Why You Should Never Work Under Satan or Any So Called Deity

THEY ARE ALL energy vampire harvesters. I talk about them here:


That said, I AM IN THE PROCESS OF REMOVING ALL SATANIC INFLUENCES FROM MY LIFE, PERIOD! I’ve come a long way since I lived in my old apartment on Hauser Blvd: a series of calamities, fucked up things, misfortunes all cause by I believe Satan AKA THE HAT MAN who has been sighted in various ufo incidents (I’ve had constant dreams/ visions of ufos as a child) AND, BEFORE – AND EVEN AFTER – SHIT WOULD STRIKE, I WOULD SEE THE HAT MAN WHO I BELIEVE TO BE AN ARCHON JUST LIKE THR SPIRIT, SATAN!

That said, I fell in line with worshipping Satan going back to when I was 16 or I think it was around 15. I wanted the whole high school experience: boys, RESPECTFUL NON NIGGER ASS TEACHERS – so after watching the Devil’s Advocate, I thought to myself, “If I call on that, I could possibly change timelines, go in the past, have a better high school experience and that would be that.” Nah, first night I called on THAT I had a vision where I was in the basement of the den of my old home and THIS EVIL ENTITY FOLLOWED ME! IT WAS FUCKING EVIL! That was the satanic energy.

That said, make a long story short – I had a kundalini awakening and, being more sensitive, after my chemistry teacher Ms. Preston told me to “Drop the English accent” which I affected so kids in a way would laugh, I also saw it as being the highest form of speaking English, AND so I won’t feel I was in a “too niggerish” school like a public school where NIGGERS WERE LITERALLY TELLING PEOPLE NOT TO SPEAK WELL (I saw the English accent thing as being silly and in a way – a buffer from being FULLY TOLD THAT) – make a long story short, ot fucked up my mind FOR YYYEARS (took out the right, creative side of me which, being an artist, you can only imagine how I felt) AAAND I felt “outside of myself.”

Make a long story short, I had powers (which I always did) and now that I think of it that “soul loss” seems to have been designed to let “something else in” and that’s that mofo! Now that I think of it, it mighta been soul suppression since when people saw my aura they noted how powerful it is. Anyways, I moved to 637 Hause Blvd in L.A., started to shed the “old self” acquired after the soul loss and begun my unwitting (BUT IN THE FIRST PART OF IT, PLEASURABLE) experience with real true SPIRITUAL AWAKENING! That said, I fondly remember the Summer of 2015, binging on 13signsastrology and awakening my psychic spiritual gifts! I remember astral projecting – DELIBERATELY – a whole lot and being happy and excited for reaching A WHOLE NEW WORLD! But I knew something was blocking me!

I also exposed and talked alot about reptilians, ALOT! They started fucking with my money, ALOT! Till the point where shit dried up. See, money are talismans, spiritual, magickal shit which IS WHY you see alot sigils and spiritual occult symbolism on them. They make it! HELL, THEM AND OTHER ALIENS RUN THE SHOW! That said, they fucked up my money REAL BAD till the point where I had to resort to one of their archon systems – LIKE CHRISTIANITY – SATANISM!

Fell into that, stopped evolving my spiritual gifts, focused on mundane, material world things and TOTALLY LOST SIGHT OF COMING INTO MY OWN POWER! I WAS LOST! Not to mention I started seeing fucked up, evil things via mirror magic. Satan himself from what I heard – which I would hear HISSING when I had to wake up late at night – WAS A REPTILIAN OR AT LEAST SOME MONSTER MASQUERADING AS HIM! This is the thing I heard making that sound:

