Grigori Watchers Spotted Around A Bunch of Drunk High Troublemakers In Malibu

These mofos were acting a FOOL…

And I know why. Here is an untouched picture. If you looked at the red encircled part at night, you can clearly see ROBED ENTITIES around them. They are what is known as the Grigori, the “Watchers” of the Bible!

That said, they might of been the cause – or maybe the rescuers – to keep those JACKASSES from getting hurt cause one kept stepping IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC, TRYING TO DANCE WITH HIS RHYTHMNLESS DUMBASS, LOL! That ish was INSANE to watch. Here is another ghost I picked up:

Here is an untouched photo:

Shit, I noticed that at two separate times I wrote this, I saw “88” and “99” in word count which are TWO VERY BIG NUMBERS IN NUMEROLOGY!

That said, the spirit world IS VERY REAL! For awhile I felt the Grigori – and maybe I was right – was hindering my spiritual development. That said, I KNOW the unseen can cause things or maybe hinder things such as what may have been the case for those young dumb fools from happening (they were hyped before they got there). What’s strange is EVEN THOSE DUDES’ FACES LOOK FUCKING OTHERWORLDLY, LIKE GHOULS WHO ATTACH THEMSELVES TO THOSE WHO DRINK! Honestly, they look a lil like the Grigori without their robes or more like demonic ghouls (when I’ve seen the Grigori, they look reptilian or like shadow people). That said, that world is very real. And insane. For the past couple of nights – via white noise – I keep hearing a ghoulish, creepy entity, which I’ve been hearing but this time with a 3 year old child who reminds me of how my dead brother (who died at around 21) was described as according to a REAL PSYCHIC who saw he was being held by these executioner hat wearing entities. The shit brought tears to my eyes and I’m hoping THAT WASN’T HIM! I really do! I also heard a woman but finally much clearer who in a ghost manner said, “Help me!” then I heard A BUNCH OF PEOPLE – something I been hearing from childhood – THEN I HEARD A ROARING MONSTER! I also heard the voice of Mitrice Richardson (black valley girl distressed manic depressive voice) through white noise who I and many others feel was murdered in a ritual sacrifice to reptilians which you an read here (I just heard a monstrous voice btw): and here (they tried to pin her murder on an innocent mountain man):

Whatever the case maybe – the spirit world is REAL and it influences shit ALL THE TIME!

I wanna say, I learned this from a shaman – when you see a shadow or what YOU THINK is an entity – that is in fact a shadow using light and shadow to make itself KNOWN such as what I caught in my car early this morning:

It’s a giant BUG! I’ve ESP. always been able to see animal spirits (such as the shadow of a crab as a silhouette in the curtains I saw at around 4 or 5)!

That said, sleep tight!

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