This Is Why Ugly Things HAPPEN to Ugly People

I WANNA SAY THIS GUY HAD A STRONG DEMONIC ENERGY – I COULD FEEL IT FROM A DISTANCE!!! That’s WHY he’s so hateful – I could feel it from a great distance from his ass!

I was trying to help this person here whose in crutches…

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THIS MOFO TURNED AROUND AND THREATENED ME cause I look different (THIS where I can see eye to eye with homos and transgenders cause I’ve been rejected my whole life).

I talk about it here…

This BASTARD even had the NERVE TO PROJECT amd say I’m mean after he lashed out at ME FOR WANTING TO HELP HIM (There’s a reason WHY this mofo in crutches). Even said they got “good blacks and I ain’t one of em. Here are some good blacks:

I kept my distance cause of my underarms…

Here are my requisite pics of the beach, as usual:

That said, miserable people like him amd his daddy – never mind their material possessioms like their beemer:

Here’s their license plate: CA 7MBY805

PEOPLE LIKE HIM AND HIS DADDY ARE PIECES OF SHIT WHO DESERVE NO LESS THAN ANY HORRIR THAT COMES HIS WAY (I get the sense his “dad” beats up on his fragile ass mom). Mofos like that who lash out at me I spiritually learned usually have problems WITH THEMSELVES AND NOT WITH ME! They are often times not comfortable in their own skin and so LASH OUT AT PEOPLE LIKE ME – HOMOSEXUALS, TRANSGENDERS WHO ARE COMFORTABLE WITH LIVING OUR TRUTHS!!! That’s the basis for this mofo’s misery and I AM GLAAD THAT MOFO BECAME “PISSED” CAUSE I’M BEING ME!

This vid by Erica Badhu PERFECTLY SUMS UP what happens when REAL mofos like me meet UPTIGHT, IN DENIAL MOFOS LIKE HIM:

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