That’s why I say, those entities, so called deities are mere thought forms created BY THE ARCHONS AND DESIGNED TO HARVEST YOUR ENERGY, hence why there are numerous “Oshuns”, “Pazuzus” in the astral. Let me also add when I HAD TO WORSHIP SATAN TO GET MONEY – I saw those shadow entities that wear those executioner type hats and/or robes, cloaks with the glowing white, red eyes “encouraging” me to worship THAT! They are the ones who make the “om” sound you hear in many games and movies which can be used for good or evil, showing how much Hellyweird steeped in the occult! They are like the Hat Man, associated with UFOS. That said, I started working to get out from under that, started working with Archangels which I gladly do today. In the process, I would find, INEXPLICABLY, my phone chord fucked up one time, FUCKING WITH MY ELECTRONICS – LIKE THE REPTILIANS DID – CAUSE THEY ONE IN THE FUCKING SAME, crazy shit happening the more I tried to get rid of Satan, that satanic energy. When I finally got out of that apartment, just more fucked up, crazy shit ensued. I saw the Hat Man appear one night in a shadow the day before some fucked up shit went down! I, while under the Satanism (I forgot to mention this earlier) I DEVELOPED A BADDD DRINKING HABIT, A BAD PROPENSITY FOR JACK DANIELS! I HAD TO HAVE IT EVERY THREE DAYS BACK IN THAT OLD APARTMENT! Then it started spacing out but the desire for it was TOO STRONG STILL, STRONG URGES THAT WERE SELF FUCKING DESTRUCTIVE AND WOULD CAUSE ME EVEN PHYSICAL, EXCRUCIATING PAIN IF I DIDN’T SATE IT! THANK GOODNESS I got my citrine which stopped it! THANK GOODNESS! I wish I knew about crystals back then. Then I woulda put my faith in ME! That said, I know of another young lady with spiritual gifts whose being haunted with a TERRIBLE WHISKEY ADDICTION (EVERYDAY SHE GOT THAT FUCKING URGE) and it’s fucking up her life! She says Baron Samedi was around her. Said the same thing about me, too! SHE THINKS HE IS HELPING HER! IF THATS THE SAME MOFO AROUND ME (I THREATENED TO BEAT HIS ASS IN THE ASTRAL AND WILL STILL DO IT) AND HE IS KNOWN AS THE VOODOO “god” WHO LIKES ALCOHOL (I’ve seen THAT BAS-TARD FAGGOT AROUND WHEN I DRUNK) THEN I KNOW HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY TERRIBLE WHISKEY ADDICTION, TOO and the poor child can’t see it and I can’t be around that energy, esp. someone who fails to see the Light!). That said, I have had numerous calamities I feel was caused as a result of Satan using people – OR AT LEAST THE REPTILIANS WHICH IS WHAT IT REALLY IS – as agents to cause me problems so I’ll see him – or them – as the solution! That shit don’t work on me cause I see it for what it is. The more I break free, THE MORE I SEE CLEARLY – SPIRITUALLY – THE BATTLE I HAVE TO PUT UP WHILE THIS MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD DESPERATELY TRIES TO DESTROY ME TO PULL ME BACK IN, ESP. AS I GET STRONGER IN MY SPIRITUAL GIFTS!

That said, I’m writing all this shit cause – today – I was working on my other site. Make a long story short, on the other site, I offer spiritual services. That said, today, while working on that other site I CAME ACROSS A BUNCH OF INEXPLICABLE ENCUMBERANCES WHILE WORKING ON IT! First, as a reminder, let me say the site was influenced while I was under Satanism, one of the archonic programs. The title, EVERYTHING was influenced (and something told me not to do it at the time). That said, while working on it, despite having changed the domain name, THE OLD NAME STILL POPS UP EVEN THOUGH I ONLY SEARCH UNDER THE NEW DOMAIM NAME (I UNDERSTAND ADD ON REDIRECTS AND THIS AIN’T IT). For some reason, even though I removed the banner with the old domain, IT STILL KEEPS POPPING UP (THAT AIN’T NORMAL) AAAND… just now, when trying to get BACK into my account, I can’t. THE PASSWORD I TYPED IN WAS CORRECT! NO NEED FOR ME TO GET SHUT OUT OF MY ACCOUNT! I KNOW THAT’S THAT MOFO TRYING TO GET ME HOLD ON TO THE LAST VESTIGES THAT SIGNIFY HIS INFLUENCE AROUND MY AURA THAT I FEEL pushed AWAY alot of potential clients (and I feel on some level kept some of mg stones that are supposed to help with money from doing their job). “He” or rather “THEY” PUSHED AWAY ALOT OF PEOPLE BECAUSE THAT BAS-TARD WANTS YOU TO BE ONLY UNDER HIM and work UNDER HIM – ALL THAT NASTY ASS ENERGY – to get people! That mofo I FEEL HAS A NEGATIVE ENERGY THAT PUSHES AWAY ALOT OF PEOPLE! When you under the satanic energy, it exudes something that pushes people away from you (hence why I couldn’t get clients for the spiritual services site YET could get clients for my dirty ass prostitution biz). Case in point, when I went to a store – though my clothes were the same – people were “turned off by me” inexplicably. No rational explanation. Also, when I first started worshipping under that back in 2015 I noticed how he would take over your aura, make you more violent such as when I started developing inexplicable festering feelings of just – hatred! I saw the effect he could have on people when I went to a 99 cents store that day (I went to TWO 99 cents stores that day and saw TWO PEOPLE donning satanic shit) and saw a sweet young man with a satanic tattoo. Man did he not realize how he branded himself and how he fucked over himself. I observed people staying away from him, being mean – BUT AS A SPURITUALIST I SAW what was causing it! I saw the same exact thing play out with him play out with me so many years ago.

