How Childhood Rejection Can Hurt A Person: The Venita Davis Spiritree Nyemma Case

How Childhood Rejection Can Hurt A Person: The Venita Davis Spiritree Nyemma Case


I had a series of VISIONS as I call em early this morning (I also felt that I may have heard – in the hypnagognic state – Donna Martinez lol – BUT I KNOW I HEARD A WOMAN which I sensed was a spirit THEN I heard some woman go, “coocoo” but I know it wasn’g no bikers cause I woulda sensed em pass by!).

That said, I had a vision about Spiritree Nyemma aka Venita Davis and why she is the way she is. It’s a chopped up series of events that seemed random but all fit a mold. Now, for those who don’t know her – she is this lady on Youtube and on the net who advertises spiritual services. I have watched her ond off for years – she picks fights with people for the sake of name recognition. It all really goes back to insecurity; childhood insecurity in which she was adopted and it seemed never loved, not even in her own family and she lives in a river of DENIAL in which she suppresses her feelings. I also note she has somewhat of a cult (not really) of backstabbers who talk a whole lotta shit about her – ESP. THE WHITES – BEHIND HER BACK and esp. the fahjays like that “Peter” something who was I sense feeding the transgender lady all sorts of “goods” behind her back and still – she retains those mofos! That’s why I stay running DECEPTIVE MOFOS – INCLUDING MOFOS WHO GIVE ME $100 – UP THE FUCKING STREET! I don’t give a fuck! I KNOW that there is a spiritual war going on now and you got forces we can’t see – or “people” themselves – fucking with people! Early this morning I saw two new subs: I INSTANTLY BLOCKED EM cause I sensed deception coming from em. I don’t give a fuck!

That said, the way I act comes from healthy self esteem. Poor Ms. Davis is what happens when you’ve been rejected, you internalize the rejection into self hatred which comes out as self immolation ie allowing people to walk all over you!

The first episode saw me in New Orleans – my birthplace – where I was in the astral. I saw her and I think I – I dunno if I approached her, it was so vivid (I got “pain” in my ears allowing me to hear shit) but she tried to convince me WHILE NOT LOOKING AT ME that SHE WAS NOT IN DENIAL and NOT IN PAIN. The next events showed otherwise…

That said, I next got an intuitive passing fleeting feeling – with visioms – that her own family, husband, kids, etc. DID NOT ACCEPT HER and she was in denial about that, too. That said, I then saw a fat white lady (my dreams, visions are symbolic) take in a bunch of kids, one of which were me. She used em for welfare money but didn’t care for the kids and wanted to dump them! When I watched Spiritree’s vids in the past – even as I sense it now – whenever she says her foster “parents” loved her I ALWAYS got a sinking feeling that they didn’t. Many foster parents use those kids for the stipend but don’t love em like these POS here:

Given she dark skinned and knowing how unwitting colorized black folks were – she got double rejected for that alone – and probably has vestiges of that internalized hatred!

I had A BUNCH of other visions but one that sticks out the most was one letting me know I would be okay in life! I saw 69tekashi69 – one of the ONLY new age rappers I respect (He also got “witches eyes” as I call em of which you can see the ring, here):

– look at the middle pic…

You can read more about them, here:

I’ve seen those eyes on Spiritree and a couple of other “youtube witches” as well…

That said, he stood there – frozen – like he didn’t want to hug me (cause I am “homeless” aka CHOOSE to live outbof my car) then I think he did – then told me to “meet him backstage for sex” ALL IN A ROBOTIC STRANGE WAY! I then saw a line of hispanic young girls waiting to see him at his concert, all backstage.

