Reptilians Threatening Me In The Dreamscape For Not Being Recruited By Them

Reptilians Threatening Me In The Dreamscape For Not Being Recruited By Them

– What if our dreams are reptilian-archon created matrixes designed to keep us rooted in this carnal and cabal based system? After all, people who said they had lucid dreams say that unlike with astral projection dreams are more “staged” like the shit in them are put in place already and the people there are either created props designed by something or are unaware of what’s going on!

Them mofos get real, real! When you go against their agenda or speak out against it!

Okay, in the last lucid dream I had this morning – I recall something vaguely involving a gladiator ring. Then I recall an entity – very clearly of all the things I dreamed about – showing up in a tv set like box (without the rabbit ears) and it said something to the effect of, “ssssshhhhssss”, hissing like a snake. The entity looked like Jakoby from Netflix film, “Bright.”


Then, as I woke – I CONTINUED TO HEAR IT – meaning this shit is real. I then saw an image in my mind’s eye of a reptilian snake, decked out in a black robe. I felt this entity may have been outside my car but I’m not sure. I then recall seeing this:

Which looks like angel wings – outside my window along with a face in the light up above so you all can see it (I also felt it eery that my in-car light appeared like it was the moon next to said face!). Also, angels which could be archonic creations can be good or bad, too. They play both sides to hype your Earthly experiences up to keep you rooted to Earth.

That said, I heard this asshole – this loud black dude who looks like Tommy Sotomayor who works next door to this place I usually park at night (they’re passive aggressive assholes) talking shit about somebody – I’m guessing me – being trash and a whole load of other bs then shut up when I awoke:

That said, the next phase of the dream saw me in a penthouse it felt in the clouds (astral heaven?) where I was living in a nice apartment/penthouse it seemed in Hollywood (this is very significant now) in the astral and it seemed I was a sex worker who lived with a friend/pretend girlfriend there. It seemed I did my topless thing there but on the sneak… That said, there were some new neighbors – I distinctly remember one with a beard, all white or I felt people coming to check it out. So I felt I had to stop the “topless” thing (which is so stupid) momentarily so they can get new clients ie renters. I recall at one point the white boy with the beard said something about he knew about my topless thing and how dare I reject Hellyweird (which I felt pertained to this hence why I did what I did since I felt it was part of the reptiliian’s agenda to use me in some way and keep me from becoming effective by coming into contact with my own power: ). He also didn’t from what I recall like the fact that I rejected him when I told him that I only fucks with black men THEN I LIED – told him I only fucked with my darker, black roommate. This was also right after (the dreams/visions I had were made out of sequence) I had another vision of again – 3 deputies – raping me (something warning me in the dreamscape). That said, I recall being in a mall-extension to thus place (it seemed all interconnected). I also wanna mention I felt like a white girl in this, a Paris Hilton which may have exemplified an aspect of my spirit (?) and I recall acting very “valley-girlish”! Anyways, despite the superficiality (even though I felt an extension of me here was there as well, hovering above which my jive with psychics’ reports of seeing a shadow on the left side of my back), there was a guy in this dirty aspect of the mall who was Chinese, had no legs, no torso but had arms (almost reminds me of the vril entities Donald Marshall talks about here):

And he I recall had long hair, a mustache, a dirty gray (of course) loose fitting shirt, 30ish or maybe 40, grungyish, very thin whom I offered to help him get to his destination while standing next to a Japanese man who looked exactly like Mr. Miyagi (why I see all these Asians in the dreamscape or representing me is beyond me!). I do recall a real handsome Armenian man, young-ish, who saw my niceness and decided to follow suit, either helping a man in a wheelchair – an elderly man or a combo of both! I recall getting on the elevator and the young man saying that he will help carry the young man from that point on. I recall going into what looked like a maintenance room for mainteance people and I recall seeing two men (this. is. symbolic!) with one wearing a red suit and from what I recall the other wearing blue and they were both Italian (ancestors from past lives) and I recall either the one in blue or red popping up before me – prominently! I don’t recall what he said, maybe “Hey!” (as soon as I wrote that my word count showed “777”. That said, I recall returning back to my apartment and the new prospective neighbors: they were all white with a creepy vibe to em, I recall there was a girl with brown hair, a blond short skinny hipster looking dude and a white dude wearing a “wife beater” (how appropriate) with that dumbass pseudo wannabe manly beards (like that shit makes their weird asses suddenly “manly men”) and fairly short brown curly-ish like hair (coulda been hispanic) corner me and say that he’s seen me do the topless thing, he didn’t like my arrogance to reject Hellyweird – how dare I reject them and him as well and for my hubris he was gonna rape me! I got the sense all throughout this cat was reptilian sent! That said…

I recall another scenario where it seemed – again – I was in a place where buildings were built in the sky and based on this experience which I will explain everybody flew around in helicopters. I recall being in an apartment – drabbier – but nice, bigger, more realistic I should say – where I lived with my family. I recall – and this is why I said what I said earlier about people transporting themselves by flying around in helicopters. That said, there was a plumbing company (which again I feel is significant as it was I feel all symbolic and designed to convey a message)  that when it had to help people flew it’s folks in a helicopter. There name was (and this is important as shit that I’ll focus on in the astral will deliberately change but this didn’t) called C & L plumbing which was written on the side of the helicopter (which I think was a truck) and I think it said brothers and it was written in all green. I saw it come out while I was floating at a table where my family and a group of other people I felt were present. A lil drone got deployed and I recall it sniffing around me. I recall saying “Get away! I don’t like white boys” and the mofo – like a crakkkkaroach will do – still came and fucked with me! That said, I woke up!

The whole fucking experience was eery to say the least. That helicopter in my mind’s eye was reminiscient of these militart helicopters I saw flying in the sky earlier in the day – with one that seemed like it was a military helicopter which then shapeshifted into an lapd helicopter which you can see down below:

One time I saw an LAPD helicopter scarily landing mad close…

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I’ve heard that ufos and certain military grade helicopters can shapeshift or morp using what I believe to be astral based technology gained from aliens…

Anyways, giving this shit here: I think it was DEFINITELY a message from the reptilians that they’re watching and they want my ass gone cause I can’t be recruited cause I am not as caught up on having material possessions as some other people. Being that – from what I’ve been told – a descendant of the Nephilim I have a specific bloodline with DNA that when activated can reveal a whole lot about what’s going on in this world – and drop this system on it’s ass – hence why these mofos fuck with me when I am trying to ascend via meditation (I heard the old had sigh when I opened my car door after being interrupted by a dying alarm that – when manipulated by entities since it rings at ungodly hours – killed my battery). That said, that’s why in the dream an entity which portrayed itself as the white bearded guy was PISSED cause I rejected it’s wordly trinkets. I can’t be brought much like Jesus Christ:

That pisses them off hence why they paid me a visit (I felt hate and death from it) for revealing too much of their shyte!

That shhhssssshhhh was designed to tell me to shut up!

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