Behind A Blue Lens Cop Doc PROVES Vancouver Cops Were Using Women In Snuff Films On Serial Killer Robert Pickton’s Farm

I can’t believe what I heard…

Listen to this clip here:

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Now, if you have a hard time watching the vid here, you can listen to that segment here WHERE THE COPS STATE THAT THE DRUG ADDICTED SEX WORKER WAS RUNNING FROM THE POLICE CAUSE SHE THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNA USE HER IN A SNUFF FILM FROM 5:59 TO 6:53!

I reuploaded the whole doc in case Youtube takes it down (and when my vids finally start working faster!):

That said, at 6:59 in the doc or in this segment here you can hear the cop say that cocaine’s to blame! As someone who formerly used cocaine, cocaine NEVER got me like that! Ever!

Here is the excerpt:

Also, note how at around 7:48 in the doc above she states the drug she takes: HEROIN (Coulda been a speedball) BUT STILL THIS ALL THREW ME OFF STILL cause of what was said here down below!

I want to mention when you LISTEN to thr documentary there was ALOT of MK Ultra in this documentary: alot of the women came from “good”, even WEALTHY homes so why did they succumb to that? Almost like they were setup to succumb to that DEATHSTYLE by ritual trauma as a kid = mk ultra. You can read more about it, here:

That’s a link to an affidavit signed by a victim/witness WHICH YOU MUST READ HERE: who was a sex worker who talked to activist Kevin Annett (look him up on youtube) and his organization called ITCC about how Vancouver cops such as RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounties) Officer Bruce Michaelson forced her into something called “The Hooker Game” where they would kidnap, rape women, drug them with scopalamine (so they won’t remember) and then release them back or in some case kill them for said snuff films – as mentioned in the documentary! It states that a cop “clubhouse” was used, one of which was a penthouse in the Century Plaza Hotel or Hotel Georgia in downtiwn Vancouver, along with a film “studio” called “Good Bye Girls” owned by porn star named Tom Tasse and a dude named Jean-Guy Boudrais or Beaudrais who is believed to be a serial killer on Vancouver’s eastside who is believed to have killed the victims for which Pickton took the fall. It also talks about all the murders involving Vancouver PD (hence why they were so sloppy in their investigation and allow the crime scene at piggy palace aka THE NOTORIOUS SERIAL KILLER ROBERT PICKTON’S FARM where droves and droves of young ladies were found murdered at his “Piggy Palace” after being raped and used in snuff films on the property which this film greatly delves into:

*Robert Pickton himself even said that “he did not work alone” and “big people” were involved in helping him with his snuff film operation.

As a matter of fact, one of the people featured in the “Blue Lens” documentary, Andrew (Andy) Bellwood, also lived with Pickton on his snuff film murder farm whom you can see down below:

Here he is involved in the Pickton Court Case in which they try to say the man is a “liar” meaning the government got something to hide…


Now, returning back to the documentary, notice the cop taking pics of the women (here is an excerpt AND NOTICE THE LADY HE TAKING A PIC OF IS GORGEOUS):

She look mixed, part First Nations!

In the doc here you can hear it from 1:25 to 1:35:

Here is an excerpt in case youtube takes it down:

Also, listen from 15:00 to 15:35 in the doc on youtube to how these two cops DEGRADINGLY AND DEHUMANIZINGLY talk about the people living on the “skid row” of Vancouver’s Eastside:

Here is an excerpt in case youtube takes it down:

That is not by coincidence. It is because (regarding the cop taking pics) he was taking pics of PROSPECTIVE WOMEN TO USE IN THEIR “HOOKER GAMES” AS NOTED HERE:

From 21:40 to 21:59 YOU CAN SEE THEM BASED ON THE BODY LANGUAGE TALKING ABOUT A YOUNG WOMAN, LOOKING AT HER SALACIOUSLY (Could it be they were looking at their next “hooker game” victim?):

LOOK at their facial expressions, here:

The cops calling them waste of human garbage ACTUALLY FEEL THAT WAY TOWARD EM!

Tho. he’s cute this cop i
I feel is a sociopath. I feel he may do drugs himself, “just to feel” socially-recreationally. I also get the sense on a psychic level that he prob. on a more individualistic level attacks the sex workers WHEN OFF DUTY!

