Assault Autozone Thieves Involving Possibly Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

::Looking back on it in 2020, with these wetbucks, they were right::

I HATE having to do this article...

Sometimes I’ll feel psychically influenced to do research on things and this came up while, of all things, WATCHING A CHP VIDEO:

Note the appearance of the “young lady” in the video vis a vis with Jeanette Jenkins:

Just from looking at her pics, I sense that same demonic presence, energy I sensed the lady at Autozone had that day.

– When you watch the video, their voices, facial structure are REAL similar! I notice they blink alot as well!

– She used to date Queen Latifah:

Basically – two weeks ago – I witnessed her (if that is Jeanette) and her dudes try to attack (I sense they were gonna beat the shit out of) an Autozone employee after he felt they were stealing. I jumped it cause I sensed from her DEMONIC ASS STRENGHT that she was gonna fuck up that dude – her and the two other guys (the guys actually started to calm down when they got near him but her demon had to be FED so she started the shit with him – again – flailing her arms out that car) – up, royally and since I was black and NOT the object of their enmity I KNEW intuitively they weren’t gonna do much to me.

Here are the vids on it:


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Here I am, reporting it to the cops (I honestly didn’t know what to do cause I felt like they were gonna come back and do some shit here later):

I broke down and cried here just thinking of all the shit I’ve endured:

Since they gave me the WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS (the cops that is) I went in to ask them the proper one (I feel they didn’t wanna maybe accept it… who knows).

Don’t the cop (white dude – I know he look hispanic) look like that former UK Football player Vinne Jones from “The Midnight Meat Train” which was about reptilians underground eating people:

Funny there are alot of reptilians in L.A. and there was even a city of reptilians found UNDERGROUND just like in the movie which you can read about in an article HERE:

Here is an article in which a man REPORTS seeing an L.A./Santa Monica judge briefly SHAPESHIFT into a reptilian then recuse herself when she notices:

I HATE reporting on other blacks (I’M HAPPY that they said “Uncle Tom” and at least brought up black identity unlike the NEW/NEO skinny jeans/skinny pants wearing KNEEgrows – or should I say KNEEglects we got nowadays like the lil KKKNEW KNEEglects [supposed to be the same as NIGLects] at the artist loft here: ) and I’d hate to see em go to jail (I did the police report cause of all the crazy ish that went on that day in a rattled state of mind) in a way I view the people at that Autozone as family since I go there. The ANGER I sensed in those folks was like an intense, DEMONIC anger which I felt wasn’t gonna be assuaged by normal means and I felt and even saw they were gonna hurt ole’ boy – BAD – and end up in PRISON over demonically possessed influenced anger and ya boy woulda been very hurt (just had a vision of paramedics, etc.) all of which coulda been averted…

That’s probably why they kept yelling, “We got money (but yet drive a fairly average car – USUALLY REAL FAMOUS people will do that deter attention but I didn’t know who she was until a chance youtube search). She probably WORKS with a demon for that money she got.

That’s why I said here, this will be the year they separate the wheat from the tares…

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That said, there are ALOT of people running around with spirit, entity attachments, fucking with these things in the Age of Aquarius as I discuss here: THAT’S GONNA FUCK EM UP IN THE LONG RUN AND REQUIRE THEM AS THE SACRIFICE! Causing them to get into trouble, fuck up people (demons THRIVE on that!)! I SAW IT HERE: I hope they RECOGNIZE IT and get help from a spiritualist, shaman etc. cause that demon they fucking with royally for “fame” and MONEY is gonna fuck them up in the end – royally – just as I talk about here:

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