Voodoo Demon Named Rubion Visits Me

Here the full picture:

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That was the fucking devil!

Since some motherfucker who sounds like he is STRAIT possessed just woke me up (he right behind me) I’m just gonna go ahead and write this out….

I used my third eye to cut off Satan. He was connected to my throat chakra and that is how our contract was connected to each other too.

No thanks ??

That being said, realising the power of my third eye, I don’t need shit!

That said, early this morning I had an astral vision. I was in this astral vision involving a zombie outbreak all over the country; seemed like I had gone to Philly and it was occurring in Malibu too. John Candy was in it:

That said, we took his car and drove up and down the PCH looking for my car. My astral body presented itself as the lady from “Life Stinks”, who was a homeless character in it:

That being said, while looking for my car – I then found myself in my own timeline’s car – covered under blankets! I felt a presence try to jump in “bed” with me (by this time my car had turned into an apartment with purple walls which are the colours of Baron Samedi:

He then tried to have sex and I – while being conscious – was like “Fuck off.” I then peeped something had tried to trap me under the covers (I had this happen when I was 5 during a “night terror” and, being on some “logical” shit thought my brother Kerry did it) and I could feel it – it was so real – I couldn’t breathe. Not fearing shit, I wanted to see my attacker and I saw an amorphous blob with tentacles.

Then a very handsome thin, brown skinned young black man wearing a black and red lined funeral suit with a tall top hat and a cane in hand came out. He sat in a chair
and it was like he wanted to make a deal. After my experiences with Satan and how it impacted my dead baby brother – I said nope ??

From what I can best recall I think he was like he works with Baron Samedi – now I remember – he said he can put me in contact with all the Voodoo Loas and help me get whatever I want. I then saw a vision of me walking amongst zombies unharmed (symbolic) but then they broke into my childhood home.

Won’t lie; I was open but I didn’t know if I was dealing with a trickster. In it, my heart chakra said yes but on a logical level – given all I had been thru – I was like, “No.”

I then woke up and heard a white man – I SWEAR TO THE GODDESS/ME ?? – that he said, “Raven, I’m sorry.”

I then saw my little brother afterwards in our ole childhood kitchen. My mom was there and it was about making deals. Then I ‘woke!

That being said, tricksters are real. I know Voodoo Loas are known as tricksters but you got spirits that will play as something else. In the back of my mind – what if that was Satan trying to win me back? I ain’t going to fucking hell and while he was attached – I mean, I won’t lie he didn’t really do shit but cause disappoinment and actually CURB my abilities. He would fuck with innocent people but never fuck with the folks who truly hurt me (I believe he influenced that shit), influence my energy to cause me bad luck. I recall while at the 99 Cents store EVERYONE was apprehensive towards a young man with a satanic tattoo cause of the energy it gives:

That’s why you gotta be careful of what you get

This whole thing also reminded me of how when I first started my spiritual journey in my old apartment how all these entities came to me.

That being said, that “I’m sorry” is a dead giveaway that that might be Satan. It’s no coincidence that I hear that after cutting ties with him. Satan – let me warn ya’ll – if ya’ll wanna work with him (I just saw a shadow go past) is a controlling mofo! Very controlling and tricky and will chase your ass like their is no tomorrow if you walk away from that shit. I know a coupla people that’s done happened to and they lead shitty lives – riddled with addictions – as a result!

Also, the fact that I could walk past zombies unscathed yet my family was gonna get attacked spoke VOLUMES about that deal.

That being said, it’s best you work with ONLY your Own Source energy. Like the NVA when you become power-FULL spiritually – ALLL sorts of entities will be coming up to you, wanting to work with you. Don’t work with shit!

Create your avatars, entities in the astral via your third eye and call it a day. Just by use of the power of my third eye I cut off Satan from using me as a power source for energy. I am Power-FULL. I don’t need shit and there is no other God except Me cause of the Source energy which runs thru me, in all of us.

Fuck the demiurge:



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