Irene Brennan: A Breakdown of the METH HEAD Demon Possessed WHITE SUPREMACIST Who Come For Me


…And try to destroy my work!

THIS BITCH HERE, NAMED IRENE BRENNAN, IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE TYPE OF MOFO WHO HATES ME! Look at the very EVIL message this CUNT sent while I was in a very vulnerable state (so she THOUGHT weakened but I’ll explain WHY reptilian and/or demon possessed people like “that” send evil messages and place them in comment sections of my videos/ social media accounts when I am really going through something). That said, here it is:


Let me just repost the said comment, here:


I have been accused of being a racist, based simply on some of my ‘liked’ videos/playlists, can I state categorically this is not true. I have nothing against normal sane intelligent black folk, in fact, I sympathize with them, as the blacks I do detest ..the hoodrats/retarded thugs are so numerous and so savage they completely mar the overall image of the black race. Decent normal intelligent black people being such a small minority would find it is nigh on impossible to improve the overall perception the rest of society has of their race, that is if the MSM did not completely cover up most black atrocities, and down play the deranged criminal activities they couldn’t just ignore. This complicity, by the liberal media, this complete denial of black criminality is mirrored in the UK/Europe by the MSM cover up of the endless muslim atrocities against the native populations, we can never reach a solution if we fail to even acknowlegde the problem exists, which is precisely their intent,”

– Boy, this shit reminds of the time while in jail (for the fucked up “artist loft case” which you can search on here) there was this crazy bitch, white girl, who I recall was flinging shit at guards, EVEN SHITTED IN THE CAGE SHE WAS IN ON THE BUS, throwing, hurling threats, insanely shouting, “She gonna bite my breasts off,” etc. This bitch STILL HAD THE NERVE TO SAY (though I am NOT SURPRISED) that I was NOT A RESPECTABLE BLACK, BUT A NIGGER showing that this white CRAZY ass trash – who flings shit on her walls LIKE THE WILD ANIMAL (better yet, NeandeRAPE) SHE IS, SHITTING ON THE FUCKING SHERIFF’S BUS – still thought she was better than MY BLACK ASS! Okay.

This white trash bitch is a dope fiend, crack head or former. Just look at her baby’s water ass head:

Babies don’t have big ass heads like that. That’s a crack baby. Yet, THIS WHITE TRASH BITCH THINKS SHE’S BETTER THAN ME AND OTHER BLACKS AND WE GOTTA PROVE OURSELVES TO THIS CRACKHEAD ASS WHORE BITCH! That’s what she is! I am just calling it what it is…

That said, the reason why this incident happened: AND WHY THIS DEMONIC CRACKHEAD, ROCK HEAD ASS WHITE BITCH IS ATTACKING ME IS BECAUSE IT IS AN ATTEMPT – ALBEIT A POOR ONE – TO KILL MY SPIRIT! Since it doesn’t succeed, they try to turn the tide of opinion against me by THE VERY PEOPLE I AM TRYING TO REACH! That’s why that sick ass BITCH TRIED to post a comment on my Youtube channel, “PROJECTING” (Talking about “my lifestyle” when IT’S HER CRACKHEAD ASS WHO IS ALL FUCKED UP!) HER TRAITS ON ME, TALKING SHIT ABOUT ME SO SHE CAN INFLUENCE THE TIDE OF OPINION AGAINST ME!

That’s said… that’s why I just ignore them! Block and delete them! Just as I sensed that “attack incident” by the Mexican was designed to deter me from doing what I came to this Earth to do… so is the same with all these “trolls” who are reptilian/ demonically influenced and come here trying to throw me off my message. I see things for what they are, not what it portrays itself to be (In 3D realm, Earthly terms)! That’s why I am not bothered – I see the shit for WHAT IT IS – and keep it moving!

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