This Is What TRUE Demonic Possession Looks Like: The Donna Martinez Story


THIS CHILD IS STILL POSSESSED!!!! Listen as she rambles – incoherently – and making strange pronunciations which is NOT indicative of her speaking style:

Here she is, here, taking credit for this attack which happened to me the other day:

Here are the screenshots of the description taken immediately following it:

When you read it – these are things I neglected to recognize the other day! In the screenshots of the description I posted above, she says, “If you don’t talk to me THEY GOT ME (WHICH IS FUCKING EERY)” then says “IT AIN’T ME”. This does NOT make any sense AT ALL amd sounds like she is STILL POSSESSED, FLOATING IN THE ASTRAL! You can tell she is still possessed because the speech patterns THE DEMON IN HER BODY uses in the video ARE NOT INDICATIVE OF HOW DONNA SPEAKS! She also rambles incoherently AND blinks A WHOLE LOT – ANOTHER SIGN OF DEMONIC/ REPTILIAN POSSESSION!

She also leaves a VERY WEIRD COMMENT saying “She will never sacrifice her kids” which is odd cause there is nothing in her speech, her incoherent title to justify why she would say it. I noticed later in the description she mentions meeting with Hollywood friends… Could it be the DEMON IS PLANNING TO SACRIFICE DONNA’S KIDS FOR HOLLYWOOD FAME A LA PIZZAGATE: and here: SO SHE CAN GET HELLY-WEIRD FAME???

That’s not the big worry… READ HERE how, again, unindicative of her speaking style, she rambles incoherently but gives off the vibe of being a “thing” in her body, talking about how DONNA’S KIDS ARE RICH (just something how the intruder says it) and how she is going to Hollywood (in all caps) to meet with celebs, etc. I highly doubt someone with an INFLATED EGO (Donna from what I’ve seen has ALWAYS been materialistic and HIGHLY INSECURE in which she needs the “wealth” of her husband who she, well, the thing in her body, called “stupid” in one vid… so he CAN’T have that good of a job! Maybe company foreman or something) who lives in the boonies (no offence to anyone who does) WHO DOESN’T HAVE ANY PICS ALREADY TAKEN OF THEM WITH SAID HOLLYWEIRD “FRIENDS” IN IT’S HEAD – really knows anyone out there, like that! I noticed that IT spelled “Hollywood” IN ALL CAPS I guess to make the emphasis that they support pizzagate and all the weird shit Hollywood does which is in TOTAL CONTRAST to a humble person like me.

Also, all the talk of humiliation rituals on me, etc. I don’t think these DEMONS UNDERSTAND HOW I OPERATE! Early this morning I had another VISION to become the Antichrist, WHICH I WILL NOT GIVE INTO! I believe the attacks that happened, all the social media haraunging, downing my chosen rather minimalist lifestyle (WHICH COMES FROM THE NATURE OF MY PERSONALITY) – which BECAUSE OF IT’S VERY NATURE PRECLUDES ME FROM BEING susceptible to corruption or persuasion to the dark side – IS DESIGNED – ALL – TO BREAK DOWN MY RESOLVE AND GET ME TO GO IN THAT DIRECTION! I see it for what it is; the demon in Donna’s body, knocking me for choosing to be in my car, FOR GOING TOPLESS and doing things that goes against the mainstream ie THE MATRIX and almost trying to COMPEL ME through insults such as in my current situation like here: in a manner DESIGNED to manipulate me into thinking that there is something wrong with me and break down my resolve so I’ll be destroyed and they’ll be the ones to BUILD ME BACK UP AGAIN!!!! It ain’t gonna happen cause I see these demons such as her, and here: and here (these mofos are trying to recruit): for what they are and what they trying to do and so ALLL the smoke and mirrors, IE GASLIGHTING WILL NOT WORK ON ME! NOT ONE BIT! I get that alot of demons will come at me at this time! I EXPECT IT! But I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO, HOW THEG INFLUENCE THINGS TO GO AGAINST ME TO TEAR ME DOWN AND HOW I WILL NOT FULFILL THEIR AGENDA, NO MATTER HOW HA4D THEY WANNA SEE ME FALL WHICH – YOU CAN KICK MY ASS, DO ALL SORTS OF THINGS; EGO IE HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF BASED ON HOW OTHERS SEE YOU – DOES NOT RULE ME! So you and your illuminati, demonic REPTILIAN INFLUENCED CREW can’t hurt me, can’t destroy me OR THROW ME OFF MY LIFEPATH FOR WHY I CAME HERE TO THIS WORLD! You can demonically, REPTILIAN-LY INFLUENCE ALLL THE PEOPLE YOU WANT! Still won’t STOP ME FROM DOING WHAT I CANE HERE TO DO!

As Bobby Hemmitt, these demons, THE DEMIURGE LOVES YOUR BODY BUT HATES YPUR SOUL! Donna Martinez, the demon in her ARE ALL TRYING TO LOWER MY VIBRATORY RATE SO I WILL BE STUCK ON THE MATERIAL 3D REALM AND NOT ELEVATE SPIRITUALLY!!! Like I said, I SEE SHIT FOR WHAT IT IS, LOL (Can you see this as well, Donna, while ASSTRAL PROJECTING, LOL AND SMDH!!!). That’s why she also downed me for HELPING PEOPLE OUT FOR FREE as you can see in this screenshot here:

I ALSO NOTICE TOO THAT THESE DEMONS ALWAYS COME OUT WHEN I AM IN A WEAKENED STATE – ALWAYS! I am NOT worried about the flesh – the spirit is STILL strong with me! And THAT is what you’re trying to hurt.