There was another vision – which happened – of an old client (this was real) who still had my REAL number from when I used to do sex work who, right around the time I had spiritually datk people trying to contact me to pull me down as I was on the verge of doing things that would go against the system (not too long after I got attacked and this one guy I saw shapeshift into a black reptilian in the astral – I INSTINCTIVELY KNEW that once I ran him off my facebook – I sensed possessiveness, HIGH sensitivity at rejection AND MESSINESS of which my emails can show – that’s when I got attacked!). Now, this old client was/is a mess. He would dump jobs without having a back up plan AND he told me – near the end of my hooking career – that he did meth which allows for reptilian possession. Alot of bad energy, him and some of the unwanted “BAD BLASTS FROM THE PAST” which consisted of old acquaunteances I didn’t care to talk with hence why I ignored some texts, came out at the beginning of that February. From what I recall, he in the text kept begging for me to see him, denying things. When I saw his text in real life, he did the same. In real life, he had no money, no job, was waiting on a check to clear and said he would have $40 – lol, smdh – at the most BUT – GET THIS – THE CHECK WASN’T EVEN CLEARED YET HE HAD THAT (I just had a vision of him getting involved with printing money). I let him know that I don’t even do that shit anymore nor want his dirty energy (you can EASILY get spiritual STDS from them dirty ass tricks who harbour ALOT of that shit making them blindingly obsessed with that shit to the point where – even without money – they have to have “it” since they’ve become energy vampires since the thing attached to em is sucking out THEIR energy and interestingly as I become spiritually, energetically powerful, HE CALLS ME OUT THE BLUE when I’m on thc verge of making MONUMENTAL STRIDES SPIRITUALLY). That said, in the vision, he begged to a point where I felt he was gonna lose his mind (too bad) and was gonna lose it, entirely – touch with reality, etc. Buf I recall something coming in that was gonna get rid of him for me, a dark spirit (I got some respect from that world!).

Then, I was in a loft. There was a black guy – older but short dude – sexually harassing me. I pulled out a dumbbell to let him know I was tough. He bowed down, thinking cause I was little I was strong (it’s given that it was in a loft a nod to that). Word then got out that I was a witch and that I don’t play. I became known as the Most Powerful witch in that area. I saw myself as an older, 40s white woman wearing black glasses and dressed in ALL BLACK!

That shit was symbolic and maybe perhaps representative of something…

I dunno. I GOT TO REMEMBER THE OTHER VISIONS cause some interesting shit went down, but I will say in reference to the
last line, YOU CAN SEE ME BREAKING FREE OF THE BONDS, THOSE LIL LAST VESTIGES OF SATANISM! I had to end another friendship because – after trying to make changes to my other website and not being able to make effective change after having it HINDERED BY A SERIES OF CRAZY, INSANE EVENTS which I document here:

– such as getting LOCKED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT EVEN THOUGH I HAD IT SET TO AUTOMATIC LOGIN AND HAD JUST CAME FROM USING IT, this white boy (WHITE PEOPLE ARE STUPID IN GENERAL when it comes to dealing with spiritual things and I talk about it, here: ) started caping for satan, saying it was a “WHITE” IE GOOD WITCH or some shit doing it, etc. I just blocked his ass. He one of them dumbasses – LIKE SATANIC LIGHT – who want to go outside of themselves for power and though they ask your advice, theh do dumb shit OUT IF WHITE ARROGANCE ANYWAYS! I CAN’T STAND TALKING TO WHITES! THEY ARE ABOUT AS BLAND AKA NON DEEP AND PROFOUND AS THEIR FUCKING FOOD! I just like how he didn’t power trip like the black spiritualists tend to (they got all sorts of shit on em, ALOT of NIGGERtivity [instead of negativity] and power-tripping with them) and didn’t see negative shit (unlike with the NIGGER spiritualists) and felt he’s someone I could safely share my spiritual experiences. Something TOLD ME to keep it to email.

