Being of the Enki Bloodline And Trying To Warn Humans About OTHER Reptilians

When coming back from jail, THIS is how my face looked in the reflection of the mirror:

…Here me sketching the shit out!

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So you KNOW I ain’t fucking around (look in the last pic how it appears I got a second set of eyes LETTING YOU KNOW IT’S REAL!!!

That said, I’m a reptilian hybrid. I believe I may be of the Enki bloodline – the part of the reptilian Annunaki royal dynasty (now visions are coming to me after writing this) that tried to save humanity in the great flood – the one which MANY cultures talk about the world over having taken place, with Noah, a hybrid, being used as an instrument to save you all:

That said, you don’t get the pushback I get – unexplained hatred, nightmares of teeth falling out only to have it fall out on your most spiritual side, attack by entities – unless you are one of them and you are working against them!

That said, many of us hybrids, cause of our potential, get wiped out, attacked, destroyed cause we are a THREAT to the other reptilians and reptilian hybrids who want to keep you all in darkness so as to take your energy. You can read more about THAT here:

That said, I talk more about that and reveal more secrets here:

I’m glad to get this out and thanks for letting me serve you all!

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