Did I Just Witness Via Astral Vision A Dude Being Kidnapped To Become An MK Ultra Super Soldier?

Wow, this shit was wow….

Being someone with great spiritual gifts, I can tap into folks’ energies just by the things they give me. I just need to learn to transmute shit in my favour ?????

That’s what I gotta do.

Anyways, onwards about the astral vision!

That being said – it was so vivid – I was in the body of a young white boy: blonde hair, husky – much like the dude I am talking about who gave me the item – who it seems was kidnapped by some shadowy government agent types to kill people.

“I” somehow escaped into traffic, onto a freeway and started waving my arms for someone to stop. Finally a black car with two dudes in it stopped. I wasn’t sure if they were government agents or not (previously most folks were laughing at me as I tried to signal for help).

That said, I then found “myself” in my old childhood home with a white washed, amorphous looking version of my dad.

I had finally gotten home and I could see it being under seige from people who were trying to kidnap me back to that place. I recall getting a gun and shooting one after missing oh so many times and when I did – the bullet turned into a bomb that drew out a spike at the end that pierced the person’s heart which was symbolic for they now realised they couldn’t use me for their project so they had to roll out!

That being said, the super soldier program is real and without getting into details you can find out more here:




That being said – me and another gentleman yesterday spent all night talking about these things – well, kinda. The dude I was referring to was touching on the whole shadow government, zionist (which I don’t agree with), fed reserve shit.

But nan of us talked about super soldiers (I just talked of reptilians – lol)!

So why did I see that after accepting his gift, which reminds me of the film here:

– He had a tactile psychic ability otherwise known as psychometry.

It kills me how many unwitting – like in his case – mk ultra programmed people are walking around us.

I have met many in the homeless population including this woman here:

I touched on her here:


That being said, this lady is DEFINITE mk ultra with all the programs in toe! She told me that starting from the age of 2 she was raped by a Mexican stepdad with high political connections in the local and state government in Texas. I know she has a kid (when the kid revealed to me some shit about these rednecks who I saw via astral visions were involved in procuring folks for sacrifice by the elite which confirmed what I saw – he soon got sent back to Texas to supposedly live with his “grandma”). I mean, why would you send your kid to the very lady who allowed you to get raped when you told her what happened to you? I have even seen her talking with em!

She has also said very implicating things such as that the illuminati doesn’t exist and how all the stories of child rape – such as what happened to her – and human sacrifice doesn’t exist – but was a “creation contrived by wealthy people to keep poor folks away.” She also kept trying to convince me that I should want to be wealthy, want wealth, want material things. It was like she was trying to recruit me!

She also got this weird preoccupation, fuck OBSESSION with Elon Musk:

She also had an obsession with me, stalking me for awhile:


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– She a weird fucking bitch! With all them entity attachments, esp. reptilian entity attachments on her I wouldn’t go to her for no RejuvOhm healing if my life depended on it, lol!

I peep tho that amongst alot of the homeless there dwells these folks who got great spiritual abilities or non abilities and shady stories. It is because alot of starseeds, like myself, live amongst the homeless so they send bitches like that RejuvOhm heaux to attach to you like a bad entity attachment to either get you to go their way (this bitch kept saying we “sisters” and that I’m white):


or get shit outta ya to compromise ya!

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