Pizzagate Illuminati Rape of Children EXPOSED With Proof In Pictures

This was taken from the instagram account of Rachel Chandler, a known former child prostitute, pimp/handler and associate of “Lolita Island Express” pedophile Jerry Epstein. Here are the pics some folks at voat acquired here:


Here some disturbing shit found on her instagram which you can view here:

That’s dick and balls going into a kids’ mouth captioned “Malested (written like a child would) No!”

And this bitch gotta kid:

This was taken at the East Hamptoms Hospital PEDIATRIC WARD!!! Not the open legs on the purple rabbit which almost looks like genitalia, the pink female bunny bending over in impossible ways, like an extreme sexual position and the blue bunny up against the tree for no reason, like he waiting to get fucked in the ass! In many rich areas like Malibu, those people stay practicing rituals to stay rich! Notice use of bunny imagery which figures into alot of illuminati child rape symbolism as can be read about here in which talks about an abduction gang that has gone from Utah to California, kidnapping kids called the “White Rabbit Gang” (they have a hangout in Marina Del Ray, CA where a “white rabbit” symbol was painted on a BLACK house out there):


– White rabbit is used in the child sexual abuse and trauma of children ie “child sex programming”:

It’s sickening! It CAN’T be argued as some might say that they are made up pics cause why that lil girl got the upside down cross WITH BLOOD TRICKLING FROM HER MOUTH??? And the other lil baby sitting in bed – smoking a cigarette like she grown!? This is sick. Far beyond sick. They also tried to play it off that the photos were fake cause the one with the black robed people was supposedly taken in the catacombs of France. I can’t verify that but I can say – indubitably – the ones with the kids ARE NOT RIGHT!

Also, these pics of lil babies with fucking bruises and sexual (herpes?) blisters on their mouths was taken by “artist” Alex Podesta who may be of some relation to John Podesta and Tony Podesta who are involved with pizzagate and more than likely the disappearance of Madeline McCann:

Here are those pics…

Here the “artist”:

– His face SCREAMS exposure to childhood trauma and sexual-ritual abuse!

Here’s some more pics of his “art”:

– TF!?

– Notice the constant theme of white rabbits = mk ultra programming!

These people are sick. Couldn’t pay me to fucks with that sick, perverted world!

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