..There’s just something not right here…

This is, without a doubt – true demonic possession IN THE FLESH!

There are no whites in her eyes, nothing! Even her facial expressions are OFF! Now let’s check out the video (since she took the original down I decided to reupload it for fair use purposes for the sake of education pursuant to DMCA law – Funny cause IT took em down after I noticed IT had taken over HER body while most of the other, DUMB mofos were too slow to catch on).

Now, listen to the dialogue ALL THROUGHOUT her monologue: “She” consistently refers to herself in THIRD PERSON and at one point even mentions taking over Donna’s body WHILE SHE IS TRAPPED IN THE ASTRAL – Do not feel to sorry for her as she herself goes into the astral and tries to attack those who don’t fuck with her!


I’m gonna explain timeplace by timeplace the implicating comments IT makes while in her body, PROVING it is no longer the old Donna ANYONE IS DEALING WITH (SMDH!):




– Now, look at the screenshots here which I took in which you can SEE the EVIDENCE OF HOW THAT CHILD’S BEEN TAKEN OVER –



VS how she looked in the past (WORLD OF DIFFERENCE and only a couple of months went by…). She is beautiful here!



Might be the grandma who she channeled TAKING HER BODY! I bet ya she won’t be channeling IF she comes back into her body in the future. To be honest, in the above video, the intrusive spirits says it’s 40, talks with a STRONG southern accent, says it got dreadlocks with bald spots (Lol) AND TALKS ABOUT HOW JEALOUS IT IS OF DONNA AND CAN’T DECIDE IF IT WANTS TO KILL DONNA BY PUTTING A DEATH CURSE ON HER BODY OR STAY IN HER BODY AND LIVE HER LIFE (THIS IS SCARY)! I almost thought it was Spiritree with the accent and dreadlocks (IT also talks of having a loose pussy while Donna’s is tight)! Wow… this is just… scary!

Here is how she looked from a couple of months ago WITH TIMESTAMPS AS PROOF showing a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE, NOW!

VS how she look now with the blonde wig:


– SHE LOOKS DEMONIC is ALLL I can say. Here is a side by side comparison:

The skin looks stretched in the pic to the left, very grey, her eyes look REAL demonic, no life in them, the facial constructs where her eyebrows are look “different” – I can’t put my finger on it and other weird anomalies.

This is sad! She also spoke of putting a curse on a family. Wonder who?

She’s probably “out of body” now – permanently – since SHE MAY HAVE FUCKED WITH THE WRONG ONE, whose protected!

Now, listen to her more RECENT VID (Which she posted yesterday) in which she states she tried hitting on a “gay” girl and her voice is DEEP ASS FUCK! WHAT YOU ARE WITNESSING IS A MAN IN A WOMAN’S BODY, which could spiritually explain homosexuality/transgenderism:

Here a screenshot taken from the vid:

Here are MORE vids where you can SEE AMD HEAR THE PO-SSESSION (crazy, incoherent speech, etc)!

Here are her vids from the past in which you can SEE the difference in her facial appearance and voice:

Here she is talking about putting hexes on people (that shit came BACK to haunt her ass – smdh!):

Now, the devil came to collect…

THIS is what happens when you let spiritual powers get to your head. I am not saying to NOT be in service to self but. you. must. use your powers, WISELY! That is why enlightenment ie wisdom is SOO important before going into that world. Another one I exposed is Spiritree, here:

Look at her response here, too:


I did an article touching on her more, here:

Both of these are CHILDREN IN WOMEN’S BODIES!(that’s why I advised Ancient Egyptian Magic TO STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THOSE IDIOTS AND NOT LET THEM DRAG HER INTO THEIR PETTY BULL! Ancient Egyptian Magic IS MEANT TO BE A GREAT TEACHER IN ESOTERIC STUDIES AND THEY ARE NOT ON HER LEVEL!!! Them having spiritual abilities IS ANALOGOUS TO GIVING A SMALL CHILD A LOADED FUCKING GUN!!! To bad we can’t control that, not that I would as THEY WILL FIND OUT THE HARD WAY! THEY ALWAYS DO! That said, as a result of her not tempering her magic abilities WITH WISDOM, her stupidass is STUCK IN THE ASTRAL, BOUND TO BE A FUCKING GHOST UNLESS SHE FIGURES OUT A WAY TO RETURN TO HER BODY WHICH COULD BE NEVER!!! She was probably looking to cause someone who just said the wrong thing about her (AFTER SHE PROVOKED HIM) in a certain sector grevious harm and ended up like ya girl Nancy from “The Craft”:

Except worse… way worse! Being out her body and having no way to return. THIS is what happens when greed, LACK OF WISDOM and special spiritual powers collide: the end result is a GROWN CHILD, IN A DRIVER’S AT, READY AND WILLING TO COLLIDE WITH DANGER AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE!

Let this be a lesson to ALL who let their spiritual powers get TO THEIR HEADS! There are far more POWERFUL spiritual beings, people THAN YOU who can fuck you up and get you caught up on the otherside. YOU DON’T KNOW WHO HAS PROTECTION (Maybe the so called “Bum Dot” – he seem like a VERY SMART GUY so I won’t call him that, a real deep thinker – HAD SPIRITUAL PROTECTION) AND FUCKING WITH THE WRONG PERSON CAN GET YOU FUCKED UP ON THE OTHERSIDE AS WELL AS HERE!

Let this be a lesson to ALL OF YOU: DO NOT let the Age of Aquarius get you caught up like it did to her!

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