How Satan Pushes The Misogynist Agenda

I am my own God: I war-ship NOTHING!

My Soul is God because it comes from the Source.

So is yours too.

That being said, never fuck around with satanism. I am undergoing a cleansing right now to purge those evil entities I attracted during my satanic occult phase off of me.

So far it is working or shall I say, ‘wokeing!

Last night, it’s so crazy: I saw an astral bound man aka “ghost” with a semi bald head, reddish orange hair ring around his head, wearing a white shirt and I believe green pants, running around, past my car, then to the sea side. In one instance he walked up to my car and peeked in there.

I saw his face and it is a distorted face where the left eye is hanging lower than the right, face fucked up.

I believe he was a human turned demon whose face is deformed due to spending time in the hellish realms of the astral.

I also saw a green tornado across the street for like a brief COUPLA secs. that was narrow and reached straight up.

Not sure what the color means in this case but I know ordinary tornados are seen as and are in the astral/ether portals to hell:

– Funny I happened to pick a funnel coloured red lol.

This what I saw.

The green thing I deduce is light reflecting off the head of a 4th, 5th dimensional being.

Here is why I think I get harassed so much by folks, esp. for sexual purposes which supercedes just me being merely topless.

When you walk away from satanism – AS I HEARD A MAN SAY – Satan is like a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend:

I’ll never forget when I first did I found my wireless cellphone charger inexplicably broken. in my car!

– A lady on lipstickalley said that when he appears he appears effeminate just as in the case when “Rubion” came to me, pretending to be a messenger Loa, much like Papa Legba, to the other Voodoo Loas:

This the REAL Papa Legba – a lil ole black man and not the DEATH Voodoo Loa Baron Samedi FALSELY portrayed in American Horror Story as him (fucking crakkkas):

Rubio means “red” in Spanish: the devil!

That being said, I caught on, refused. I talk about it here:

That said, early this morning, I had an astral projection in which I was in my old childhood room and this black girl tried to get in bed with me. She told me that the devil loves me (I seen her before and she read tarot cards for me on this so I know she some real life person who war-ships the devil), that he protects my baby brother from other evil entities trying to get ahold of him which is false cause early this morning I heard what sounded like him yelling from a box but I freed him from an army of deformed entities like the running dude I described earlier and brought him to a nicer realm, and told me that when I die if I were to be with him (this is important and I will explain why) that he would act as a pimp over me!

You can break a deal with the devil: you have to come into your own SOURCE power ??

It’s funny. when looking up shit on that stupid ass crakkka bitch who SACRIFICED herself trying to culture vulture Voodoo by calling on Papa Legba, I happened upon this vid which stated that humanity were once above the gods then got dethroned (presumably when the demiurge aka god took over and just made our realm dense and only 3D):

Credo Mutwa talked on this:

Eve Lorgen got a DAMN good site! Aside from the demiurge aka “god” war-ship, she the most acc. on this!

That being said, I feel his influence is the cause behind why I attract alot of obsessive energy from deceptive energy vampires like these people here:

….Who don’t do shit for my ass, want my energy but will deceptively talk shit about me behind my back and doing shit to undermine me like this shit stain here who I ‘woked and whose ass I whipped:

Who didn’t do shit while I was getting my ass attacked by some thugs – not gang members (who I have more respect for) while drunk (and not in my wits to do anything cause I was too happy, which is why I gave up drinking since I strongly sense that evil entities were using it as a way to thin my etheric protection and allow themselvea to get in to manipulate and influence bad, regrettable events to happen to me while drunk). In another instance, recently, some nasty ass degenerate mofo who veered his head into the side of my car had the nerve to say to me to get in his car but cover up as I am leaving. So this bitch wants to see me topless but like many misogynists – males – on his own terms wants to control the definition and implications of when and where I show them and for his own pleasure.

Bitch, I nearly got out my car and came reeeeal close ?? to choking his ass!

Bitch ran, lol!

I got my power back! I really wanted to beat his ass.

I can tell if anything he was happy to finally witness someone conquering me.

That’s the energy he – and others – exude which is why I don’t put up with nan’s shit – esp. men’s. I won’t lie – outside of black men who have alwats looked out for and protected me – I don’t like men. I will even go as far as to say I hate men and will kill any man who tries to get close – like I nearly died (pun intended) his ass, who is fucking ooglay – and beneath what I can get – anyways.


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As I said there, I will abort any male child if I find out I am having one. I will kill it in the womb and sacrifice it’s soul matrix energy to me. No male will come out my womb. If I have sex with a man to sire a child, it will be a gay man. No straight men allowed ????????

My twinflame (not a love interest but someone who I share the same oversoul consciousness with) said not a LIE when he said to a degree when he said I got the Lilith energy – but he was off:

Lilith seduces men. I don’t want to be bothered and inadvertently draw in mofos cause – not even necessarily the topless thing but they wanna draw on my energy (but they ain’t gettin’ it). Instead they get these demons like this mofo who was in a mental hospital after I put ‘woke on him after he mistook my toplessness as an invitation to make sexual advances:


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They envy and are intimidated by my strenght but want to have me so they can beat me down – both LIT and FIG – and take from my PowerFULL strenght.

Not on my watch.

That’s why I seek to destroy they ass, kill them with black magick (wish I could do it in real life – ya’ll have no idea the FANTASIES of torturing, dominating and killing men goes thru my mind), punish them, fuck em up for just being male!

I think back to all the times how out of envy – DUE to the topless thing – dudes have attacked me, physically and verbally cause they couldn’t have my strenght. POS like this:

Who attacked me cause all they see me for is pussy, feel that is all I’m worth, that I owe them that (damn I wanna kill him AND his worthless son) – and ain’t never done a motherfucking thing for me.

Yes, I hate men. And Aileen Wournos is my patron Saint:

So is Lorraina Bobbit, who cut a man’s dick off (Imma get sharp fanged teeth for that at some point):

Go girl!


– My fav saying I came up with is: “turn the dick into a hotdog ?, the ballz into bunz, and the blood (I LOVE drinking blood anyways ??) into the ketchup!

You can read more on St. Aileen Wournos Da Christ hea:

And more on Patron Saint Lorraina Bobbit hea:

I’m a warrior Goddess, one with reptilian descent:

I’m so fucking Power-FULL that someone I ‘woked back in da day made a voodoo doll for protection based on me:


She let me kno’ what I was, who I am! ??

I won’t lie: I hate men, I love LGBTTQ people ✊??️‍? and my purpose on this planet is to destroy the masculinist, misogynist agenda and make men pay as a representative of The Source, Sophia.

I don’t play no games. Just like my brother, I don’t talk, I just attack.

That being said, this satanic influence shit is gonna end. Won’t lie; my car smells like rotten eggs. I believe it is cause of the demons that still fuck with my ass but, as evidenced by last week, I cut the devil’s drain on my energy off but cutting off his etheric chords to my throat chakra.

I’m becoming more Power-FULL and I don’t take no shit from anybody or anything. I like to fight. And to dudes out, keep that satanic aka misogynist energy THE. FUCK away from me or else you’ll end up in a mental hospital like that other dude or driving around to different spots cause you getting psychically attacked by my demons like that sexual predator Formosa dude is currently doing (lol). Imma make men pay, esp. for what ya’ll have done to me!

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