Reptilian Youtube Agents Working for the Matrix EXPOSED


Looks like Katy Perry!

While writing this last night:

I NOTICED THIS PERSON HERE NAMED “ANGEL DAEMON” AT THE TOP POPPED UP, almost like a subliminal from the spirit world!

Here’s her channel:

And here is ANOTHER person named PRESIDENT HONCHO – IN ALL FUCKING CAPS – WHO POPS UP IN RESPONSE TO A LADY who states that it’s a shame that reptilians are kidnapping and eating children on an Alex Collier video:


– My response……..

– This who AGENT PRESIDENT HONCHO WAS RESPONDING TO, a Theresa something (like Mother Theresa):

Here’s the video:

Here is this President Honcho’s channel:

Take a look at his youtube user account, channel and the videos he calls, “work” – ALL TRUTHER OCCULT REPTILIAN ILLUMINATO EXPOSING VIDS, calling them work cause as he did on that video which exposed reptilians, he gets paid to debunk shit! That’s what he does for a living!

– Look at his channel “art” and in a comic aztec way it features little reptilian monsters eating people, with blood (I KNEW there was something wrong with this channel and to look at it):

As for the “Angel Daemon” young lady – look at the NUMBERS ON THE BOOK SHE READING, “33” WHICH IS BIG IN FREEMASONRY – letting you know that’s who shes working for tho.

Here’s what she watching…

– Notice her playlist consists of only 3 videos which when taken into account her book cover says, “33”, adds up to = “333”

I sense she takes it and sees it as a “joke”. I also spiritually sense that they follow my comments like a few other accounts do and when I comment in comment threads for particular videos like here – as you can see in my reply to them I noted how that comment section was DEAD till I said something – THEN COMMENT to in a way let me know they are watching!

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