Anyways, as for the two “spirits” I heard early this morning – one I think is that Zoe Stary who I talked about a while back who was under Baron Samedi who I exposed was fucking up her life – WHICH SHE REFUSES TO BELIEVE with horrible, HORRIBLE ass alcohol urges. She has borderline so you KNOW that mug is gone. Last time I spoke with her she was living in a homeless shelter after getting raped (fucking bastard) cause, like many borderlines, she’s very co dependent and needy which in many ways – even to the point of DEMANDING I STAY ON THE PHONE, GUILT TRIPPING ME CAUSE I WAS SICK. I recall once after talking about her, she started repeating shit that I had said AS IF SHE STOLE SOME ASPECT OF ME which is what energy vampires do – steal your power – to gain for themselves! The child, many borderlines, are like fucking emotional, empty, dead unstable voids with alot of undealt with chaos roaring in em making them more sensitive but more subject to harm… She also told me she fucked with this lady named Quiet Queen Project on Youtube and said the lady tried to PHYSICALLY kill her or something, crazy shit. ASIDE FROM THAT EVIDENCE – she was also, arrogantly enough – an ADMITTED energy vampire who I would feel INSTANTLY DRAINED BY AFTER TALKING WITH HER – AND SHE WANTED ME TO BE ON THE FUCKING PHONE WITH HER??? – AND HER BATSHIT INSANE CRAZY ASS THREATENED TO FIGHT ME IN THE ASTRAL CAUSE I RAN HER ASS UP THE STREET much like that mexican who attacked me (but I sensed that nigga was more possessed). THEN, TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, SHE TRIED to project that crazy behavior on me, saying that I do the same, which is typical of energy vampires. Borderlines, ESP. given their crazy behavior, CAN LEAD TO BAD SHIT HAPPENING though the nigga who did it to her NEEDS HIS DICK CUT OFF (I DON’T CARE WHAT A WOMAN DOES, IT NEVER JUSTIFIES IT). When I mentioned her behavior, it’s a segue to explain what I am about to explain next…

The next person who I believe I heard was a Donna Martinez who has the eyes of a grey from Zeta Reticuli which you can see here: SAME ONE I SAW ON BARON SAMEDI IN THE ASTRAL! I mean, you watch her videos AND look at the descriptions and you can see ALOT of craziness with her. I sense AND AM CONVINCED a GOOD chunk of her soul AND, THUS, BODY has been taken over by alien greys from Zera Reticuli.

THAT SAID, these are SOME PETTY ASS, PITIFUL, MISERABLE NIGGAZ! I threw cards on that Zoe Starry character and see HER LIFE IS REALLY IN SHAMBLES AND FUCKED UP, with that bad drinking habit CAUSED BY THE ARCHON ALIEN DEITY – BARON SAMEDI AKA BARON SATURDAY – being around her, the same one HARASSING ME (I know this cause once when I thought of something and decided to capitulate to him after taking her advice, my thought transferred to her WHICH WAS SHE SHOULD BE MORE INDEPENDENT and next thing I know I got a call from her). Aimless with no idea as to where to go. Her court case stifled against that dude. And here she is, at the behest of an archon entity who she has admitted HAS RAPED HER – LIKE THE GUY HE ALLOWED TO RAPE HER – meddling in my affairs for something that does not care about her.

ALL THEM MOFOS GOT WHAT I CALL “ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT”! Listen to Zoe, GROWN, OLD ASS DONNA, that poor Venita – they act like grown ass kids, talking about, trying to prove they got something to others who most ADULTS realize don’t matter, REVELING every time a bad fate befalls a made up enemy, acting like teenagers like I noticed in the case of Zoe Starry, FEEDING THAT BARON SATURDAY ALCOHOL WHILE HE USES IT TO DESTROY HER AND SHE DON’T WANT TO LISTEN, a neediness to be accepted by cliques. THESE ARE CHILDREN IN GROWN ASS WOMEN BODIES, hence why they can’t take spiritual command of their own spiritual lives but gotta be up under something or allowing yourself to be manipulated as in the case of Zoe Starry, WHO ALLOWS THIS ARCHON BARON SATURDAY TO RATHER – GLEEFULLY – RAPE HER WHO IN TURN ALLOWS HER TO GET RAPED (AFTER DRINKING TO FEED HIM) and she says he’s protecting her!

THESE ARE GIRL-“WOMEN” LOCKED IN GROWN ADULT BODIES and after sensing that ARCHON, BARON, BEING AROUND LAST NIGHT (I called on Archangel Michael to protect me), I sense their asses came at THAT ALIEN ARCHON DEMON’S COMMAND, letting me know they have no spiritual autonomy over themselves which is really sad!

