Why You Should Not Get Advice From Spiritually Immature Spiritual Advisors

Imma do a more indepth article on this…

That said, yout got people who walk the walk…
talk the talk…
look the part yet,

Don’t know the words to the song…

Here is one such person (I can actually name two but I won’t go into depth HERE on this article).

This is why TRUE spirituality is important, having wisdom so you can have an overriding overstanding of things so that on your way to your spiritual journey you won’t get sidetracked with petty little egos.

This older woman here is but one example when you let open wounds – which never healed – and demons – who come around to feed on thise wounds and cause addictions (aka “feeding the spirits”) which leads to self destructive behaviors like xanax use, etc.

After merely pointing out that after my own astral projection everything this lady said was untrue she let out a flurry of contumlies and threats, one of which involves threatening to “kick my ass” ALLL because she let her ego catch up with her!

Here is my video response to it:

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She has also had reviews posting saying “She is not perfect!” I’m not perfect. It takes THE STRONG to admit this. When you are insecure and let people feed you self aggrandizing words (ie giving up their energy) by calling you “mama”, you are at a stage – esp. in terms of emotional immaturity – where you CAN’T FACE THE TRUTH MUCH LESS YOURSELF!



– Here a screenshot taken from said review site!

This person is SO paranoid (prob. a sign of mental disconnect) that they actually thought this person here was ME, lol! (Smdh):


I ain’t never sent any form of compensation for ANYTHING to this woman WHICH I CAN PROVE VIA PAYPAL STATEMENTS (she’s so paranoid of me and anyone else who calls her out or as she feels “slights her” she lashes OUT INSTANTLY if they from Los Angeles thinking they are me…).
Here are screenshots:

Here’s her paranoid-ass response:

She even put her client’s name ON BLAST (In my Ben Affleck voice from, “Dogma”).

How unprofessional!

– And in ALL CAPS!!!

Also, before going to jail (since many of those people DON’T HAVE LIVES), I SENSED her and a bunch of other no life having low lives were gonna be doing research to see where I’m going. She probably thought I was gonna do the whole 70 something days in county (they got early release + 10%), THAT SAID, I left a message on her channel saying that I was out. HERE WHAT THIS FOOL WROTE – LOL:


– Again, IN ALL CAPS!!!

That said, to Ancient Egyptian Magic, if I were you (I can’t tell you what to do) amd regardless of my attitudes on the LGBTQI community (I really don’t care one way or another about shit) STOP FEEDING INTO THESE FUCKING TROLLS WHO AIN’T YOUR EQUALS! When I first started watching your videos – the early ones – I felt you were a teacher, the type I could binge watch off of like 13signsastrology and Bobby Hemmitt. YOU CAN BE IN THAT CLASS, THAT HIGH LEVEL CLASS! YOU STILL SAY SHIT I NEVER HEARD OF BUT I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! Stay away from those petty ass “people”, many of whom are DEMON POSSESSED like this thang here:

– That bitch has NOOO white in her eyes – THAT’S DEMONIC POSSESSION!


PS Though lil mer strikes me as a good person, he got a petty spirit. WATCH OUT FOR HIM!!!

IT JUST CAME TO ME: I get the sense that her and her husband, Willy, DO run lil scams on people (wouldn’t be surprised if they on welfare, too!). This just came to me!

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