Another Local Outdoor Crystal Shop In Malibu To Check Out

****UPDATE: Don’t go to diss dude! I explain hea:****

I think I may have known him from online…

It’s funny – after a rainstorm the day before, I saw limestone deposits in the mud that were SHIMMERING AND BEAUTIFUL (the stones had been there ALL ALONG):


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That said – I’ll find out in the future – this is an AWESOME outdoor shop where I first brought some of my crystals…


Then brought some more that day…

That said, being there was almost like – for a dope fiend analogy – visiting the crystal man, except there were no crystal meth involved, lol! Needless to say – I FELT MAD HIGH AFTR BUYING THOSE STONES, I DUNNO WHY!


That said, I invite YOU ALL to visit this stand. Take the PCH (pacific coast highway) on the weekends and go all the way out as if you are going to Ventura County. When you hit the Malibu limit line (it’ll say “Thanks for visiting Malibu”) you will see signs saying, “Crystals for sale.” There you will find my crystal man, lol!

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