That said, SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, I decided to take some excerpts off the ITCC website so you can SEE what I’m talking about (which you can read here):

a youmg woman named Anne Parker who was a sex worker and drug user was beaten by RCMP Officer, Bruce Michaelson, into being forced to join the hooker game in which RCMP officers, Hell’s Angels (a bunch of broke ass misogynist POS and another C.I.A. creation whom in tbeir early days were FILLED with ex-marines), and a dude named Jean-Guy Beaudrais or Boudrais would rape, murder young ladies and make snuff films! Alot of times, they would drug the woman with scopalamine, a hypnotic drug used to cause a person to “consent” to anything because the person becomes rendered unconscious and doesn’t remember anything afterwards, rape them, BRUTALLY beat them up and release them afterwards… It is also believed these devils used it to engage in a sort of ethnic cleansing of First Nations Canadian women, ESP. young girls (fucking crakkkaroach PEDOPHILES).

That explains the “Highway of Tears” in Canada in which massive amounts of First Nations ie (for the American audience) Inuit or “Eskimo” women AND girls, babies would go suddenly “missing” – both sex worker and non sex worker alike!

– In the report, she states that a 9 YEAR OLD FIRST NATIONS GIRL was raped AND sacrificed ritualistically in one of these “games” and sacrificed herself so she could be let go!

She goes on to say that RCMP Officer Bruce Michaelson, a freemason, along with what is believed to be THE OTHER SERIAL KILLER responsible for the “Pickton victims” – Jean Guy Beaudris or Boudrais – also a freemason and computer programmer with ties to the Canadian government and military WHICH REEKS OF MK UKTRA (hence why he wasn’t put on trial), two RCMP officers named Steven and Dave, a CBC cameraman named Gerry Dunne with ties to a pogo productions, a “peace” officer with the Vancouver PD named Bob Krisko and a Dave Collins who reportedly owns Lions Gate Studios (Yes, THE Lions Gate studios) along with others would rape amd murder women in a penthouse at the Century Plaza Hotel and the Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver.

In the report it is said that the dumping site for the bodies is a cabin loctated 10 minutes west outside Horseshie Bay near the Sea to Sky Highway in which the bodies are dumped in a metal cistern. Of course, the government provides protection (See how the police, government contaminayed the crime scene and did an incompetant job in this documentary):

That said, the report goes into more details about, in this may sound unbelieveable to some but given what’s going on with celebs, POLITRICK-ians and pizzagate: and better, here: this should come as no shock!

IT STATES THAT EDDIE MURPHY PAID TO RAPE AND MURDER A YOUNG ASIAN STARLET/PORN STAR and sadistically sliced off the skin of the witness in the affidavit. I don’t doubt her. Here are the excerpts:

Shows how the Pickton Brothers – with Steven being the ringleader – are interconnected!
Same here.


Just having those dogs there shows the devious purposes those dental chairs are actually used for…

You see dental instruments being used in the “art” of Bilijana Djurdjevic (which I personally think are paintings of stills taken of the torture incidents and provided as acceptable souverneirs to be displayed in public rather than the actual photos of said torture incidents which would get they asses killed by us…) YOU SEE ALOT OF DENTIST CHAIRS BEING USED! Why is that? Well, as the affidavit showed, they use it to TORTURE THE VICTIMS WHEREVER just like this lil girl here with her mouth bleeding in this collage:

Here’s more on it here (with more pics of ABUSED AND BATTERED KIDS INVOLVED IN IT):



Here are more excerpts from the affidavit:

– There was a witness #2 involved who noted that not only were the RCMP, local cops involved in raping amd murdering and snuff films, BUT ALSO THE SMUGGLING OF IMPORTED ARMAMENTS AS THE EXCERPT ABOVE NOTES MEANING THIS SHIT IS WORLDWIDE PIZZAGATE BIG!

Reading this SHIT made me sick to my stomach the first time I read it. Hearing THE REVELATION – IN THE COPS OWN DOC – MADE IT WORSE! I couldn’t pass it up! And seeing all the bs ass “heart warming”, romanticising, simple minded perception towards the cops actions in that film – not realizing that the cops had an ULTERIOR MOTIVE behind their actions – made it worse! I STAYED trying to wake people up by providing links in that comment section. The best I could do is write about it, here and hopefully in the era of pizzagate and infowars awaken as many people up as possible to the HORRORS that’s been going on underneath our feets for a loooong time. Thank you, Mr. Annett, thank you!

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