visionast night) is powerfull! I am gonna have to send them back cause already I am feeling that oppressive energy, like something piggy backing on it, forcing me to feed it via food urges, alkie-hole urges.

That requires power.

I am fully aware of my power and assholes FOR YEARS who feared this era rising long tried to control it, telling me don’t ‘woke mofos, this and that.

Those dark days are done. This is my time. If I want your soul I will get it. Don’t cross me.

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