Weird UFO Floodlight Light Seen In Malibu By Mastro’s Ocean’s Club

For some reason, I dunno why but I can’t astral project FOR THE LIFE OF ME out in Malibu and I kept trying to do it all last night and I would feel the vibrations and the thing around my crown chakra but NOT BE ABLE TO LEAVE!!!

That said, I witnessed a weird, anomalous light by the Mastro Ocean’s Club in Malibu last night in which I’ve seen before: there was no light pole on which it was affixed on, IT DID NOT MOVE OR MAKE ANY NOISE like a helicopter would, it was WAYYY to low in the sky to be anything BUT what I suspect it to be which was some type of UFO (Also, I’ve only seen that light pop up between about 1am till maybe 5am so YOU KNOW IT’S UP THERE FOR WEIRD REASONS):

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Here it is, circled in red:

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Here it is, dimmed down:

You can see in the proceeding videos here that the light has significantly DIMMED DOWN and in the last one it’s practically GONE!

Here are some vids of suspected UFOS:

That said, there’s alot of weird energy out here in Malibu and I’ll keep reporting it as new info comes along…

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