Beelzebub Pays Me A Gynecological Visit So That My Period Blood Cycle Will Sync With The Solar Eclipse of 2017


I’m sorry!

My mom used to say that too.

– Also seeing that solar eclipse reminds me of how folks talk of the old sun also known as the black sun or saturn aka satan that used to be our sun till some shit happened:

It makes you think on the more mystical precepts behind this shit!

This an old one but I recall a time when that motherfucker tried to influence me into thinking he is good – even allowing for my period to flow during the solar eclipse of 2017 up until the day – and down to the minute it ended.


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He stopped scaring me by no longer appearing as a gang of flies but rather as a normal human who I used to hang out at the University of New Orleans’ gym with and then as Chief’s of Police, most popularly New Mexico (I don’t understand why).

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