As I said before – I’ll say it again – YOU GOT CHAKRAS and you don’t need no Buggadoo or anything like that to help you and when you break free of the matrix AGENTS are sent your way to try to pull you back such as a person by the name of “ROOT LADY” who awhile back ENCOURAGED me to worship the deities causing me problems. I also sense she an Oakland based high level sorceress WITH ALOT IF POWER with a black, purple and blue (with some brown) aura.

Here another one named, “La Red” who burned me one day, asking what site I use to find info and after I told her – interestingly, I GOT BLOCKED and when I spoke with her again, since I like her views, she said, “Don’t you remember: ‘Fool me once, don’t fool me again”… You can see the comment here:

Here one of her other accounts, gingerlocks something (I can tell its her cause she ALWAYS uses something to associate with being red haired AND I DID give her my number awhile back):

Now, here she is saying that she’s in Oregon though she said once she was in Las Vegas:


– Here another one:

HERE IS LA RED TALKING SHIT ABOUT BLACKS AND ASIANS (And that’s who they got working on Youtube government staff?) saying she hope WE DON’T OUTBREED (We got another white supremacist Irene Brennan on our hands:

– the sense I get with her is that she a dark, reptilian demonic bitch herself who practices black magic (I’m seeing a black, red, and purple aura, alot of resentment and anger, loss of dreams, that type) whose an evil mofo! Many of these people who come for me – it’s been revealed spiritually – are dark, evil, WICKED, DECEPTIVE MOFOS!


That’s why Zoe Starry wanted to fight me in the astral after I walked away from her, that’s why I face these attacks. MANY OF THEM DON’T HAVE SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT OF AN ELEVATED LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS TO TRULY MAKE SENSE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING – SPIRITUALLY – AROUND EM! They put shit into these lil boxes Oh, she living in a car that means she is miserable, nevermind how I FEEL towards how I CHOOSE to live, or “she is rejected by a lot of people” nevermind that I am a loner! It’s like they put people into boxes and define success based on matrix values, like kids in elementary school, which is why I can’t take them seriously…

That said, as for Spiritree – I feel sorry for you! I truly do! What I saw – and felt – I understand and I’ll send some healing energy your way. As a black woman, TO SOME DEGREE (I can’t claim your life), I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH! NOT ALL as we have different emotional, physical characteristics but still, you get it! IT’S HORRIBLE THE WAY PEOPLE HAVE TREATED YOU BUT DON’T YOU LET THAT TWIST YOU UP where, just like many abused people, you end up attracting MORE abusive people like them mofos in your coven who turn coat on you and stab you in the back, daily!

Which is why I keep to myself and STAY AWAY from these so called spiritual/ ESP. WITCHCRAFT people! You don’t deserve that but you gotta look within YOU to change your position so the right people AND entities who come along got your best interest at heart rather than wanting to use you for their own energy vampiric agenda, which is disrespectful to you and lil Zoey!

That’s why spiritual insight and developing it ARE SO IMPORTANT! When you can SEE into the Spirit World, you can EFFECTIVELY see what’s going on with a person. That’s why I don’t take shit seriously or personal CAUSE I GOT THE INSIGHT TO SEE WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON, SPIRITUALLY, with a person!

That said, what’s going on with these people – I’m referring to Zoey, Donna Martinez and Spiritree, ESP. HER (all the fucking betrayals she faced) – IS SAD! Spiritree is like a deep amount of quicksand within; if she were to go into her emotions, wade through and try to actually deal with em to find herself, it would be like a cave imploding in and she’d commit suicide after being buried under the sheer WEIGHT of emotioms she got suppressed underneath. That’s why she keeps her mind constantly occupied, messing with people, seeking affirmations from others in the form of being called “mama” – like a hive queen – by grown adults cause she’s unsatiated. Same with Zooey. Same with Donna. When you rely on your own power and am TRULY content with yourself MEANING YOU CAN LOOK WITHIN WITHOUT BEING BURIED UNDER MOUNDS AND WEIGHT OF BAD EMOTIONS, then you know you have finally arrived into your own power which is when even your enenies will respect you without you having to lift a finger.

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