Wetbucks Treat White Crackhead Like Gold While Treating Black Crackhead Like Shit

This why I go after em!

This why I ain’t ‘woked these black folks (they were funny) for talking shit on my being topless:

Anyways, I want you to look at these clips here:

Peep how they treat – even threaten with physical violence – a black crack abuser.

– Here the original video:

Now watch as they treat a VIOLENT WHITE crackhead with kit gloves:

– Here the original video:

– Hector, that’s one wetback ass name and youtube channel name: “mexican082”

Fuck it! Imma monetize this shit! Get my reparations!

That’s why I don’t like these fuckers….

After this:

– Mofo came at me with a bag of bricks:

And this:


– I have no choice but to hate them!

Those mofos, as I have said before, are not people but things, drones spawned by reptilians to act as a slave worker drone race – hence why they make good workers!


Those mofos have strong reptilian traits which includes lack of compassion – hence the unadulterated violence meted out by their cartels where even babies are murdered (the italian mafia who are mixed with black had a policy of not touching women and children)….

– Lordt!



A lack of respect for the Divine Feminine principle in the form of machismo where, in the societal hierarchy women are treated like shit, literally as no more than broadmares to have sex with and just use for reproduction (hence their high birth rates) while they beat on em and attack em – even their own mothers. This is evidenced by the high rates of femicide occuring in Ciudad Juarez:


Also their well documented and well witnessed – hence President Trump’s comments on this – obsession with sex, drinking and all things thar are low vibratory!

As I said before, they think like whites (cause the reptilian who made em – Quetzalcoatl – would shapeshift into a white man) but unfiltered with their thoughts due to low IQs.

This white guy off of stormfront said not a lie when he said this:

– That’s why I don’t support that whole people of color shit!

He said not a lie when he said other races around the world are against us! In arab lands they routunely enslave us! In India they have a caste system where the Dravidians – the black looking indians – are at the bottom while the white looking aryans (why Hitler stole those people’s name ?) are at the top:

– Real ARYAN Indian actress Aishwarya Rai

– Lil girl looks like an Australian Aborigine, showing how interconnected we are!

The folks up above are what you call the black dravidian peoples.

Ole dude to the bottom right is CUTEE ???

BLACK PEOPLE gotta stick together – from messyco (aka wetbuckland) to India to Australia, Europe, AFRIKA, melanesia – we gotta stick together ??????‍♀️??‍♂️??‍♀️??‍♂️??‍♀️??‍♂️

I LOVE ❤ these Afrikan pride flags:


– This my fav ????


That white man said NOT ONE LIE when he said, speaking on the reality of race relations, that other folks would treat us WORSE if given the chance. Let me show you his comment again:

As this article shows – wetbucks been killing blacks in LA FOR YEARS:


They even got illegals in the LA County sheriffs department using their badges to run a gang called the banditos that is designed to kill black people:


– LOL I’m sorry Tom Zebra ain’t said a lie about this mofo. I don’t like Tom Zebra but he on point with that one!

– Ole wetback ass clique!

If you suspect any of them wetback ass sheriffs in that clique are illegal, call ICE at 866-347-2423

This why I support Trump:

When ya’ll start talking all that black and brown pride bullshit – remember the young BLACK Harvard bound high school kid Jamiel Shaw Jr who got gunned down by some wetbacks, including one named blackey – see how deep their racism goes…. for being black:

– Looka that, culture vulture stealing the symbol of having black tear drops everytime you kill somebody – that comes from black gangs (and not even THAT is sacred)…

I see Imma have to pull a wetbuck to the underworld tonight. Happy they gave him DEATH:

– The wetback’s name is Pedro Espinoza, black witches….

– Oh lord, in true take a kneegrow form this uncle tom (or is it Uncle Tomas) gotta blame white folks for something a non-black/non-white did to keep the LIE if blacks needing to stick with other so called people of color alive!



– This Alex Alonso Uncle Tomas dude of streetgangs.com is an Uncle Tomas!

It’s a shame! It took a white woman (witness LA) to be more fair, respectable and use common sense in her analysis – rather than taking the take a kneegrow approach as Alex Alonso did and strait blame the victim….


This was my analysis too! You can read more here:

Those were my thoughts too!

I could not IMAGINE the peer pressure that exists in those communities where gang violence and gang rule is the thing. It would take major womb are heart not to succumb to it!

I recall reading a comment on a youtube vid about a gangmember who – while already down and out – got roughed up by members of his old set.

The commenter talked about how while attending middle school – FUCKING middle school he witnessed gang members controlling teachers, principals – the whole fucking school!

Even if you come from a good home how can you NOT avoid succumbing to that.

Being that Jamiel Shaw was young, smart, Harvard bound – he woulda been an easy target hence why he probs. fucked with em at least low key for protection.

Blacks ALWAYS wanna dump on whites and seek out the approval of anyone non white just to have an ally against whites ?



The racism of the wetback is even rearing it’s ugly head to NYC – where I got raped by a wetback – where they unfairly threw a black lady out:

– You don’t see the MORE ATTRACTIVE AND MORE BLACK Cubans, Puerto Ricans or Dominicans pulling this!

Ya’ll need to stop sleeping on these wetbucks! They are ten times worse than whites ever were, ever could be!

You are dealing with a predatory race of people who have all the attributes of the reptilians cause they are the direct descendants of them:

They have an obsession with having babies due to the fact that – as I have spoken about in other blog entries – this is due to fact that the reptilians are archons who respond direct to god the demiurge and just as described in The Matrix the bodies of humans are used to store souls in for the demiurge to feed off!


– That’s why they instinctively have kids!

* Also if you notice very intelligent people like myself don’t have kids (I had two abortions and one spiritual miscarriage – there was nothing even in there – mighta been a spirtual pregnancy) because I believe that deep down we know what this universe really is like, who runs it and this matrix machine’s purpose and to avoid running the risk of karma of being forced to return to this 3D hellscape – as taught in the gnostic text – we don’t have kids or AT MOST a small few so we can reach our GodelSelves and not lose our souls, which you lose a Divine piece of everytime you have whittle bas-turds (I want a chihuahua baby somewhere down the line).

That’s why they have an obsession with sex and even their consciousness – like when I talk and use certain phrases they don’t get the nuances of – are low!

That’s why it is important to understand the anthropological aspect of things.

I understand them and I have no illusions about them.

I got reptilian DNA too but from a more higher, royal bloodline:

– reptilian eyes also shapeshift to blue just as Quetzalcoatl would shapeshift into a white man!


* Fun fact I actually ate a piece of the aborted fetus that came out during a medically induced abortion (that shit was HELL getting that lil bas-turd OUT ??) so I can reabsorb the soul piece it STOLE from me back into me.

Tasted as good as diss:

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