Reptilians Put A Death Curse On Me

I recall after hearing a being in my car say in the jigsaw killer’s voice: “die” – I knew that what he said had to be true.

They even came to a friend in another dream and used him as a conduit to threaten me.

When I tried sending him a message, look at what happened (BARS WERE FULL before that!):

He also told me he had a nightmare of them trying to steal my flourite since it protects ne and kidnapping my baby brother – Bryan – and holding him hostage in the astral. This mirrors what someone else said about executioner hatted robed entitoes holding him hostage on a spaceship somewhere!

I wondered where I was getting the “waves of hatred” as I call it from after an old ass vid on the internet got re-released:

I recall while in jail a reptilian looking beautiful woman told me to “Never divulge the secrets of reptilians.” While in jail, also, after saying that many cops are reptilians – the guards promulgated a rumor that I was fleeing from them cause I thought they were aliens and the strange thing was – effective immediately – the energy of the people there turned against me – effective immediately!

That said, this shit with reptilians is real! They will destroy your ass if you try to reveal their shit. Esp. if you’re a hybrid like me:

I believe this cat! That’s why I use flourite to protect me (and does a great job!).

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