Weird Phone Calls From A Reptilian Possessed Negro

Diss how that take-a-kneegrow look like


They were actually coming from a DEMONICALLY POSSESSED NIGGER NAMED KEVIN TOLBERT whose number is here:

From what he told me, he lives on 500 San Pedro St Los Angeles, CA 90007

You can listen to his voice and HOW HE RESPONDS HERE:

And compare to the voice recordings below. He says he works at a mechanic shop in downtown L.A. This crazy nigger called me about had to have been about 15x in one day.

It sounds like one. Here’s the weird series of phone calls I been getting (notice they make a long “shhhhsssssh” like a snake not unsimilar to what I heard last night):

(Tonight while trying to edit, I COULDN’T and had to go into html mode to edit)

and here:

Buy all 6 audios here:

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*I PEEPED WHEN I UPLOADED THE OTHER ONES – THOUGH THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN HERE – THE AUDIO WOULD NOT WORK THOUGH IT WORKS PERFECTLY IN MY FILE LIBRARY! Proof can be seen here (notice the top one comes on but not the two where you can hear the weird reptilian non human hissing:

* LET ME KNOW IF THE ABOVE TWO AUDIOS WORKS NOW cause it was DAMN SURE not working on my end and I want all of you to hear it!

I’m also noticing that while an edit mode even though the audios aren’t on top of each other when I go to the published screen they are stacked on top of each other:

Based on the weird shyte that said – which you can listen in the audio records above – I dunno WHAT the fuck they’re intentions but it’s weird that mofo was making a snake sound then I heard it last night, too, which you can read here:

It seems the more I come into my own powers – the more fuckers will try to shut me down, both spiritual and physical world forces (who are often used as hosts for the reptilians!).


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