Satanists are nice people! They are some of the realest, most down to Earth people! HELL (PUN INTENDED) THEY ACTUALLY HAVE TRUE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS unlike HYPOchristians who have a shit ton of DEMONS ON EM cause of who they worship – the Demiurge which I discuss here who I think is Satan: https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/14/god-pazuzu-amun-and-satan-are-all-the-same-god/ THAT SAID – I’m losing energy just writing this shit – MANY OF EM, CAUSE THEY WHITE WITH NO REAL UNDERSTANDING OF SPIRITUALITY OUTSIDE OF THE BULLSHIT COUNCIL OF NICEA APPROVED BUY-BULL – which ain’t the real christian shit started by REAL CHRISTIANS – DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY FUCKING WITH! They got a stupid, dumbed down ELEMENTARY elementary school ass understanding of spirituality AND COMBINE THAT WITH THEIR CRAKKKA ASS HONKKKEY ASS ARROGANCE, their ignorant dumbasses DON’T WANNA HEAR SHIT! I had to run a lil bastard off once named Satanic Light cause when I tried to explain the Darkness of fucking with that evil shit – AND SHOWING HIM HOW IT WAS FUCKING WITH MY LIFE – the arrogant bastard said, “I will pray to Satan to help you!” That’s why I don’t like talking to white people or dealing with their dumb crakkka asses!

That said, they dumbasses shouldn’t be allowed to use their prayers in fucking townhalls. That ain’t no fucking religion. THAT’S SOME DARK ASS SHIT YOU DUMB MOFOS ARE CONJURING UP (STUPID ASS WHITE PEOPLE)! You don’t see fucking Santeros (Santeria priest) doing that shit, wanting to cut up goats in townhall meetings CAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY FUCKING WITH AND THE PROPER WAY TO HANDLE AND WORSHIP THAT SHIT! IT AIN’T NO FUCKING JOKE!! That’s lil stupid ass honkkkies wanting to be “edgy” and show boat up UNTIL THEY DUMBASSES GET POSSESSED, GO ON MURDER FUCKING SPREES THEY DON’T FUCKING REMEMBER – all thanks to lord satan – LIKE THESE TWO CRAZY ASS CRAKKKAS HERE:

– Look how black the one to the lefts eyes are! That shit aint no joke!


That shit ain’t like mainstream religion where it ain’t got no power – THAT SHIT HAS POWER AND CAN FUCK UP YOUR WHOLE LIFE as you see above!


Anyways, alot of em are good people who strike me as having alot of bad shit put in their path – deliberately – by spiritual forces so they’ll switch up with the Evil Side, DARKNESS, much like what happened to me! You don’t need that shit; YOU GOT CHAKRAS! THE FUCK YOU NEED OAHUN – who I saw in the astral once in which I sensed it was a REPTILIAN TAKING HER FORM and I also saw Baron Samedi in the astral change his eyes from pitch black to normal, letting me know this was alien related (you can read about it, here):

Anyways, the fuck you need Ogun (thank about it, OH-GOON) and all them cast of archon characters including Satan for? My spiritual development got greatly debilitated fucking around with that shit. I’ve had numerous experiences with aliens as a child (I might he a hybrid):

So unlike basic HUMAN mofos – I know this shits ALIEN AKA ARCHON RELATED!

You don’t need them to do what you can do. I explain here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/03/03/the-real-reason-why-this-world-hates-women/ you can just open up your own chakras and call it a day! YOU GOT THE DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY IN YOU! YOU ARE A GOD! The fuck you need to be under anything for? From voodoo to santeria TO FAKE ASS SATANISM, I’ve seen how the worship of those entities changes people for the worse. It ain’t good! That said, explore within. Find the god within cause, after all, YOU ARE GOD and those mofos are OBSTACLES trying to block you from seeing that!

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