I Hate The Way The World Treats Lesbians and Women

– Now, why they censor her BITING OFF A DICK but show dick sucking = male entitlement THIS SHIT MAKE ME WANNA BITE A DICK OFF; turn the dick into a hotdog, balls into = buns and blood = ketchup (I already drink that shit and show how it can be turned into a spiritual elixir: https://toplessinla.org/2017/12/30/how-drinking-period-blood-is-drinking-adrenochrome/) Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”31080″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”] That said, I came up with this today ever since being in an emotionally heated state, like I wanna KILL SOMEONE, just thinking of all the male entitlement, fucked up things in the world –

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