Do Not Buy Crystals From John Herd Near The Border of Ventura and Malibu

Don’t buy SHIT from him!

I don’t have a picture but lemme show you where he is posted up!

Sensed that shit right here (the energy was STRONG)!


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Even saw a cop car passing by as I left.

Oh, he gone get dat ‘woke ✊?

I made the mistake years ago of buying shit from him and one of em I had to chuck to the curb to get rid of bad shit that was afflicting me, etc.

That being said, let me tell you my story:

Alright, this mofo – like many spiritualists – is a vindictive, nasty mofo! I will say, I understand cause I fuck up people too. I understand ??

He once told me of how some surfers who were fucking with em he used a crystal they brought to direct bad energy their way. Understandable ✔

That being said, I don’t understand – and I am pissed – at what he did to me!

I used to go to his stand – topless – way back ‘n da day (before I discovered the internet). I brought a green flourite which I thought was my most prized and powerfull possession, a purple flourite (which got destroyed – WAS REAL THO. – the next day), and some lol crystals. I now go on amazon like everyone else to get my shit ?

Now, Imma say something right now – even during my satanic phase I never got spiritual signs my baby brother was in any extreme distress. I even saw him flying over the pyramids of Khemet (Egypt) – our ancestry – showing me the pyramids in his school uniform.

Now, after dealing with his ass – I had an astral vision:

John Herd, this nigga takes the form of a crocodile with still his face (and fat over extended belly hanging in one of those tourist t shirts) and I see pig entities (who dressed in cop uniforms), and crocodilian reptilians coming at me! Then it zooms to my childhood home all broken and burnt (symbolic) with the thought that those entities kidnapped and were fucking with my brother on the other side.

Imma kill this bitch!

The more I think of it – Imma just say don’t fuck with family. I was planning to get him during my MAJOR ‘wokeing daze but now that I am coming more and more into my power and understanding of my abilities (I was blocked before), Imma fuck him up – he gone get dat ‘woke!

Now Imma tell all you people out here: WATCH who you get your shit from! You got some devious mofos who be on some dumb shit (with bad entity attachments like him) who can pass on and fuck your shit up!

It’s like with that deceptive snake ass RejuvOhm bitch or even me – for now:

You run a GREAT risk of inheriting bad shit from somebody who are already beseiged with bad luck (them crocodilians got his azz UNHAPPILY living out of a camper van, and before that doing work like serfs on a farm) and having bad shit attack you.

He gets luck with that shit cause the crocodilians bless him by enabling him to sell so he can pass them on to other people and you get his shit luck aka entity attachments.

It was kinda how for awhile entities around me facilitated sex work for me so they can be passed on via contact with me:

That’s why I have been very big into the process of self cleansing and I have honest been winning:

That’s why I put my shortcomings on here so others in the same boat will learn how to overcome em just as I am doing.

That said, a good place to go is this guy, a hispanic dude, here who I believe – don’t know if he still does – post up on Wilshire and Vermont in that shopping mall – real cool cat:

That said, don’t go to this mofo! John Herd a petty mofo! He sella crystals at the end of the Malibu city boundary by Ventura.

You gotta be a fucked up mofo to do that shit to family so Imma sacrifice your ass too: unleash that dragon ?

Imma kill your fat, funky ass!

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