White Bitch Gets Christopher Cased After Trying To Summon Papa Legba To Kill Black Lover

– Baron in the picture looking like “I got dat time ?” lol

They told this heaux:

Even wide folks warned ha

THEY WARNED this dumbass white bitch!

Now she in one of the hellish realms of the astral, crawling in a tiny cell, trying to find ha way out witch ??‍♀️ I saw via my third eye ?

Another spiritualist confirms this


And it’s Baron Samedi who snatched ha ass, a voodoo Loa of death who is around me, too (which I will talk about in a few).


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I can’t get over how this bitch was LIT Christopher Case’d!

Her name Kat Restin (how appropriate of a last name ?). She died the same way he dead (get it, dead) – in a bath tub. How the fuck you die in a motherfucking bath tub?

You can read more on the Christopher Case story here:


Simple: the entity you got sacrificed too (or in her case she sacrificed HASELF to doing stupid, foolish ass shit) will come in a very visible, dense form – put hands on ya then kill ya – much like what happened to a lady a woman on lipstick alley said tried to do obeah – a form of Afrikan witchcraft – on her aunt and it backfired on the heaux instead!

Here a link to the story:


Here ha obituary if in doubt:



First, she wasn’t of the linneage, the bloodline of the Deity she was trying to summon and 2nd….

Her lily crakkka ass was trying to use a black Deity created by the Haitians to fight the very mofos she look like (uh crakkka) to kill a girl who belonged to the same race he was created to protect (blacks).

Fucking dumb bitch!

She woulda done better contacting Thor, Cernunnos, Morrigan, Hecate (she is VERY Power-FULL and was the Deity – along with the shaman – who rescued my baby brother from the hellish depths of the lower underworld ??) or even fuck with the Ars Goetia (of all of em Clauneck – a money God, is mad cool and is impartial to work with meaning you can be a part of any other religion or spiritual systems, even HYPOchristianity, and he will ‘woke with you)!

She also fucked up by not coming with an offering, but a demand to kill by only, merely calling his name while burning a voodoo doll that looked like ha dumb white ass self:

This stupid heaux was a wiccan. I HATE wiccans cause all those culture vultures do is steal from other people and don’t have their own shit together.

They also strike me as naive and dumb. I need to put Lord Satan on em

Boy dat ‘woke I did (thank ya Satan ???):

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Damn I fucked that nigga UP!

Speaking of witch ??‍♀️ I saw the sheriffs today appearing in an unusual manner – including the bus which my third eye kept showing me would appear (to see meh):


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Anyways, I take it as a sign ??

That being said – second – shit’s gotta come to YOU!

As I talk about hea:


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Thor came to ME!

My eyes were noticably brighter and face stronger looking cause his energy was all over me that day!

Though I am obviously not white or of Scandanavian heritage (maybe cause of a past life as I discuss down below), he came to me:


I think he just wanted melanated energy so his ole white ass can continue on and I refused – even used a deceased former classmate like a dog – to get me to get him war-shippers and I refused and he fucked with my dead baby brother and all sorts of shit….

It’s a long story!

Anyways, when I called on Satan – Beelzebub came around. He is known as the Lord of the Flies and appears with flies or is it bees buzzing around him (funny cause when I see bees AND roaches – well at least in the past it meant that a bad decision I was about to make with terrible consequences was going to get averted).

Funny I have been seeing a fly buzz around ALLL day which I don’t usually see!

That being said when he first appeared in that form he was adverserial, keeping me up at night, etc.

Then while I was in bed, contemplating my future – he heard my thoughts and comforted me and said “I want you to do better.”

From there he came to me via astral vision – helping me to become more spiritually gifted by setting me up to have my period last for three days and end – right to the last sec – in sync with the 2017 solar eclipse!

I talk about that here:


* I noticed someone just sent a lion headed built entity to fuck with me and I just fucked him. UP!

That being said, he would show up in astral visions as a cop, usually chief of police (he started appearing as New Mexico state police ??‍♀️ then once as a Chiraq cop then once as a San Francisco police officer).

He always shows up as the King of Swords in my tarot deck!

Now, Baron Samedi!

American Horror Story got it wrong. This ain’t Papa Legba. This Baron Samedi:

That being said, that’s who snatched her funky ass. Good!

As a friend of mines broke down, he – and a coupla other Gods, Goddesses – have always been around from birth, protecting me!

I’ll never forget an astral vision I had in which I was by the ocean – but it was calm, looked more like a swimming pool or a river:

And it looked like I was in a forest meadow and I heard a voice say, “Death favours me.”

Baron Samedi is a voodoo Loa of death! I have always had a closer relationship with darker forces, death. I recall once when I was within an inch’s hair of getting killed by being ran over – nothing happened!

I got stabbed:

– Hit with a bag of bricks!

Still I survived.

I’ll nevar forget the time my coo coo drunk alcoholic ass drunk from his altar. He came to me in 4 fucking D, from the 4D, to give me that D.

I was lying in bed and then I was “by my altar.” I then was with a hispanic client who started saying, “I need more drink” then it changed to Baron’s voice – then I felt something holding me to the side while kissing me – it was invisible saying, “I need more drink.” That was Baron.

I was told by a very gifted psychic long ago that he likes me in part cause I got good pussy!

From there, I have had an astral vision of him protecting my brother Kristen from a witchcraft spell some black bitch was gonna send his way to get at me (a car wreck). I wonder what happened to ha ? Seems he around him and I think my brother Kerry too since he loves “drank.” I’m also from New Orleans. Lotta ancient Egyptians settled there.

Also here is proof of Nefertiti’s shadow appearing in place of mine:

One of the Gods seen around me is Ra, an Egyptian Sun God:

I have also had Lilith appear to me after merely THINKING about her so she could tell me that prostituting, doing other stuff is okay. She appeared as a very frail thin beautiful young teacher. I looked a lil like fucking Sargeant Barnes in Platoon (I think it represents the overwhelming masculine energy I exude):

Speaking of which, I recall one day when Baron was around – see, he is depicted as a black man with a skull face who is with Maman Brigette – a white woman – white dudes wanted to fight me while young, “loose” white women were nicer to me ❤

He also rescued me from some evil whyte bitch who was planning to do some fucked up shit to me, like fuck with my car!

There was a time I didn’t like him or any other entity being around cause it would disturb my energy. Esp. Baron cause of my already created STRONG alcohol urges that came from having fucked with Satanism. I recall as punishment for drinking from his altar he opened my third eye and I saw (prob. what was already around me) the 3D projections of beetle like things around standing up right (Egyptian Scarab beetle ?)

I’ve seen em in visions too and one even appeared in my car one time!

Exu, a messenger to the Orishas in Santeria, once appeared to me to tell me that Crocodilian reptilians sent by this asshole who sells crystals near the Ventura County line in Malibu is responsible for fucking with me (and my brother). Imma talk about his ass tomorrow. He even puts shit in his crystals. Don’t buy from him (black witches, his name John Herd)!

That being said I have learned to ask them to be alot more gentle around me with their energy and – being that they are good spirits who wanna work with me, they chill it down so it don’t overwhelm me!

They come to you when you already have power.

Instead of requiring war-ship from you, they will work as allies!

– Every once in a while I pay him respects!

That said, this shit ain’t nothing to take lightly! The spirit world will fuck you up and ole girl dumbass found out the hard way.

Restin Piss Heaux

Chris Case Chris Case Bitch Christopher Caseeee

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